Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Summer is Here

Happy summer everyone!  First, I want to apologize for not posting more often!  That will change.  We have been very busy and the phone is ringing off the hook with folks looking for availability now that the summer is finally here and gorgeous!  One of our beloved regular guests asked me when I would be writing another blog so I am writing this for you Hillary!

Today started with the smell of bacon and fresh coffee.  I made a Maine blueberry baked French toast casserole today with whipped cream and a lavender garnish. CC served a watermelon slice garnished with a borage flower and a maple pecan muffin to start so, needless to say, no one left hungry!
Victoria is on vacation in Canada so we are all working hard to make sure that the weeding gets done and the gardens look great when she returns next week.  Sue and Alicia were here working outside today and my nephew and his friend came by to use the pool (only after weeding of course ;-)
I sat out by the pool for a few minutes, put my feet in and the temperature is a perfect refresher from the warm summer sun!  Guests were reading and napping under the shade of the umbrella and another was floating comfortable in the pool saying she "had waited all year for this moment".

The boat traffic is heavy, the sounds carry and I could hear the sound of laughter in the wind.  Lots of birds are chirping and the occasional sound of a motorcycle going by on the way to Lands End reminds me of how gorgeous the weather is outside!

 It is tuna tournament this week and so far, 4 tuna over 300 lbs have come in AND a 380 lb thresher shark too!

Sue ordered some amazing photos on wood from local photographer Ben Williamson to put up in the restrooms by the gift shop, they are gorgeous and capture the beauty of Bailey Island so perfectly.  Thanks Ben! #benjaminwilliamsonphotography

We have some special friends coming in to get married at Library Hall this weekend and we want to wish a warm congratulations to Doug and Tasha and to their families as well. 

Enjoy the summer everyone!  We look forward to seeing each of you soon!