Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

  Memorial Day Weekend is approaching fast. I can hardly believe it. We have had such a rainy, cold Spring that I was thinking Summer would never find its way. We did get a peak of sunshine a couple days last week where we broke records for almost 90 deg. We have had frost warnings some nights so it still isn't safe to plant any vegetables or the Dahlia bulbs. We have had some Beautiful tulips, the ones the deer didn't get. The Magnolia Trees have been just radiant , especially our yellow one that is near the Vegetable Garden. Sue has made one of her Major trips to the Greenhouses to fill the room window boxes but we haven't even been able to plant those yet. As you know this is one of many trips. I removed several wheel barrows full of weeds from around the pool area this week. The pool is scheduled to have the Winter cover off tomorrow but with the driving rain and winds on Friday I am sure we wont have any brave souls to dive in.

Bowdoin College is Graduating this Weekend. It is their 212th Commencement Ceremony and will graduate 418 students. There will be 44 graduating from Maine and 33 International students from 20 countries. We are so lucky to have this great College in the area that gives  back so much to the surrounding Communities. Did you know that the College has based their Coastal Studies Center on Orr's Island. It has 2.5 miles of Coastline with 3.6 miles of trails and a variety of habitats. It offers great views of Long Cove and Harpswell Sound. This is also the base for the College sailing team. I often see them  out on the Sound. The trails are open to the public and there is parking at the kiosks.

The Outdoor Farmers Markets are now open 3 days a week in Brunswick. I was there today and got a couple different kinds of tomato plants and some cucumber seedlings. I will have to keep these inside for a few more weeks. My tomato go to guy said don't plant the tomato's in the ground until after June 10th in Maine. I will gently take them out to get acclimated and then back in at night.

We have Cecelia (CC) and Wendy helping us out this Summer so when you come make sure you give them a Big Hello !

Have a safe and healthy Holiday Weekend.


Rhubarb is ready !!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Drive the Speed Limit

It has been awhile since I posted, I know sorry. Here we are open again for another fabulous Season. Sue has owned the building for I believe 37 years. Most of you know it started out as a Full service Restaurant with a waiting line every day. With success brings fulfillment but it also brings exhaustion. So 21 years ago Sue, decided to turn the Restaurant into an Inn. I was working for her at that time and enjoy this so much more.

The poor soul in the jeep above found out  the hard way that speeding doesn't pay. From what I can gather he was heading North and hit the wooden barrier on the South/ West side of the bridge which caused him to roll over. He wasn't hurt but the bridge was closed for awhile as they had to tow the Jeep away. I can say this is the first time I have seen that happen. I cross that bridge at least 4 times a day and I crawl, sometimes even stop if a large truck is coming across at the same time.

The Island is starting to come alive. Victoria and I have started in the gardens on the days that the sun has come out, which still hasn't been to often. It was only 42 deg today and very windy. The crocuses are out and a few daffodils. I have seen signs of tulips, the few that the deer once again haven't eaten. The rhubarb is sprouting, the rose hedge has buds and Sue had the Dahlia Bulbs delivered. Cooks is open Wednesday-Sunday right now. Cribstone Grill and the Giant Staircase both open today, the 20th. The Candy Store and Lands End are open along with the Dolphin Marina.

Terrence and I tried out something new today at Brunswick Landing. The Navy Museum and Gardens were open and they have a Very Cool flight Simulator. Terrence got to fly a P3 Orion and a Blue Angels plane. The P3's used to land on the runway only 500ft from where we were. The same runway that the Blue Angels will be landing on during their show this Summer. They are open now on Wednesday's and Sunday's. If you are here then I highly recommend checking it out. Also starting up at the Landing is a Finish based company called Atol Aviation. They plan to produce a flying boat! They can test it out on one of the two 8,000ft runways.

Our Spring Rates are good until June 18th. Even if you can only get away for a  night or two, it is still worth the trip!

Blessings, Alicia

Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day of Spring

Yeah ! Here we are the first day of Spring building a snow fort. Today actually was warm and sunny. I believe the warmest it has been in months. Sue, Aimee ,Victoria and I went to the New England Gift Shop Show in Portland. This is a yearly tradition for us. I drive and Sue pays for lunch. It's a win, win.  I mostly tag along to sample all the chocolates.

I feel confident that the snow will be gone by the time we open on April 7th. Then Victoria and I will be able to dig through the crushed stone that has been plowed onto the lawn and start making progress on the garden beds. Sue has probably been scanning the Garden catalogs already. I plan on still keeping my ice grippers in the car along with my snow shovel.



