Wednesday, July 20, 2016


  Here is a picture of our Beautiful Yucca Plant. It took awhile for us to figure out what it was. Sue doesn't remember planting it and as it was growing and taking shape we took a picture of it and sent it to our plant go to guy. He confirmed it was a Yucca Plant that apparently was transplanted several years ago to the road side and has finally decided to show its face.
Not to toot our own horn or anything but we just got back the AAA Report and got High Ratings on Landscaping and General Curb Appeal.

If you have been able to spend any time in Maine this Month you know that the weather has been amazing. A little bit warmer and more humidity than normal but great none the less. The only down side is that it has been so dry it takes a couple hours to water all the gardens. Speaking of Gardens the Vegetable Garden is going crazy. Before long we will have cucumbers and squashes like crazy. The many varieties of lettuce have kept the Dining Room in fresh salad for weeks now.

I had a great time last weekend with Aimee and the boys at the TailGate and Recreate Party at Mitchell Field,sponsored by Harpswell Rec. The boys even got their first lesson in Fly Fishing Casting.  They had all kinds of lawn games set up, food, music, craft tables and fun times down by the beach.  Mitchell Field is such an easy place to access the water. They always have picnic tables set up, a nice scenic walking trail, porta potty's, and also home to the Harpswell Community Gardens. Go check it out sometime, Rt 123 South about 6 miles past  the Mountain Rd.

Last week the Town also Celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the Ewing Narrow Bridge. This is the Bridge that connects Main Land Harpswell with Great Island on the Mountain Road by the Town Hall. Before 1976 the Town was really split in Two. You had to drive all the way from Bailey Island to Brunswick and then back down Rt 123 near Bowdoin College just to get over to the other side of Harpswell. I certainly am glad they built this bridge when it is Stovers Friday!

Next week, July 25th is the start of the Bailey Island Tuna and Small Fish Tournament. This Tournament has been held on BI for 78 years. It is a running joke that the Fog will start on Monday as it always does for Tournament Week. All kidding aside this is a fabulous time to come down and try and catch a glimpse of an 800lb Tuna or a 1lb Mackerel. You never know what may come in. The kids have great fun weighing all their catches and the Tournament does a fantastic job rewarding each and every child even if they don't catch anything. Tight Lines and Fish On..

The Future Innkeepers Circa 2016. Smallest to Tallest; Terrence 9, Josh 10, and Danny 13



Wednesday, July 6, 2016


 I guess it is my duty to mostly write about the Harpswell area but this time I am going to tell you about a little overnight trip I made that you could do in a day from here or before or after you leave. DownEast Maine is actual North of Harpswell on Rt 1. The phrase DownEast  refers to the way the Sailors from Western Ports sailed downwind toward the East to reach this area. When I think of DownEast I think of the area from Rockland up towards Acadia. Our first stop was the well known Maine State Prison Store where the inmates, turned wood workers have carved out some great furniture and knick knacks. We then ventured on to the Owls Head Transportation Museum, just outside Rockland. My sons favorite part of this stop was his ride in the 1914 Rolls Royce. It  was great fun. After a stop for ice cream and stroll down Main Street in Camden we headed to Belfast which was our overnight stop. Belfast has a spectacular Harbor with a neat Main St full of shops and restaurants. The next day we went to a Car Show in Searsport followed by a trip to the Penobscot Bay Maritime Museum ( as you recall Terrence is the Museum nut). The next stop was the main thing  on my Bucket List, The Penobscot Bridge Observatory. It is 420 ft up in the Air. We took the Elevator up which took only about a minute. I was a little nervous at first looking out those windows but it was such a great sight that I was thrilled that we took the trip. Next to the Bridge is Fort Knox. The American Revolution and the War of 1812 brought British Ships to the Penobscot River. It took until 1844 for Construction on the Fort to begin and continued for 20 years. The Granite used to build the fort was from a quarry in nearby Waldo. The tunnels and two batteries that were built were quite dark and scary. They actually have ghost tours and overnight camp outs at the Fort.
Next we ventured on to Blue Hill for Lunch. We were also very close to Castine where Maine Maritime Academy is. If we had just a little bit more time I would have loved to gone further North to Acadia National Park which is Celebrating it's 100 th Anniversary this year. We had to get back to Bailey Island to see the Funk Band Motor Booty playing at Cooks and to watch the Fire Works. It was an exhausting 24hrs but so great to see other parts of Maine.
The Inn has been very busy this week. The weather for the Holiday Weekend was picture perfect. The pool is getting lots of use and  it is old home week here. All the guests have met over the years from staying and they have made some great friendships. It is so nice to see. We have cut down 2 Evergreen Trees near the front entrance that were blocking the sunlight and growth of some of the flowers. It frees up so much more space for Sue to buy flowers, which may not be a good thing. I have enjoyed watching the Casco Bay Ferry go by on their 2hr cruises every day. I would like to do that this Summer. I will pretend I am a tourist.  I am also going to launch my new kayak at Stover's Cove and row to Cooks for Lunch, stay tuned for that.

