Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This picture was taken by Mackeral Cove.....those are large piles of lobster traps the fisherman have taken out of the water and stored until spring. The temperature today is about 10 degrees, and suppose to get colder the next few days. I can't image lobstering in the summer let alone winter. There are a couple very hardy guys that do fish in the winter. So, you can still buy live lobsters year round. Actually, I made lobster quiche last weekend....yum!!

Aimee and I went carpet shopping this past week. Actually, someone is coming to measure 3 of the rooms today. Matt has been busy patching and painting. I just sent out 5 confirmations for new reservations! Will post pictures when we get further along in the renovation process.

Very little snow here on the island. They forecasted a large storm for us for today, but it missed us! Fine with me. Had a fun 40th birthday party for my son, Adam yesterday. 40!! How could that be?

Hope all is well with all of you, Sue

Monday, January 14, 2013

January thaw

The temperatures are in the 50's today, and it is warm and sunny! Most all of our snow has melted. I am loving it, as I am not a snow fan. But I am sure the skiers are bummed out. I just went to LLBean and the clerk was upset as they have a big Snow Carnival this weekend. It is suppose to be cold by the weekend, but no storms in sight.

I have been taking many reservations this past week. We open up in 80 days! Holy crow.....that does not seem very far away. April 5th is opening day this year. Our 33rd year. Hope that does not mean I am getting "OLD"????? Course not.

Matt, Aimee, Danny and Josh started their Friday night skiing at Lost Valley in Auburn. The ski area has a special for elementary kids on several Friday nights. It is a nice small ski area, a good place for kids. Hopefully, the snow machines will be able to build the slopes back up after this thaw!

Well, I am going to head outside....who knows when we will see 50 degrees again! Sue

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year!!

Here is one of Matt's pictures.....it is the last sunset of 2012! As you can see, we have snow! Boy do we have snow! We got 2 large snowstorms within a week. There was a ton of powder and a ton of wind! So, we have drifts, and very pretty patterns in the snow. The yard looks like sand dunes. Of course, with the snow comes shovelling and plowing. I guess we had a premonition when we bought that 2nd snow blower this year! Now, to put chains on the Gator!

Maine scallop season has started. However, it is so restricted as to when they can fish and where, I am not sure how the season will end up. It looks like the Maine shrimp season will be heavily regulated and restricted as well. Making a living on the ocean is becoming more and more difficult. We hope to buy all of our scallops and shrimp from the local fisherman.

The phone/emails have started to become more plentiful now that the New Year is here. I have taken 3 reservations today. It is looking like we will have another busy year. Matt and his brother, Adam are busy at the Inn with renovations.....fixing siding, replacing some windows etc.etc.

Hope you all had a good holiday season. All for now, Sue