Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Well, we are in the midst of the busy Holiday Season. I hope everyone is having a nice holiday. We have had a busy week in our family. My grandson, Josh, turned 7 on the 21st.....all of my family came over for a dinner last night. Kids are the best part of holidays. They are so full of enthusiasm....it is hard not to enjoy when you watch them and their little faces.

The above picture is of 4 antique teacups that were given to all of us at the Log Cabin from Wyn, a neighbor who lost his wife a couple years ago.  I am not positive where the cups came from, but years ago Wyn and Barb gave us many teacups for the Inn that were from Barbs family. I can only assume that these are as well.  I will ask Wyn next time I see him. Barb felt that our guests at the Inn would enjoy the various cups. These cups shown above are particularly festive! We will treasure them and take good care of them.

Bailey Island is certainly a small community. And folks like Wyn make it a happy one to live in. It is being with friends, neighbors and family that is the true meaning of the Holiday season.

We have a little dusting of snow today, making the island all the more magical. Here is to you and yours....hoping your season is magical as well. Sue

Monday, December 17, 2012

Silent auction

Cooks restaurant has a dinner and silent auction in December to raise money for the Harpswell heating assistance program. Neal and I, Matt, Aimee, Danny and Josh along with Alicia and Terrence went last Friday night. The place was packed and there were many, many items to bid on. Above are a couple of the items I won. But, the big item I won is at Matt and Aimee's house......all three boys were quite excited to make certain that I would be the high bidder on this "thing". Not sure exactly how to describe  it except it is an oversized blow up pool toy that you sit on and supposedly has a little motor of sorts. The bidding went on for 3 hours and Dan, Josh and T took turns monitoring the bid. They would run back to the table and report if someone bid more than  I had. Actually, I think they were deterring anyone else from bidding!  Needless to say (in Josh's words) "It is SOO ours!!"

We are getting some beautiful, light, powdery snow today. Makes it look like a wintery wonderland! Busy week for many of us....we also have Josh's 7th birthday on Friday. He has lost his two front teeth just in time for his birthday!

Hope you are all healthy and happy this holiday season. Would be a great time to practice Random acts of Kindness....I know I will try to do so. Sincerely hope your holiday season is a happy one, Sue

Monday, December 10, 2012

Moose head

No, you are not seeing double.....we now have 2 moose mounts! The original one on the fireplace is very old, and in need of some repair. Our newer one is in very good shape. Now, the question is, what do we do with two? Hopefully, we can get the original touched up, and find a special spot for the new one. Just what everyone needs is two moose!

For those of you who have been asking what happened to our "promo" postcard we usually send out this time of year, here is the story......our computer program that had all of our guest info self destructed. It was very old (not as old as the moose, but old in computer years), and we asked our computer experts if they could repair it, but they said no. So, I printed the master guest list right before it disappeared. Now, I have to type all of that info into a new program.....and for some reason, I have not completed that task yet! Not that I am not looking forward to typing over 2000 names and addresses, but, I am being a bit lazy to tell the truth!

It is still quite mild here on the island.....still have some green grass and a couple flowers hanging on. It will be interesting to see if we do get lots of snow this year, as we got very little last year. We have quite a bit of outside work to do at the Inn, so mild weather would be welcome.

Holidays are fast approaching! Oh yeah.....the "promo".....if you reserve before the end of the year (Dec. 31st), for a 3 night stay, we will give you 20% off in the spring, 10% in the summer, and 15% off in the fall. So, call us in the next 2 weeks if you would like to take part in our promo!

Hope you are all happy and healthy! Sue

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter sunsets

I think the sunsets in the winter are more vibrant than the summer.....there is probably a scientific reason for this, but I do not know what it is. In the summer, the sun sets directly across the bay, frequently behind Mt. Washington. This time of year it is setting off of Lands End. Matt went there this week and captured this one with the sun setting behind Mark Island.

Well, I went south for several days, and am very happy to be back in Maine. It is nice to get a break, but always nice to return to this lovely island. And, while we were away, our driveway at the Inn got a fresh new look. We had removed the top few inches of the driveway, regraded, and put down a fresh layer of crushed stone. My intent was to take a picture of it for the blog--but it snowed!! Also, we got a couple new air conditioners installed. Of course, we will probably not have a hot summer since we did that! Last year was very warm, so we thought some of the rooms needed them. We shall see!

Also, the Log Cabin was voted best Mid-Coast bed and breakfast for the 3rd year in a row by Marketing Surveys of Maine. So, we have another plaque to hang, and it was published in the local paper. Thanks to all who voted for us! We take pride in the Inn, and appreciate that fact that it is recognized.  We also got a couple new rave reviews on Tripadvisor.com.  Thanks to our guests for those as well!

Hard to believe it is December! Remember, a Log Cabin gift certificate makes a great gift!

