Friday, June 24, 2011

Molnlycke breaks ground

Rain, rain and more rain. It seems two years ago in June all it did was rain. I am glad the guests are visiting us despite the rain. No Vacancy this weekend. Sue likes the rain because it is less work for her with all those flowers to water. One of my favorite flowers has made an appearance this week, the Peonie. It always reminds me of my Grandmother and all her bushes when I was growing up.

I made a very yummy Lobster Newburg this evening for some long time guests celebrating their Anniversary. I even snuck in some kohlrabi I got at the Farm Share in their salad. They topped off Dinner with Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream, a true Maine Feast.

A Swedish firm called Molnlycke has broke ground at Brunswick Landing ( former Navy Base) this week. It is a Health Care firm that will manufacture Medical Supplies. They propose a 79,000 sq foot research and production facility with more than 100 new jobs.The pace of the base redevelopment has reached unprecedented levels in comparison to similar projects at other closing Military properties. It is great to hear planes flying again. One gentleman flew in from Ohio this week so he could go shopping at LL Bean and take back some lobster. This is all such a boost to the local economy which finds its way to Harpswell.

It is the start of Strawberry Season here in Maine. I challenge any guest to go to one of our local U Pick Strawberry Fields, bring me back the Strawberry's and I will make you a Pie. I may be sorry I said this.


Friday, June 17, 2011

33rd Anniversary

Well, today is Neal and my 33rd anniversary...hard to believe! Just like it is hard to believe this is our 31st year at the Log Cabin!

Yes, I know.....more garden pictures....but, honestly, the yard is spectacular right now. The blue garden features iris, false indigo, lupine....with rosa rugosa behind it, and in the background, the Miss Kim lilac are beautiful. The red maple I planted in my Dads memory. Oh, and the other picture is of the very large wisteria by our pool. The blossoms are hitting the ground there are so many.

Speaking of Dad, that is where Neal and I got his yard. He lived in the house right beside the Bailey Island bridge. The day was sunny and nice--just like today! Back then, I was running Rock Ovens and Rock Ovens II (which is now where Rob Williams real estate office is). Actually, that is where Neal and I are having dinner tonight, but now it is called Morses Cribstone Grille. It is nice to see it open again after 2 years of bridge repair. I hated looking at that cute little building empty.

Hope all the Fathers out there have a great Fathers Day! All for now, Sue

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hidden in Harpswell

The Harpswell Art and Craft Guild is alive and well here in Town. There are over 20 Art Members that have studios in Harpswell. They range from 11 working studios, 5 galleries, 3 photographers, and some yummy candy. The shops have very distinctive blue and white signs with a blue heron on it. Make sure to stop and see some delightful surprises. You can find out more about the Guild on the Studio's and Galleries Page at

Last Saturday was full of activities. Terrence, Jon and I attended the Fly In at the new Brunswick Landing Airport. Officials were hoping to have a dozen private planes on hand to look at and they were beyond thrilled when over 100 planes flew in just for fun and to take a look at the runway. What once was forbidden fruit is now a reality. One man said he has bought a house in Harpswell and will fly his plane here rather than drive from Washington D.C. People can now fly in for a lobster lunch or a stay at the Log Cabin and off they go, so convenient. They even had a Falcon and Leer Jet there. Then we went to the " Duck Race" this was a Fundraiser for the local Elementary School. This event also was more than organizers could have hoped for. Over 430 Ducks were sold and raised over $7,000 for the PTO. One of the great prizes was a Night Stay and $100 Gift Certificate at the Log Cabin.

This was a warm week in Maine. Many people were in the pool. We almost needed Air Conditioning one day. That all changes in a day though, today was beautiful in the 70's with a breeze. The flowers are going crazy. This week the Iris' are out. They almost look fake. The Yellow Garden has a few rare Yellow Iris'. I would take a picture but I want you to use your imagination. School is getting out this coming week and now it is time to find things for the kiddo's to do , like Stovers Cove and the pool. I hope it is as nice as last Summer.

Happy Flag Day Tuesday.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Events and milestones

Well the Brunswick Naval Air Station officially closed this week. Here is the new sign for the Brunswick Landing and Executive Airport. I just drove around the base, and it was quite sad. There are very few cars and people. This will be a very different scene tomorrow as the former base is having a Brunswick International Fly-In, with an open house, music, food and displays from 8am-4pm. And, the Redevelopment Authority that is overseeing the transformation of the Base holds commitments from businesses looking to invest a combined $150 million in the near future. So, sometime in the future, it will be a bustling place again.

Other new things in the area are an Ice Cream stand near Lands End....Morses have opened the restaurant by the Bailey Island bridge, and of course the Dolphin restaurant in South Harpswell has rebuilt and is open (and beautiful).

Most important are 2, my grandson Josh graduates from Nursery school. It is a good thing I am working and not attending, as I would cry my eyes out. How can he be 5 and ready for "big school"? And the second event is the Duck Race at the Great Island Boat Yard tomorrow from 2-5. This is a fundraiser for my older grandson Danny's school. There will be food and entertainment, and of course a Duck Race (rubber ducks). One of the prizes is a night stay at the Log Cabin Inn on Bailey Island (hope I don't win that one). If I do, I will give it to one of you!

Must go plant some flowers.....somehow, my car is full of plants again! Sue