Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Can it really be July?


This is Sue. Cannot believe we have only been open for less than one month. Opened June 19th this year. 

We have implemented many changes due to COVID. I have to tell you the first weekend I was in tears.  
It seemed our "new way" was not as hospitable as we used to be. The contactless check-in. Serving room service only. But our guests have been more than gracious (as usual). And now, after a couple weeks, we are in the swing!

We are going over the top with the room cleaning! Takes us about twice as long as in the past. We wash everything in the rooms at checkout from quilts to floors , doorknobs to lightswitch......then we either use a UV light or an electrostatic sprayer and/or room air purifier! So, you can feel safe here. 

In the past years, the health inspector would come and give "grades".....if we got a 99 instead of 100 we were upset. This year, if there were "grades" , I am sure we would get 1000!

Our yard is spectacular! The view is amazing! Our crew is stupendous! And, our food is always a hit. 

I am one lucky girl.

Hope you all stay healthy, and come see us at some point.