Friday, May 30, 2014

Yard sure is Pretty!

Our yard could not be any prettier than it is right now! The bulbs, crab apple trees, magnolias, early perennials.....all are out! The sun is out.....they just mowed the lawn.......Wow! I have planted between 200 and 300 annuals (and I am not done). If you are near Bailey Island....come walk around the yard. Soon.....before the rain wrecks the rest of the tulips.
Last weekend of can that be? We have been open for almost 2 full months. Been very busy too. Just got a notice from the local farm that our crop share begins this week. Very exciting to get the farm fresh veggies.
Well, I am off for the day......hope you are all well! Sue

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nova Star

We have had some chilly rainy days which has opened many of the tulips and the magnolia tree has many blossoms on it. This rainy weather has not stopped Sue from plant shopping and rekindled our Love/ Hate ( mostly Love) relationship with her taking over the Kitchen as a Plant Greenhouse.  She has planted the window boxes in both the  Westview and Sunset Rooms while we try and remind her that it is still 40 deg at night. It keeps her busy though, kind of like Terrence with Legos, they just can't get enough.

We had out first full house weekend for the new season. It was nice being busy again. Next weekend will be the same as we have Bowdoin Graduation and the Holiday. We do still have a room left if you want to come see the new flowers and the most amazing sunset.

Something to think about is the new Cruise Ship that started sailing this week from Portland to Nova Scotia aboard the Nova Star. This is a 161 Meter Ship with a Cruising speed of 21 knots. It  can hold 1,200 passengers and 162 overnight cabins. It is a 10hr voyage and you can even bring your car. The Ship is brand new and looks fabulous. I would go just to use the Spa! hmmm my Birthday is only 3 weeks away.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day Garden

Happy Moms Day to all the Moms out there! These tulips opened yesterday just in time for Mothers Day. Yes, I am at work today. Out of the 43 years I have been a Mom, I have worked most of them. The many years we were a restaurant, this was the busiest day of the year! So, cooking for 9 people this morning was a piece of cake! The weather is spectacular today as well. Sunny and 70 degrees. So very happy that I am done cooking for the day.
Hard to believe we have been open for more than a month. Guess this year is going to zoom by as well. Nice to see all of our regular guests once again. Also nice to meet some new folks. We are so lucky to have such amazing guests. Makes this "job" not a job!
Hope you all are well....and will see you at some point this year. Sue