Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunset on Bailey Island

Sunsets are extra-ordinary from the Log Cabin Island Inn!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cedar Beach and Mackeral Cove, Bailey Island

Bailey Island beaches

Many guests ask if there are beaches on the island. There are two. One is called Cedar is a 10 minute walk from the Log Cabin. It is a beautiful sandy beach that the public is allowed to use.....I say allowed because you do need to walk through a very nice mans yard (he gives permission). So, you cannot drive right to the beach. At low tide, the beach is fairly big (by Bailey Island standards)....and at high tide, it is tiny. I will post some pictures of the beach on my next post in minutes.

The other beach is called Mackeral Cove. You can drive to it, and there is a public boat launch there. This cove is a working cove, filled with boats. I will post pictures of it as well. This cove is not as are probably a good idea.

As far as swimming goes, the Maine water is chilly. Kids do not seem to mind, but it takes us older folks a while to get in! If you do stay with us at the Log Cabin Island Inn, we do have a heated pool. We are scheduled to open it May 15th, and will turn on the heater when the weather improves. So, check with us about the pool status.

I will post the pictures of the beaches in seconds....Sue

Friday, April 17, 2009

Log Cabin Island Inn on Facebook!

So, I went to the social media seminar yesterday.....and I just set up the Log Cabin Island Inn facebook page. I would love everyone to become a "fan". You do need to have a facebook page or account to do so. My next venture is to do Twitter, Linkedin and me, these are all new to me....

The weather here on Bailey Island is gorgeous today! We have a busy weekend coming up--will not be surprised if we fill! So, I must leave my computer for a while and go stock up at the grocery store. I am cooking breakfast tomorrow....let's see...eggs, pancakes, french toast....which to have? Of course, pastry and fruit too!

Alicia is cooking dinner Saturday nights--she has already decided upon a special--pan seared scallops (caught right here in the bay). Should be good--she really loves to cook!

Must go---if you have not visited us before, please call us!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Social media seminar

Good morning.....just posted a few of Neals Easter sunrise pictures. I love the one of the granite slabs that they are taking from the Bailey Island bridge. I do not know if they are going to take them all down. All I know is it looks like a great big puzzle! I sure hope they know what they are doing!

Tomorrow I am going to a "Social media seminar". It has to do with Facebook, Twitter, etc....all those terms that seem to be the rage right now. And, I thought mastering the blog was good. So, hopefully you will see the Log Cabin on these other internet sites soon. To think when we opened the Inn 14 years ago, we did not even have a web site!

The weather has turned--now we have beautiful sunny weather. The grass will need to be cut soon at this rate. Our phone keeps ringing....lots of reservations. If you haven't called us yet--give a call at 207 833 5546.

Bailey Island has never looked better than it does right now. Hope to see you soon!


Easter sunrise pictures

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Season looking good!

Well, we have been open for 5 days now. It is quiet, but April always is. The phone is ringing though, and emails and inquiries are coming frequently. Actually, we are already more than 40% full in May! That is exciting, as spring time travellers sometimes do not plan ahead and just drop in. We are grateful for all of the business.

Although the weather is cool, and we have had a lot of rain, the bulbs are growing,the grass is turning green and the forsythias are going to bloom soon. After I write this, I am going out to spruce up a couple gardens.

If you have not made your reservation for the Log Cabin Island Inn on Bailey Island yet, you may want to call soon. We are here from 8am-7pm, at 207 833 5546.

Off to the yard.....Sue

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bowdoin College Magazine

It has been a while since my last blog. I have been out of town. We open the Inn tomorrow, so I will be staying put for the next 7 months at least.

I was pleasantly surprised when going through my mountain of mail to find the most recent Bowdoin College magazine. Last season I was called to see if I would be interviewed for an article the magazine was doing on Bowdoin alumni that are in the Maine tourism industry. Of course I said sure! So, the writer came and a photographer came at a different time.

The article is great. I am very pleased. If you do not get the magazine, you can google it. It is always nice to be the recipient of free press. We have been featured in Down East magazine in the past years, and a great article in the Boston Globe a couple years ago. and also have several reviews on the Log Cabin Island Inn. We thank all of our guests who have taken the time to write the reviews!

So, at 7am tomorrow morning.....and every morning for the next 7 months, I will be going to the Inn to check emails, sometimes cooking breakfast, sometimes just visiting. I love early mornings, so this is not extra effort for me.

Come see us! The crocus bulbs are showing their color now here on Bailey Island. We would love to see all of you.