Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Welcome to August

We have certainly had some amazing weather this summer. Rather hot for Bailey Island, but lots and lots of sun! Which has worked out very well with the guests being able to eat on their decks! 

We have the system down now. I will say climbing the stairs with a heavy tray of food is a challenge. Aimee, CC, Victoria and Stephanie are doing a super job. If I were the one delivering the food , it would take me 4 trips! 

Many of our regular guests have visited, with more arriving soon. It is so wonderful to see everyone able to visit, swim in the pool, eating on their decks....and of course admiring our gardens!

We do need some rain.....maybe tonight we will get some from the Tropical storm that is on its way. And hopefully not too much wind. 

As usual, we will stay open through the month of October. Fall is my favorite. 

Stay safe!