There is still time to book a room this Summer and Fall so give a call !!

Regards,  Alicia

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Take a look at this Amazing Clematis. It almost looks fake it is so Beautiful. I don't even think it is something we planted. A bird or gust of wind planted a few seeds there and like Magic this work of Art appeared. The Iris and Poppy's will most likely be gone by the weekend. I am eagerly tracking the Dahlia's that we planted as they are showing some green. The roses have also come out this week along with some strawberries. The Lupine still looks like it has another week or so. The room flower boxes are so full they are thriving in the Summer time weather we have been having.

Sometime this week I am off to the Portland Science Center on the Waterfront to see the Highly anticipated Titanic Exhibit. Upon entrance you receive a boarding pass with the name of one of the actually passengers. You can following their journey along the way and find out at the end the fate of your passenger. There are also over 100 actual artifacts from the Ship. Several Rooms have also been recreated on site. The Exhibit will be on display until October.
The Maine State Music Theater is in Full Swing at Bowdoin College. Back in my other life before a Mom Sue and I had Season tickets to the Theater but now I squeeze in one Performance with Terrence a Summer. This year we are going to see Mama Mia. I highly recommended attending any of the performance's this Summer. They have both Matinees and Night Shows.
The Red Barn General Store is now open on Orrs Island. I haven't had the pizza yet but heard it was good. I did have an Italian Sandwich and it was good. Speaking of good I also had a great sandwich at the Salt Cod Cafe on Orrs Island. Can you see there is a food theme here :) My next food stop will be at the Cafe at the Great Island Boat Yard. Speaking of food... we are once again supplementing our own vegetable garden with the Farm Share that we have been getting the past few years from Crystal Spring Farm in Brunswick. Our own lettuce is picture perfect right now. It is currently raining for the first time in weeks. The gardens were so dry even with our daily watering I was starting to get concerned.
We also have a room open for July 2nd weekend. I am looking forward to the Yearly Fireworks at Cooks Restaurant on the 2nd and this year they are featuring my all time favorite Funk- Disco Band called Motor Booty. If you are coming then make sure you get ticket ahead for the band. It will be a night to remember.

Maine Trivia-- did you know 90% of the country's toothpick supply is produced in Maine!

Blessings to All.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Reversing Falls

This has been a crazy busy week, for me anyway. The tulips at the Inn have gone by ,  Victoria and I have been cutting those away making room for our  famous Dahlia's. If all goes well those should be in bloom by Mid August. The Poppies are in  bloom along with the Iris'. The purple Iris' are filling the front garden and we are waiting for the yellow ones to open. We have Purple and White Lupine in bloom. I am not sure what happened to the pink. It must be around here somewhere.  The recent rainfall has given the Vegetable garden a boost and the lettuce is ready to pick.

I stopped in at a new Gallery on Orrs Island called Meraki. It is where Hatch used to be. They have Maine craftsman with a variety of things from pottery, to paintings to jewelry. Stop by and say Hi.  The Salt Cod Cafe is also open on the Orrs Island side of the Bridge. My son swears by the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with crumb topping. They make take out sandwich's and have great chowder as well.

Saturday I did the Harpswell Hiking Challenge and was at the Ground breaking of the new Devil's Back East Trail. What a great trail. I think it is my new favorite Town Trail. If you go at mid to low tide you can see the Seals on what appropriately is named Seal Rock. Ironically we happen to cross paths with Matt and the Boys while on the hike. The challenge was 8 trails, 10 miles in 2 days. One of the trails happen to take us by Erica's Seafood in South Harpswell where I got my favorite Lobster/ Crab Roll Combo. Again since I was over that way I decided to go to the Reversing Falls. I have heard about the Falls but have never seen it. It is the result of an old Gris Mill that collapsed into the water. It creates a fickle tidal current that flows in and out of Basin Cove. You can access it by Basin Cove Rd, the property to park at is Town owned but be respectful of the close neighborhood.
I keep getting emails of Fun Facts about Maine Trivia so I thought I would share them with you. Maine has 16 counties, 22 cities, 435 towns,33 plantations, 424 unorganized townships and 3 Indian Reservations.

I topped off the end of the week with a fabulous 50th Birthday Luncheon at the Inn. When I was young a 50 year old was a very old. Now 50 is the new 30 :).  I'll let you know if that's how feel at the end of the Season.



Sunday, May 29, 2016

Opening Day

It is  Memorial Day Weekend and Saturday was the picture of a perfect warm August Day. Today is like a day in early April, cold, cloudy and just blah. We usually have our first pool goers the first weekend in June but yesterday was so nice Matt turned the heater on and along with the room guests our own kids were in the pool until closing time at 8:00pm.

