Saturday, August 17, 2019

40 Years!


This is Sue......I know its been forever since I did a blog. But, it is August of 2019. Neal and I purchased what is now the Log Cabin Inn from John Wiseman August of 1979. It was a summer home at the time. We were quite young (in our 20's) and had a heck of a time convincing a bank that we could convert this home into a Seasonal Restaurant and actually pay the bank back! With perseverance, we succeeded!

We opened what was the Log Cabin Restaurant March 13, 1980. I had previously run Rock Ovens Restaurant for the seven years prior. So, it wasn't like the business was new to me. For many, many years we ran the restaurant from March thru October.....and it was unbelievably busy! For those of you who have never done restaurant work, let me tell you it is very exhausting! So, with the encouragement of my family ( Aimee, my daughter in law initiated this thought), we converted the restaurant into an Inn.

It is the best thing we ever did with this building. The work is considerably less exhausting , physically and mentally. We have been fortunate to attract and keep many , many of the same guests over the years.

This weekend we have a family of 22 that have been coming for the past 20 years. The family was considerably smaller 20 years ago, but more kids were born, and some are married now. This is just one example of our lovely clientele. We are very fortunate!

Guests that left this morning said this is our second home.....a bit of heaven.

We agree. The Inn is just like home to all of us. We are a huge extended family! Thanks to all who have made our life here at the Log Cabin Inn a pleasure.

Love and Thanks to all,


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Summer is Here

Happy summer everyone!  First, I want to apologize for not posting more often!  That will change.  We have been very busy and the phone is ringing off the hook with folks looking for availability now that the summer is finally here and gorgeous!  One of our beloved regular guests asked me when I would be writing another blog so I am writing this for you Hillary!

Today started with the smell of bacon and fresh coffee.  I made a Maine blueberry baked French toast casserole today with whipped cream and a lavender garnish. CC served a watermelon slice garnished with a borage flower and a maple pecan muffin to start so, needless to say, no one left hungry!
Victoria is on vacation in Canada so we are all working hard to make sure that the weeding gets done and the gardens look great when she returns next week.  Sue and Alicia were here working outside today and my nephew and his friend came by to use the pool (only after weeding of course ;-)
I sat out by the pool for a few minutes, put my feet in and the temperature is a perfect refresher from the warm summer sun!  Guests were reading and napping under the shade of the umbrella and another was floating comfortable in the pool saying she "had waited all year for this moment".

The boat traffic is heavy, the sounds carry and I could hear the sound of laughter in the wind.  Lots of birds are chirping and the occasional sound of a motorcycle going by on the way to Lands End reminds me of how gorgeous the weather is outside!

 It is tuna tournament this week and so far, 4 tuna over 300 lbs have come in AND a 380 lb thresher shark too!

Sue ordered some amazing photos on wood from local photographer Ben Williamson to put up in the restrooms by the gift shop, they are gorgeous and capture the beauty of Bailey Island so perfectly.  Thanks Ben! #benjaminwilliamsonphotography

We have some special friends coming in to get married at Library Hall this weekend and we want to wish a warm congratulations to Doug and Tasha and to their families as well. 

Enjoy the summer everyone!  We look forward to seeing each of you soon!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Cozy, Quiet and Relaxing

Hi everyone!  It's Stephanie and I'm happy to be back for a 2nd season working full time!  The sun is starting to show itself at the end of a rainy and foggy April but you all know that the Log Cabin Inn is a great place no matter the weather!  Victoria made some amazing blueberry pancakes with sausage this morning to get our guests off to a great start to their day.  That was accompanied by an apple puff pastry and overnight oats with pears and pecans.  Tonight we have two more rooms checking in making 6 rooms for this weekend.    Our guests are being treated to comfy beds, warm soft blankets, toasty gas fireplaces and heavenly smelling coffee, new movies and more.  Some are celebrating anniversaries and birthdays and some are just here to get away from the stress of the world.  What better place for that is there?  Morse's and Cook's are open and our kitchen is as well.  Victoria is cooking a tasty surf and turf dinner tonight starting with our famous garlic knots and salad.  Appetizers include the scallops wrapped in bacon and yummy crab dip!  Save room for dessert because our homemade confections are to die for!  The lucky couple may just have our cozy, quiet and relaxing dining room to themselves tonight.  So, treat yourselves and come see us in the early spring or late in the fall.  Our hospitality and amenities are the same as our busier times and you may find the extra quiet even cozier and more relaxing than ever!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Another Season


   This is Sue. Been so long since I wrote a blog someone had to give me directions!

