Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Travel Adventures

I love this picture! Must give credits to Jamie Ramsey who posted it on Facebook. It is taken from a spot I spent many years. Before the Log Cabin I ran Rock Ovens, which is now Morses Cribstone Grill. And that property was in my family for generations. So it has a special meaning to me.

So, I have been on a couple trips this month. Went to a beautiful wedding on the Cape for one of my many, many nieces. It was outside on the water, just a perfect day. The trip there was not so fun however, as our GPS warned us of severe traffic ahead and asked if we would like to detour as we were just entering Boston. Well...............we then spent the next hour and a half touring every section of Boston before we finally got onto 93 headed to the Cape. I was doing the driving, and by the time we got to the wedding with minutes to spare I was wiped out. But, luckily we had 2 nice days there before returning to Maine.

Then 2 days later, as some of you know, we headed to Key West to do some renovations on a duplex we have there. We got 1800 pounds of furniture sent down from LLBean by freight. We were warned it would arrive curbside and that we should have some help. That was true!!!! Neal had to help the truck driver get the palettes on the dolly, as the driver was in his 80's! Then, luckily, in the nick of time, our 4 young strong movers arrived! They were like the furniture angels!!! Anyhow, all the furniture looks great. The bad side was Neal threw his back out helping and was in bed for the next 5 days. But he is better now, and that job is done! Phew!!!

Weather continues to be beautiful, and we are still quite busy. Have openings in October if you want to come see us. Last day of the season is October 25th!

Hope you are all well, Sue

Friday, September 12, 2014


What a storm we had here last weekend. Heavy rain, thunder,lightning and high winds. It did however produce this beautiful rainbow.

We are always talking about how awesome our room guests are, this week not only did Tony and Linda bring us box tops for the School. Tony played in the Golf Scramble Fundraiser for Terrence's School. I must say we did shoot a respectable score, bummer is I forgot to take a picture.Linda must have taken one look at my purse because then she came back with some Coach Bag cleaner for me.

Most people are asking about how the Season was. As I see it the Season hasn't  ended yet. We are still  out straight in September. Weekends in September are full but we do have more openings in October and the West Shore House is available in October. For example I started this Blog 5 days ago and haven't been able to finish it until now. The past 3 weeks have brought about an unusual amount of people eating Dinner here and we are excited about that. I have served so many Scallop Dinners this year and if I do say so they are extraordinary this year. We have a local gentleman who dives on the scallop, not  dragging or net involved so they are extra special.

Today is so beautiful the air is crisp and clear again. The Dahlias are bigger and better than ever. Mt. Washington can be seen again in all its Glory. Tomorrow should be the same which will be a bonus for the tourism industry as tomorrow is Maine Lighthouse Day. Free Admission to all the Lighthouses. The problem is which one should I chose???