Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hazy, Hot and Humid that is what we have been experiencing this past week. I know I shouldn't be complaining because just take a look at the rest of the country. Plus we are working in an amazing location with a great group of guests but every time I look out at the Ocean I want to jump in, until I remember the temperature of it and decide that maybe the pool that is only 30ft away is a better choice. We could really use a couple days of rain ( at night only of course). I think the room guests are happy that all the rooms now have Air Conditioning.
The Dahlia's seem to have liked what ever magic was in the soil this year because they are just blooming like crazy. I think the stalks on these plants are the tallest and thickest we have ever had.We also have such a variety of colors and sizes. Some are 2" across and some are more than 12". It makes cutting fresh flowers for the tables an easy task.
I must mention what a great event last Saturday night at the Grand Opening for Cooks Lobster and Ale House. The new Owners had a day long bash with events for all ages. At night they had a big tent set up with a live band that was superb. You could get drinks and food out at the point and so many of the local people came out to support the new venture and dance the night away. It ended with some fantastic Fireworks on the  Bay. The addition of the new fire pits look quite inviting as well.
It is hard to believe that Terrence starts school next Thursday. Is Summer really almost over? I think it should be a Federal Law that school starts after Labor Day.
We do have some openings for the Fall which is my favorite time of year. Have you ever been to Maine apple picking, or to the Pumpkin Festival in Damriscotta? Come check it out this year.

I do have a challenge! I will give a Log Cabin coffee mug or etched wine glass to the first guest that comes back with a picture of them at the Thursday Night Live Music Event at the Mitchell Field Bandstand. They have concerts until the end of September.