   We are beginning our 39th year at the Log Cabin. Next year.....40! Big celebration. I am happy to say, I still love this place and look forward to every season. Although I am not officially on the schedule, I try to stay somewhat involved. Of course, I still buy car loads of flowers for the yard.....and do other errands. I am so lucky that my son Matt, and his beautiful wife, Aimee are so competent. Actually, they are more competent than I ever was.

   Our opening has been off to a slow hasn't cooperated. But, this weekend is looking lovely! Our gardens are all cleaned up and plants are coming along. Kitchen is all prepped and ready for guests. So, come see us!

   Give us a call! Hope to see you!


Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

Hi everyone!

As I start preparing the last dinner of the season, it is raining heavily and very windy outside.  Our guests are safe and warm inside their warm and cozy rooms watching movies and college football.  The last load of laundry is folded for the day.  The gas fireplace is warming the dining room.

I baked today.  I wanted one last hurrah in that glorious kitchen before we close it down for 2018.  I made pumpkin bread, cinnamon rolls, granola and garlic rolls.  It smelled so good, it smelled like home.  Those aromas draw people in don't they?  People come into the kitchen to see what we are cooking and we welcome it!  This kitchen is the heart of this home we all call Log Cabin.  We have guests who clear their own tables and bring their dishes in, we have guests who come in to chat after breakfast, we have local friends who come in for coffee on the weekends and catch up on our busy lives.

The kitchen is where our staff spends the most time together sharing happiness and heartbreak, laughter and tears.  It is where we plan our meals and allow our culinary creativity to shine.  It is where we watch the beautiful sunsets you all see from your decks or the dining room.  Many times this summer, this kitchen was filled with warm golden light of a sunset even prettier than the one the night before.  Today it is where I sit filled with gratitude and content for my first season is in the books, 2018 was a great year wasn't it?

Tomorrow is my first "last day".  I'm told it will be all hands on deck, lots of work but fun too!  Aimee will organize us as we check items off of our lengthy task list and then we will stand around that big kitchen island and share pizza together talking about our off-season plans.  When you are spending your holidays with your families in your kitchens, think of us and know that we are thinking of you as well.  See you in 2019!  XOXO, Stephanie

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Key from the Keys

Paulie and Janie have been friends for 15 years.  They have a lot in common.  They both live in Tavernier, FL in the Florida Keys.  They are both officers at their local Elks lodge.  They've worked together on many charitable events throughout the years.  They even play BINGO each week.  One would say they know each other quite well.

During last week's BINGO tournament, they got talking about their vacations.  Janie had recently been to Maine and Paulie was going to Maine with her mother in a few days.  As they got talking a bit more, they realized that they both stayed on Bailey Island!  What a small world! We say that a lot around here as we find so many connections when talking with our guests.  Well, the world got even smaller for these two friends as they revealed that they both stay right here at the Log Cabin!

Janie rummaged through her purse and pulled out her key for the Casco Bay room that she had forgotten to return at checkout three weeks earlier.  When Paulie checked in, guess what she hand delivered to us?  That forgotten key all the way from the Keys!  Turns out they have even more in common then they thought!  

---Have a great day!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Is it September already?

Is it September already?  Wow time flies by!  The summer here has been busy and HOT!  Luckily that nice ocean sea breeze cools us off at the end of each day.  We've reunited with so many of you and caught up on what's been happening in your lives.  We've met some new friends too, many of them referred here by you....someone's friend, mother, daughter, co-worker who just HAD to come see what all the talk was about!  Thank you for that!

The Schooner Alert has been a popular must do this summer.  Bethany and Perry also have Tevake back in the water too.  If you haven't gotten out to sail with them, put it on your list for 2019!  The hiking trails are fantastic in Harpswell and many of you used the new guide published by Harpwell Heritage Land Trust to find some new places to explore.  When we close at the end of October, we are starting a Tuesday hiking group led by Aimee so we can also explore each and every trail before winter hits!

Can we talk about the flowers??  The dahlias are out and oh so beautiful.  They make the dining room so pretty!  I am so impressed with all the work that Victoria, Sue and team put into the flowers here!  I love how happy they make everyone too.  I'm not a gardener but their passion is making me want to learn more about it for sure.  

We hope your summer was fantastic and that you are looking forward to the colors of fall, cool, crisp sleeping weather, football and comfort food!  We are open until the end of October and hope to see many more of you.  If you haven't stayed with us in the fall, give us a call.  All of our rooms are heated, some have gas fireplaces.  We also serve dinner every night so you can cuddle up, read a book, watch a movie and let us take care of you!

All the best,