Monday, April 7, 2014

April 2014

We are open! This beautiful bouquet came from my life long friend, Deb and her husband Ray and her Mom, Barbara. They came to stay opening weekend with us. Deb brought her 2 grandchildren, and Matt and Aimee brought their 2 sons, and Adam and Tamara brought their daughter. So we had all 5 grandkids together for the first time! We had a lovely dinner and the kids ran all over the place. It was a blast!
The weather has cooperated with our opening as well. The snow is almost completely gone. The plants have started to grow. I saw crocus blooming in the yard today. We are getting the gardens cleaned up now that they have thawed.
New items for the gift shop have started to show up. Dozens of Log Cabin mugs were delivered today.
As usual, Matt and Aimee did a superb job getting the Inn ready. It looks lovely. Reservations are steadily coming in. Looks like April will be much busier than last year.
Come visit us if you have not done so in the past. Would love to see you! Sue

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Open in one week!

Yikes! We open in one week! New dining room carpet gets installed tomorrow. Here are Matt and Aimee in the Sunset bathroom....Aimee stocking the soaps and Matt installing a new counter top/sink. He's doing the plumbing (his FAVORITE job-Ha!).  This is my favorite bathroom of all of our bathrooms. As usual, Matt and Aimee have done a super job with the "fixing-ups"!
It would be nice if the weather least we missed the snow yesterday....just got gale winds.
Most of the snow is gone, and the bulbs are starting to spring up.
Reservations keep pouring in...taking several each day. Going to be a very busy year. Thanks to all of you!
Hope to see all of you, Sue

Friday, March 14, 2014

21 days until we open!

Here are a couple shots from the Inn today. As you can see, it is beautiful and clear out! We kind of lucked out from this last storm....just got about an inch of snow. As much as I tell people how beautiful the color of the water is against the snow in the winter....enough is enough! I am ready for green grass and flowers.
Speaking of flowers, 2 people posted on Facebook that their bulbs were coming up already on Bailey Island. So, of course, I ran up to the Inn and checked our many gardens. But, they are all still snow covered. It is melting today, and suppose to be 40 tomorrow. I will go back and check then. Will keep you posted!
Well, the Harpswell town meeting is tomorrow. Big crowds expected as the Cedar Beach issue is on the schedule. Hopefully, there will be a good end to the controversy over the beach. It sure has been an issue here in town. Will keep you posted on that as well.
Reservations are pouring soon if you have not. We are filling up!! I can barely keep up with phone, email and confirmations.
Giant Stairs grill and Cooks restaurants are back open. We are going to one or the other for dinner. Think we'll flip a coin!
Hope to see you all this season!! Sue
P.S. I am so excited to open for our 34th year.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beautiful morning on Bailey Island

Don't let this picture fool you! It is sunny and calm, but quite cold! I "stole" this pic from Victoria.....she has been so great all winter taking pictures in all sorts of weather!
Well, we are almost in March! That should mean warmer weather......spring.....and we open soon! I have been very busy with phone calls and emails this week.....everyone must be hoping for the end of winter and looking forward to staying with us on Bailey Island!
The robins have moved into my yard, as well as our annual visit from Mr and Mrs Mallard (we call them Mildred and Marley). They have come for the past several springs.....enjoy some food and just hang out. I have even trained my dogs (labs) not to bother them! Yesterday, Mildred tried to sit on the snow, which was very crusty, and slid down the hill. Fun to watch!
Hope you are all well. Can't wait til we open! Sue

Friday, February 14, 2014

Endless Winter

Happy Valentines Day! As you can see, we got kind of buried in snow.....then a layer of ice on top! This is a real, old fashioned winter. We open in 49 days.....hope it all melts by then! I must say, driving home from Brunswick just a bit ago, the sun came out for a second, and it is truly a winter wonderland. The ice on the trees glowed--against a dark gray sky.  The only colors out there today are white, silver and grays. It is quite pretty. Even the ocean is a gray/blue.
I do prefer the sunny warm colors of green and blues....but today is nice.
The weather may be harsh, but it has not slowed down our reservations. They are coming in fast and furious.  Going to be a busy year.
Matt and Aimee have been busy painting and repairing (and shoveling). The rooms will look spiffy as usual. Even the kitchen got a fresh coat of paint.
This is the beginning of school vacation. The kids got an extra 2 days as school was cancelled yesterday and today. They will have plenty of snow to play in! Great for the ski areas.
Well, I must do some confirmations. Hope you all have a happy, lovable day! Sue

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fresh Scallops

This is Donnie Freeman. He just delivered fresh scallops.....right to my house! He dives for them. Actually, you can see the area he dove for these from the Inn....right off Haskells island. They don't get any fresher than this! He was in the water hours ago. We will freeze them to serve on this seasons menu. People sometimes wonder why we do not have fresh scallops....but this is the season. It will be over soon!
Unfortunately, we will have no Maine shrimp this year. The government put a ban on shrimping this season. So, I will get extra scallops.
This is one of many, many reasons I love living on Bailey Island.  We buy our scallops and lobsters from people we know. Talk about shopping local!! We also have a crop share from a local farm too. That will start up in June.
Well, I think I know what's for dinner tonight. Yum.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Victorias pictures

Here is one of Victorias beautiful pictures. For those of you who have not met Vicki yet, she joined our "crew" this past year. We are so thankful! Not only is she an amazing cook, but she is sweet, funny, and a great photographer. Oh, and she is a great gardener also! If you go to our Facebook page, she has been posting pictures regularly! Not only is she posting pics.....she is venturing out in the horrible winter weather!! She bundles up for sunrises, sunsets, and walks to Giant Stairs! (I have enough trouble dressing warm enough to walk my dogs!)
So, Thank you to Victoria! For all of the above reasons.
Hope all of you are making it through the has been a tough one.
52 days until Spring! 66 til we open for the season! Stay well, Sue