Friday, March 10, 2017

Snow plows

I can honestly say I was quite happy to see the end of February and the start of March. Now as I sit by the window and look out it is snowing and March isn't being very nice to us. I still have piles of snow mixed with crush rock that the snow plow has torn up. This Tuesday/ Wednesday we are expected to have a Northeaster Storm and dump more snow and high winds. As it is now the Public Schools are getting out June 23rd and that is with out any more snow days. Two days ago I saw the tulip buds coming up. Now they will be covered in snow again. One of the hazards of winter is the Snow Plow. My mailbox is on the main road and built around granite that has come from the Bailey Island Bridge after they restored it. I thought it was pretty sturdy until I came out one day and the snow plow toppled the whole thing over with a group of three mailboxes laying by the side of the road. This is small time compared to the damage at the Inn. The plow took out, and snapped just about every granite post that supports the fence on the front lawn. The Town hires a private contractor to plow and they don't seem to concerned about any damage they cause. February also brought on a lot of sickness. Matt had been sick for about a month and had pneumonia along with Josh and Terrence was out of school for a week ( just after vacation) with a stomach virus. Good Bye Winter we don't want you any more.

I did manage to get out to the new Brew Pub on the former Navy Base which has a tasting room and catered food that changes weekly. They had 4 types of beer that day. You can spend some time looking at the bullet spots, since this building was the former shooting range. Just today  ( in the snow) they were excavating for the outside patio. The Landing has announced plans this week to add a Pharmacy, two Medical Buildings
, and a Bank. I think Brunswick is quite fortunate to have so many business locating here.

I drove down to the Inn yesterday and saw signs of life in the flower beds but with the temperatures down to zero this weekend it may put any buds to a growing halt. I did notice some exterior logs that have been replaced. Aimee finished painting  the Bluefin Room Blue! Both the Bluefin and Casco Bay Rooms also have new blinds. What I am sure will be my Favorite of the Seasonally upgrades will be the new Cooktop in the Kitchen. I think the old one had been there over twenty years. This is the stove top where we create your yummy breakfast items. You are all welcome to peak in and see this shiny new gem.
We open 4 weeks from today, April 7th and I promise ( maybe) the snow will be gone by then.



Monday, February 13, 2017


  What a messy Winter we have had. One day it snows 7" and is minus 0 with the wind and then the
next day it is raining and 43. Then it freezes and we have ice and then more snow. The last 5-6 days have had some of everything. We have had 36" of snow in these past few days. One day last week there was no school and 2 additional days of a 2hr delay.  Yesterday/ today's Storm has been dubbed Snowmeggeton. I can say they did start hyping it up early. Yesterday afternoon they had already called off school for today. Basically the entire State of Maine was closed today. We can handle our snow pretty well but 20" in one storm with wind gusts to 50mph is still overwhelming. We  have had to shovel 4 times so far today.  I am waiting for the plow guy to show up for his second trip. There isn't anywhere to pile it all. This was a Coastal Storm so we actually got the brunt of it. They kept reporting on the News,  Harpswell is the Winner with 20" so far. This is not a race I really want to be the Winner in. The Airport has been shut down for a day and a half . This  really concerns me because we are leaving for Florida tomorrow for 10 days! More snow is forecasted for Wednesday so I have a tight window.

A furniture delivery came to the Inn on one of the ice/snow days. We now have a new bed in the Westview Room and 2 new chairs in the Casco Bay Room. Both the Casco Bay and Bluefin Room are getting new carpet and counters and new paint. I can't wait to see them. Aimee and Matt have been busy with all these storms shoveling the decks.

I know many of you like to check out the parking lot to see who is working by our cars. This year we are going to fool you. Looks like 2017 is the Year of the New Car. Matt, Aimee, Sue and I all have new cars! Luckily Matt got a new truck with a plow because that has been working non stop. Aimee and I both bought our cars in a snow storm. Victoria usually walks so she will keep you guessing as well.

I have managed to take a stroll down Maine Street and find a new candy store called Maine Street Sweets. It is located on lower Maine St. near the Great Impasta and Frosty's donuts. They have all the old style candy and 65 flavors of Jelly Beans. My friends at Hatch have also renovated their store on Maine St. There are so many places to shop at and eat at it can fill your whole day.

Even though it is snowing and we are not at the Inn. We have taken many reservations so feel free to email or call at any time. Stay safe and warm.



Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year !! Well,  New Years was actually a couple weeks ago but at least I am still in the month of January. I had a great New Years Celebration with my family and Aimee and Matt's at Kingfield in Northern Maine near Sugarloaf Mountain. It just so happens that they got about 2 1/2 ft of snow the day before we got there. It isn't to often that it is hard to snowshoe because it is to deep.
The kids had fun snow shoeing, sliding, skating and just messing around outside. As you can see I was supervising from my Beach Chair and thinking of the days that I was Celebrating New Years in Key Largo.  The gang has also started the Friday Night skiing with Lessons at Lost Valley which is in Auburn. This great program is sponsored by  Harpswell Recreation and runs for 6 weeks. They ski and I run the Lodge for 62 participants. Can you see a pattern with me and the Winter Sports :) Actually it isn't that I mind the Winter Sports but after still being in Physical Therapy for 3 months with my knee I don't feel like starting over. I will however take part in the Snow Tubing event this weekend.

A lot has been going on at the Former Brunswick Navy Base, now called Brunswick Landing. It is home to over 100 companies and 1,200 Employees. The Job Growth and Economic Redevelopment is greater than they envisioned 5 years ago. Of the 24 bases that the BRAC Commission closed in 2005 Brunswick has been cited as the leader in redevelopment.  Many are awaiting the Opening of a new Brew Pub called Flight Deck Brewing which should be open this Spring. I urge you all to go and drive around. You can always pop in to the Indoor track and take a walk before your beer.

The ground was bare until we got about 4-5 inches of snow today but before that Matt tackled a project I have been begging Sue for years to do. Many of you wouldn't even notice this but since I park my car in front of it almost every day it annoyed me. It was a tall I say Juniper type Tree kind of yellow in color.  Many named it Cousin It. I guess one day it must have annoyed Matt because a few chain saw buzzes later and the thing was gone. Now that I think about it Sue will have to buy more plants to fit in that space! The outside door in the Wiseman Room has been replaced. Often in a rain and wind storm the water would come in. Both the Hot tub deck door and the Main door to the Mt. Washington Room have also been replaced. Aimee has been busy writing a lot of Confirmations. It isn't  to early to book your favorite room so you don't miss out. When the Spouse says " What about our Anniversary? " You can say " Don't worry I have it covered."

I hope everyone is staying warm and healthy. You can always visit us on the webcam or on our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram.



Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays

I am not even going to pretend that I have an excuse for not writing a Blog for the last two months. Out of sight out of mind. I could say that I am working around the clock on some Big project but that's not true either. I have been doing a lot of Volunteer work at School. Then Terrence was in a Community Theater Production of Beauty and the Beast which had practice for 3 months and  5 Shows last weekend. I also Volunteered Cooking for the Harpswell Aging at Home Cooking Class, where they also get to eat lunch and take home a meal.

Matt, Aimee the boys and my family went to Boothbay Botanical Gardens for the Gardens Aglow Event.  It was a great event last year so we chose to go again. Last year they had 36,000 attend and this year they have already had over 50,000. They went from 180,000 LED lights to 360,000. It has really been a major boost for the Boothbay Community which is typically a Summer Tourist Town. Sue went to see the lights  on a package with a local Inn that also had a shuttle service. The Town itself has added quite a light show. If you decide to make a trip to Maine before the New Year the Lights are on Thursday-Sunday with Shows at 4,6 &8 you can buy tickets on line.

I did make a trip to Bailey Island ( mainly to return dishes at the Inn) but decided to do a little shopping at Lands End. Cooks Restaurant is still open. They just did a fabulous fundraiser for the Harpswell Heating Assistance and raised over $10,000. Melinda at the Candy Store  has been open on the weekends and you can also find her candy at the Indoor Winters Farmers Market in Brunswick. We have had some snow and ice on and off. One day of school has been canceled so far. Right now the snow is melting but tomorrow looks like more rain/ice and  Christmas Day back up to 35-40.

Matt has been busy scrubbing the Kitchen. Frankly I am glad it is him, as it is cold in there and no water. The screen doors have been painted. The contractor is putting in some new doors and siding.
There will be some changes to the Casco Bay and Bluefin Rooms with new paint, carpet and counters. If you haven't stayed in either of these rooms give them a try!   Sue, Aimee and I are doing a very boring Food Service Sanitation and Safety Class in January. Not that we weren't clean before but now you can feel safe with 3 Certified Food Handlers on Staff.

We are all home for Christmas this year. New Years we will be spending up North in Kingfield with Aimee, Matt and the Boys. We wish all our

 Guests a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Healthy New Year !!