Thursday, March 29, 2012

Opening next week!

Last Sunday was Maine Maple Sunday. Many, many Sugar Shacks all over the State open up for the public. We picked the Nash Family Farm in Windham to visit this year. They have a small operation and a store that sells maple products.....syrup, donuts, candy, maple cotton candy, maple sugar......we tried it all! Unfortunately, the weather was not on the syrup producers side this year. We had very hot weather last week which stopped the syrup from flowing. So, production was down from other years. But, visiting the "shacks" is a fun spring experience! a highpoint is tasting the fresh syrup on top of vanilla ice cream!

Well, we open next week. Matt and Aimee are at the Inn doing last minute things. It is very chilly and damp today. They are probably freezing, as they just got back from Key West Monday night. I better go check on them!

We have lots of open rooms our first we are offering stay one night, get the second for 50% off from April 6th-13th!! Hope some of you can take advantage of the "deal" and come see us!

Looking forward to another super season! Sue

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Breaking Records

Here is a picture of the sunset on the first day of spring. Sure, that is not a record breaker, but the temperatures sure are! We actually sat outside and watched the sunset with no jackets!! In March?????? Today is suppose to be in the 80's! This is a first for Maine, that is for sure.

I think I am setting records for the month of March for taking reservations! There were 6 requests on the email this morning alone. I keep typing them in our computer and printing a new book. We open on April 6th......then we will be at the Inn all day, so I will have help with the reservations. Trust me, I am not complaining!

The rooms are all ready, gift shop and dining room all set.....just need to turn on the water, plug in the frigs, order some food.....on to our 32nd year!! Oh, and then, of course, I get to go plant shopping (my favorite pasttime)! It is tempting to do just that with this weather, but if tradition continues, we will have another snowstorm at some point.....frequently opening day!!

Well, I will head to the Inn to set up the office for another year. And, possibly, go to the beach! All for now, Sue

Friday, March 9, 2012

New carpets

This has been a productive week! We had new carpet installed in 2 of our rooms. As you can see in the pictures, the top one is Mt. Washington. The carpet was installed this morning. In the middle picture is Matts new furniture arranging job! I think he was quite creative! Not sure how he piled all the furniture into that little area by himself, but he did! Now, just to put it back. And, in the bottom pic, is the Wiseman, all put back together. We also carpeted what we call the "kids room", which doubles as our gift shop storage. And, one bathroom got new linoleum.

Aimee has also set up the dining room and gift shop! Now, I can walk in and smile. I really dislike it when everything is stripped and put away. So, we are close to ready and have 4 weeks left! Opening 4 weeks from today, April 6th.

I have taken over a dozen reservations this week as well. I can barely keep up with the phone and emails! This is a very good thing....well, unless you have not made your reservation yet.....rooms are filling up quickly!

Harpswell Town Meeting tomorrow. I will have to stop by for awhile and at least vote for selectman and road commissioner. The time changes this weekend as the sunset will be later. Check it out on our web cam!

Gotta go! 'Til next time, Sue

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not so extreme makeover

I caught Matt, Aimee and Daisy in the same room this week. Aimee is setting up the rooms for the opening, and Matt has been crawling in closets, eaves, crawl spaces all winter re-doing the plumbing. So, a good part of our winter "Makeover" will be unseen by most of you (unless you would like to go in the crawl spaces). We have replaced a couple room carpets, and some curtains as well. Some years require more renovation than others....some less. It is a never ending work order for Matt and Aimee to keep the Inn looking like we all want it to look. Thankfully, we are closed for a period of time to do just that!

Speaking of closed.............32 days 'til we open!!!!!!!!! Then my work begins....well, I am in charge of taking reservations in the winter--and that has been keeping me quite busy! But, I will be happy to be officially open, and interacting with guests in person instead of over the phone. Winter has been mild, as it has in a good bit of the country. We did just get a substantial snow storm this week, but it is melting quickly. The spring bulbs had already started to grow. I think the gardens will be ahead of schedule this year.

The Portland flower show is this coming week, and the New England Gift show is coming right up--sure signs of spring. The days are longer, and the sun is warmer. Come on spring! We are ready for another busy year!

Hope to see all of you! Sue