Friday, March 25, 2011

Final week til we open!

Sorry for the late must have thought I fell off the earth! Well, I went to the "Southernmost Point" for 10 days. When I left there was a ton of snow at the Inn, so I had to import a last years picture for the blog. But, this morning I found our first crocus starting to bloom. Then I had to run around the yard to see what else was starting to grow. I just LOVE this time of year!! New growth, new start, new season.

So, after the yard inspection, I went inside to see all of Matt and Aimee's magic. The place looks super. I know, it always looks super when we are open. But, if you could see the work it takes when we are closed, you would appreciate it more. They are both perfectionists, and it shows. Thanks guys!

I spent several hours answering emails and phone messages and entering new reservations in the computer.

Our big news of the week, is our long awaited new web cam is up and running. Go to our home page, and click on web cam. It takes a second to load, and you only get to watch for 90 seconds at a time. We may adjust that, just have to see how it goes. We are streaming it on an outside server so it is a better picture. Very exciting!

So, this was a very happy day for me. New web cam, flowers coming out, Inn looks super.

Hope to see all of you this year! Sue

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring is on the way!

I just could not help myself. The winter seems endless this year. So, I had to dig out a picture from last year. I cannot wait to start gardening! The flower catalogs are coming in, and these companies know that I cannot resist when it comes to plants!

I was just at the Inn cleaning up the office. Aimee has the gift shop all set up--it looks great. The gift show is this weekend, so I will go find some new items for the shop. I just love this time of year, when we put the Log Cabin back together, and it is all fresh and clean. Not sure how much of the yard we will be able to clean up. There are still snowbanks in places.

We are approaching 40% full for the season. Not bad for not even being open yet! So, if you have not reserved, give us a call!

All for now, Sue