Monday, January 12, 2015

Sea smoke

I think this may be one of Matt's best photos. We had an extremely cold day last week, and for those of you who do not know, when the ocean temp is higher than the air, we frequently get "sea smoke". This shot was taken from Cooks point of the Bailey Island bridge. I just love it!
We have had some cold so far this winter, but very little snow here on the island. It is spitting a bit right now. The snow makes the sea look so very, very blue.
January is flying by.....we open in 82 more days. Aimee just said this week she wishes we were open. I feel the same.....but I don't think the guests would agree when the temperatures are below 20 and the wind is blowing. It gets very unpleasant here on those days.
Reservations continue to come in rapidly......if you have not called us yet, do so!
So happy the days are getting a bit longer......spring will be here soon!  Hope you are all well, Sue