Monday, July 27, 2009

Life long friends

This past weekend my very good friend , Deb and her beau, Ray came to visit. We have been the best of friends since we were 10 years old. Not to give my age away, but that is for 48 years!!! (This is Sue by the way--not Alicia)

If you have been following the blog, you know that the weather has been horrible this year. The prediction for the weekend was "iffy". But, the good Lord must have decided that Deb needed a nice, fun, sunny day. That is just what we got on Saturday, the day of this picture. We had a lobster bake and visited with friends and family.

Debs beau, Ray, I have also known since age 15--when they dated in high school. Their lives went separate ways for many years, but they have reconnected once again, all these years later. This is very exciting for me because Ray is a great guy and Deb will be very happy.

This week Neal and I will drive over to New Hampshire to see Debs parents, who are my "second" parents. They are the nicest people in the world! They also love lobster so we will of course bring some along.

Friends are a real blessing. To have a great friend for 48 years is a priceless gift.

Thanks to all of our friends!! Sue

Friday, July 24, 2009

Harpswell Festival

Hi All..if you are thinking that my blog is late it is.. but that is only because I did do it Wed and now it is somewhere in Cyberspace. So just think of today as Wed.

This weekend Harpswell is celebrating its own Festival. It will be held Sat the 25th and Sun the 26th. It is a great venue for non profit organizations and Business to promote their causes,products and services. Aimee is heading up the Nursery School Raffle with Grand Prize a night at the Log Cabin. My sister has the Flamingo Table fundraiser for the Elementary Swim Program. The Fireworks will be Sat night and a Big Parade ( yes dogs included) on Sunday. Last year over 5,000 people attended, best part the parking and admission is free. Actually the best part is the food. Last year I entered the Pie Contest.

Another thing we all ( actually Matt)looks forward to is the 71st Annual Bailey Island Tuna and Sportfishing Tournament. This is the longest continuous tournament on the East Coast. In recent years the Tuna have been scare so they have focused a lot on Striped Bass, Mackerel, and BlueFish. They have a great program for the kids and they give out a lot of prizes that keep the kids happy. This year there actually has been some Tuna caught. Typically this is the week for fog.. but now that the rain is back it is keeping the fog away.

I was busy cooking today, lobster newburg, seafood lasagna, key lime pie, yummy salad. Also lunch for Sue, Emily and I roasted tomato, goat cheese, and pesto sandwich's with a yummy Rainbow Swiss Chard on the side.

Thanks Marcia for making us the awesome gift cards and ceramic coasters. The Sea Shell Mirror is something we will look at every day.

Have a great week everyone. Alicia

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Guess what everyone the sun is out, people are in the pool and I am not complaining of the rain, Yeah ! I am very excited that Lobster Season has arrived. The Lobstermen are out fishing in the Bay right in front of the Inn. You can even see the different color buoys that each lobster man has. The good news is that the price of Lobster is Very low right now. One of the local seafood stores is selling the 1 lb lobsters for $2.99lb. For $3.99 lb you can get them a little larger. It is cheaper to eat lobster than Hotdogs. The bad new is that the Lobster Men are only getting paid $2.50 or so from the dealers for their catch. What with the rising cost of fuel, bait and other expenses it is really a tough time for the Lobster Men to break even. So please the next time you are thinking of a real yummy meal pick up a few lobsters and think of Maine..or better yet come to the Log Cabin and I will cook you up some.

I would like to thank Doreen for bringing us some of her homemade Baklava. Then to Marcia for my stuffed pink flamingo, at least I know someone is reading my blog. We still have a few openings left for this Summer, looking forward to seeing you all.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rain and Flamingos

If you think you are reading last weeks blog and I am complaining about the rain rest assured it is this weeks blog and I am complaining of the rain, because it is still raining. We had more than dbl the normal rainfall for June and yesterday we had a record low temp, it never came out of the mid 50's. We did have a sunny day Monday and Aimee and I along with the boys rushed to the beach. The rain is bringing in a few people off their motorcycle's. We are assured by the not so popular Weathermen that we are going to breakout of this cycle by Thursday afternoon.

Big News in Harpswell this week. We had a Major Theft.... Stolen Flamingo's. The Harpswell Island School is holding a Fundraisor for their Swim Program. Individuals and Business' are being "Flocked" with about 25 Flamingos on their lawn. To set the Flamingos free and on to other pastures the Flockee must pay a ransom (donation) and then suggest where they want them sent next. We had a nice flock here on the lawn at the Log Cabin. Can you picture this among the flower beds. There was also a flock at a Business on Orrs Island. The night of the Fireworks the Flock was stolen from Orrs Island. This got a lot of people's feathers up, me included. I called the TV Station and they aired a piece with photo's of the Stolen Flamingo's this also made it to the Radio Stations. Within an hour of the News Feed the Flamingos were returned. I suspect the Robbers did not know they were stealing from a Childrens Swim Program and then got shamed into the quick return.

Nothing out of the ordinary as gifts from the guests this week. I did get to pick some lettuce out of the garden and made Sue, Emily and I a nice salad for lunch.
There will be sun this Weekendso come visit us.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Independence and Strawberries

I would like to start out by saying I am looking out the window with the sun shining but that would be a lie so I will not even speak of the 24 days of rain,clouds and fog that we have had.

When I think of 4th of July I think of Strawberry's. The Strawberry's seem to like the rain because I have heard reports that this is a great year. While driving down the road there are many people camped out in their cars selling them while dodging the rain drops. If you are adventurous like Matt, Aimee and the kids you can go pick them at several locations in the area. I also think of the yearly Ice Cream and Strawberry Social that has been at the Bailey Island Library Hall for more years than I can remember. The "true" Strawberry Shortcake is only with nice homemade biscuits which I happen to have in the oven right now. If you are not into shortcake there is of course Strawberry Pancakes,Jelly or Daiquiri's.

I have often reported on how our guests bring us some great gifts. This week I must say happens to be the most bizarre gift as of yet. The Lewis' of N.H. showed up with a Santa Claus Suit. I am not sure if this is so we remember them every time we look at our Christmas Card but gave us a good laugh on a rainy day.

Cooks Restaurant is hosting the Fireworks this year on the 3rd. The best spot to watch them is from the decks of our rooms. Happy 4th to All and travel safe.