Saturday, September 12, 2020

Season is rolling on

Wow! How can it be mid-September? Seems like time stood still in the spring, and the summer flew by!

Happy to say, we had a very busy August! And, so far September is looking good as well. The weather certainly has cooperated.  Beautiful clear crisp day today.  Many of our guests are here for several days. Others are extending their stays. 

We will be open until the end of October. Foliage usually peaks around mid October. The weather guy the other day said even though we are in a bit of a drought, that can often enhance the colors. So, that is good news for all the leaf peepers. Our yard is spectacular. Dahlias in full bloom now, grass is green. 

Bailey Island is always pretty no matter the season. But 2020 has made all of us appreciate the quiet, the space, the views, the remoteness of this special place.

I, for one, value every day, every guest, every moment those I am close to continue to remain healthy. 

So grateful,


Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Welcome to August

We have certainly had some amazing weather this summer. Rather hot for Bailey Island, but lots and lots of sun! Which has worked out very well with the guests being able to eat on their decks! 

We have the system down now. I will say climbing the stairs with a heavy tray of food is a challenge. Aimee, CC, Victoria and Stephanie are doing a super job. If I were the one delivering the food , it would take me 4 trips! 

Many of our regular guests have visited, with more arriving soon. It is so wonderful to see everyone able to visit, swim in the pool, eating on their decks....and of course admiring our gardens!

We do need some rain.....maybe tonight we will get some from the Tropical storm that is on its way. And hopefully not too much wind. 

As usual, we will stay open through the month of October. Fall is my favorite. 

Stay safe! 


Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Can it really be July?


This is Sue. Cannot believe we have only been open for less than one month. Opened June 19th this year. 

We have implemented many changes due to COVID. I have to tell you the first weekend I was in tears.  
It seemed our "new way" was not as hospitable as we used to be. The contactless check-in. Serving room service only. But our guests have been more than gracious (as usual). And now, after a couple weeks, we are in the swing!

We are going over the top with the room cleaning! Takes us about twice as long as in the past. We wash everything in the rooms at checkout from quilts to floors , doorknobs to lightswitch......then we either use a UV light or an electrostatic sprayer and/or room air purifier! So, you can feel safe here. 

In the past years, the health inspector would come and give "grades".....if we got a 99 instead of 100 we were upset. This year, if there were "grades" , I am sure we would get 1000!

Our yard is spectacular! The view is amazing! Our crew is stupendous! And, our food is always a hit. 

I am one lucky girl.

Hope you all stay healthy, and come see us at some point.


Thursday, May 21, 2020

Interesting times


This is Sue. For those of you who do not know, we normally open the first weekend of April. However, the pandemic prevented that from happening. We now have an opening date.....June 19th. BUT, we can only rent to folks from the State of Maine. This is per our Governor.

There is currently a 14 day quarantine on anyone from out of state. We are anxiously waiting for that to be lifted. We are now allowed to take reservations from folks out of State, but if the quarantine is not lifted, we would need to cancel those reservations.

As you all know, the information about this health crisis changes daily. Some good news, some not so good news. The good news for Maine is that our numbers of cases and deaths are very low compared to other states. We are very thankful for that. And our restrictions and guidelines are very strict. For any business to open there are pages and pages of things we must adhere to.

As we move along through the next month, we will be working towards doing everything we can to keep everyone safe and healthy. I will keep you all informed both on the blog, Facebook and under our Covid Banner on our main web page.

We always have prided ourselves on catering to our guests in every way possible. It is much more challenging this season. We will put 100% of our efforts into meeting that challenge.

Til next time.....stay safe!