Sunday, September 29, 2013

Windjammer Schooner Alert

Matt took this shot of the Alert last night as they were out for a sunset sail. This is a 70 foot windjammer that sails out of Cooks dock daily. Many of our guests have enjoyed afternoon sails with them. A young couple, Bethany and Perry are the captains of the boat. Bethany is a "local". Her family owns Sea Escape Cottages just down the road from us. They also have a smaller sailboat, the Tevake, a 31 foot ketch. The Alert was recently certified by the Coast Guard to take up to 28 passengers. This was quite a big undertaking to pass the certification. We congratulate Bethany and Perry and wish them all the best!
Well, September is coming to a close.....we were close to 100% have rooms open tonight through Thursday. October is about 60% full right now. So, if you haven't been to visit, come see us. The foliage is getting prettier day by day! We close for the season on October 27th.  We are also taking reservations for 2014 as well.
Pool closes up this week....sigh. I am not ready for the season to end.
Hope all is well with all of you! Sue

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Sue is right, it has been a Beautiful September so far. The nights have been a bit chilly but today for instance the temperature was in the mid 70's. I had the pool open and guests spent the whole day sunning, reading and enjoying a glass of wine on the lawn. We have also enjoyed 3 weeks straight of hanging the No Vacancy sign out.

When I think of this time of year I often think of the many times I have gone apple picking. You can pick about 30 minutes from here at Rocky Ridge in Bowdoinham. They have pumpkins as well and a
little store that has food, gifts and the Best Homemade Cinnamon donuts. If you go on the weekend you have to get there early to get the donuts. They also have horse drawn wagons rides through the orchard and the kids love to do that. Reports are with the combination of rain and sun that we have had that it will be a great year for apples. I have been busy with apple pie's and homemade applesauce. If you do not want to travel quite so far you can pick up a bag on RT 123 in Harpswell at the orchard  at Skofield Farms. It is  the honor system, take a bag and leave some cash in the box.

A little news of the Cedar Beach front. Some additional property owners along the Cedar Beach Road have formed a group and they may allow access over a part of their properties to Cedar Beach. The lawsuit still goes forward with the other property owners though. Money is still being raised and the issue has not been put to rest. Stay tuned....

Don't forget First day of Fall Sunday.

Health and Happiness.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

What a great September

September is such a great month. The skies are clear, air is cool, pace is a bit slower (although you would not know that if you looked at our reservation book for this month). This picture is of Mackeral Cove just as the sun is coming up. The sunrise is after 6am, I am walking my dogs at 5am by flashlight. They are brown and black labs, and they are very hard to see in the dark. Luckily, they make a light up collar.  So, it looks like small florescent UFOs are prowling through the woods.
Sunsets are spectacular as well.  If you follow us on Facebook, Matt has posted some beautiful ones. Or go to our web cam on our web site and check it out for yourself at about 6-7pm.
This year has really zoomed by.....seems every year goes faster. I guess if you do the math, it makes sense.....365 days at 10 years old vs. 365 days at 60 years old is a drastically different percentage!! We have taken many reservations for next year. If you would like to reserve, give us a call or email. We check the phone and email daily when we are closed as well. We do have some openings in September of this year and more in October. So, come see us!
Stay well, Sue