Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Website

Sorry if it took a while for you to locate us. We haven't physically moved only our website has.
It has been a Winter work in progress and we hope to get all the kinks out and running smoothly shortly.

It was Ironic I wrote in the last blog about the crazy Winter weather we have had. This week we had a snow storm and our second No School day of the Season. Who would have thought on the 2nd day of Spring we would be plagued with a No School day. Today has been spitting snow all day and we are in for another mixed bag

Aimee, Sue and I attended the Gift Shop Show in Portland on that crazy snowy day. I was supposed to take a picture of us looking at cool things at the show but between sampling the chocolates and the other snacks I never got a chance. That is why you have this not so interesting picture of us in a van.
Stay tuned for some new items in the new Gift Shop.

Aimee and I participated in the Chili/ Chowder Cook off at our local Elementary School. They had an outstanding turnout and between the tickets sold and the Silent Auction ( of which I know own a 4 man LL Bean tent) it was the most amount of money raised for this event which will benefit the incoming 5th grade class ( Josh) and their week long outdoor wilderness trip to Chewonki in the Fall.
Around Town the Dolphin Marina is set to Open April 7th. The Giant Stairs Restaurant is open on the weekends. I believe Cooks is shooting for about the 3rd week in April. The School house CafĂ© has been open year round for breakfast and lunch. The Vegetable Corner has also been open year round and have been having some appealing lunch specials.  I know we have several guests interested in Quilting. There will be a new fabric and quilt shop opening soon on Maine Street in Brunswick. I have also found a hidden gem on a side street off Maine called the Union St Bakery. It is open for Breakfast and Lunch and has some amazing pastries. It is also conveniently located near Terrence's school :)

We will be opening in 8 more days! Which crazy enough Aimee and I have decided to go away overnight. Nothing like waiting to the last minute. Next blog I promise to have a few photos of the Inn.

Happy Easter                                Of course this photo is from the archives.