We look so forward to Summer and then Bam! Everything happens all at once. Most of all the flowers have been planted, the vegetable garden is in and the Lilac Trees are just about to bloom. The local Motels are open, the Salt Cod Cafe opened this weekend and I saw people taking some kayak lessons at H2O Outfitters by the bridge. The new Store on Orrs Island is set to open June 13th.

 The Town of Harpswell has a fabulous Recreation Department headed by my dear friend Gina. They have many things planned for the Summer. Next weekend June 4th is the Harpswell Hiking Challenge. You can take the 2 days to experience eight of the trails for a total of ten miles. Did you realize that Harpswell has 216 miles of oceanfront, the longest of any Town in Maine. They will also have the Grand Opening of the new Devil's Back East Trail on June 4th.

On Saturday July 16th there will be a Tail Gate Party at Mitchell Field. It will be very family friendly with low key events during the day. There will be music  and vehicle access all the way to the shore. Mitchell Field is also the home to our Thursday Night Bandstand Concerts. Starting June 16th at 6:00pm pack your chairs and picnic dinner and head out to a gem in Harpswell where you can access the shore and  see a great sunset.

The Schooner Alert has started Sailing daily from Cooks Lobster House.New this year is a 27ft Boat called " Fantasea" it will be leaving from the Cribstone Grill dock for private 2hr Tours by reservation.
We are full this weekend and look forward to a great Summer. We still have availability so if you have been putting off calling now is the time. As the saying goes " Maine, the Way life should be."



Thursday, May 12, 2016

Yellow Magnolia

Many guests do not venture to the side of the lawn (close to the dining room) where our Vegetable Garden is. I invite you to walk around and check this area out. The vegetable garden isn't up and running yet, we still have a chance of frost. We do however have the most magnificent Yellow Magnolia in full bloom right now and several forsythia trees. We have had three sunny and warm days this week, the gardens really have some color to them now. Yes, Sue has made her first trek to the garden store, not that I am keeping track. She always likes to push the planting vs frost warning envelope.
I am rather excited about one of my favorite stores opening on Maine St. in Brunswick , next to Hatch. It is Fiore, they sell Gourmet Olive Oils and Vinegar. The store features over 50 tasting samples and they also supply the rooms at the  Log Cabin Inn with small bottles during the Summer Months. Welcome to Brunswick Fiore. I am equally excited about all the Food Vendor Trucks on Maine Street. One new addition is Taco on the Town. Which I understand is getting rave reviews. These trucks are fun to try especially on Tuesdays and Fridays when the Farmers market is out on the Green space in Brunswick.
Some Room Guests came back from a Hike on the Devils Back Trail and said they are adding a trail on the parking lot  East Side set to open mid June. This will be a great area to see seals. The guests said they had so many plans to see different Towns but spent all their time in Harpswell! Music to my ears.
There is still time to book your room for a Summer visit and swim in the pool.



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spring Snow

I realize you all are tired of me talking about the crazy weather we have had over the Winter but when I said last Blog that Spring was finally here I was so wrong. Yesterday ( 4/26) we had 4in of snow. It was twice the amount they predicted. It was a wet, heavy and messy snow. Most people had put away their Winter tools, including car snow brushes. I saw a lady at the Grocery Store brushing her car off with an umbrella. It was also Terrence's first base ball game which was canceled due to snow. The first time the Rec has canceled due to snow. Only bonus to it was the flower beds were covered and I didn't have to see the weeds!. I  saw the room guests making snow angels on their deck.

The Pool Company is coming to uncover the pool for the Season next week. Not that anyone would be brave enough to go in yet. I was thinking it would make a funny picture if it snowed as they were uncovering the pool.
Life is beginning to take shape around the Islands. The Cribstone Grill is now open every day. The Island Candy Shop is open every day.  The new and improved Cooks Restaurant is open every day. I happen to go to Cooks last weekend. They did a marvelous job with the renovations, with still more to come. I had the Calamari appetizer which was very good. They have an extensive drink menu and about a Dozen Craft Beers on Draft. There is lots of work being done on the Bailey Island Motel. I am eager to get a look at that when they are done. The Store on Orrs Island has been Sold and the new people will be opening  as the Red Barn Store and Cafe.

Some of our new Gift Shop items are starting to arrive. I am quite fond of  the new Chart Bags we got . There is a great one that has a zipper on the top and the inside liner is a type of nylon that you can easily clean. We have new travel mugs, new blue pint glasses with  an etched lobster on it. Guess you should just come up and see it all. We have a few rooms left for the July 1st weekend. July 2nd will be the Fireworks at Cooks. Give us

a call before someone else does!