Happy holiday season to all of you, Sue 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

BedRaces and Bradbury Mountain

Maine State Music Theatre

  Hi, it is Alicia. I decided I would give Sue a break and I wanted to show you these pictures. It is the time of year that we  need to start getting creative and find new and challenging things to do. Terrence and I attended the 2nd Annual Downtown Brunswick Bed Races. Last Saturday the Downtown Assoc Sponsored these bed races down Park Row, which is next to the park on Maine St., where the Farmers Market is located. I had never been but said, lets go!!!  This was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. They had 9 teams entered and the street was so packed with people it was like the Macy's Day Parade ( well kinda).  The Cool as a Moose Team won ( defending champions) but I think the best design was the Maine Music Theatre. The TV Station all the newspapers were there as well.

Terrence and I went to Cape Cod for Thanksgiving. On the way back we  stopped in Boston to see the Grinch Who Stole Christmas at the Wang Theatre. We met some of our friends, they took the Amtrack Train from Brunswick to Boston. Yes!!!  that is right folks. The train has actually come to Brunswick. You can  ride it from Brunswick to Freeport or Portland for the day do a little shopping and come back to your cozy room at the Log Cabin Inn.

Today with the temps in the mid 30's we ventured off to  Bradbury Mountain State Park in Freeport. If you can believe this it is the first time I have ever been there. We went with Aimee and Matt and the boys as well as my sister and her family ( and Daisy). The start up was steep and I was thinking,  What have I got myself into,  but then when we got to the Summit and  the rest of the loop was good. We passed quite a few people,dogs and Mtn Bikes. We do not have any snow yet so at least we were not dealing with that. It was nice to be with the gang again.

I hear Big things are going on at the Inn so I guess I will venture down this week.

   Health and Happiness ~~~Alicia

Camille,Gabrielle,Danny,Josh and Terrence
Looks like someone will have to take Matt's place next year.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Matt's photo

Matt takes some amazing photos......we publish them on our blog and Facebook often. This particular one was taken this week at sunset off of Lands End, Bailey Island. The Maine Office of Tourism shared it on their Facebook page, and within hours it was shared by over 340 others! The whole social media phenomenon is quite interesting. Little did we know a few years back what an impact it would have on us. Yes,I know there are good and bad facets, but personally, for the Inn, it is a good thing.

Our work has started on our winter renovations....we are re-grading the driveway, jacking up the little garden shed, replacing some door frames, shingles, windows......on and on and on. It is hard to believe we are beginning our 33rd season in 2013.

Thanksgiving is coming right up. We at the Log Cabin have so much to be thankful for....33 years....beautiful Bailey Island......and a huge group of super, super guests! Thanks to all of you and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sue

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let the work begin!

Well.....here we go with our off season renovations! My nephew, Nat, played in the driveway yesterday, and made this huge pile of dirt! Over the years we have trucked in loads of crushed rock and it was time to "re-grade" the driveway. So, now, we are going to truck this pile of dirt away....and put some fresh crushed rock down. Good luck to Matt when he has to plow this winter with fresh crushed rock! Anyhow, it will be good to get this done before the ground freezes. That is one problem we run into trying to do any outside renovations in the off season.

The weather is holding on....suppose to be 55 degrees here tomorrow! Still have some flowers blooming. Gotta like it!!

Had an early Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at our house with the family as we will be away on the actual Thanksgiving day. Our family is growing.....my younger son, Adam is engaged and getting married in the spring. This is very exciting!! We welcome Tamara and her darling daughter Frances to the family!

Happy Veterans Day to all, Sue

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Well, election day is finally here. Those of us on Orr's and Bailey Island vote at this cute little building....the Old Orr's Island Schoolhouse. Every year, the same folks work at the polls (a job my Mom used to love to do). Over 1000 of the 4000 registered voters in Harpswell voted early. A friend of mine processed the absentee votes yesterday. Unfortunately, she does not know the results! Well, we should know most of the results tonight or tomorrow--we hope!

We have been closed for 8 days, survived Hurricane Sandy, and are now braced for a nor'easter this week. My thoughts and prayers go to all of the folks in the devastated areas that suffered so from the recent hurricane. We were very fortunate here in Maine.

We have started to make our "winter repair list" for the Inn. It is quite a list....it is every year. Should keep Matt and Aimee busy! My other son, Adam will be working on it also. It is a good thing we are seasonal so we can keep up with all the repairs!

I hope you all got out to vote, and know that at least some of us will be happy with the results! Stay safe, happy and healthy! Sue

Monday, October 29, 2012

End of another great season!

So, I am sitting here in my little office at the Inn and no one is around. Shelves are bare, rooms are stripped, outdoor furniture is put away, all the frigs are off. The water is still hooked up, which is a good thing as you can see in the above picture, there is a ton of laundry at the end of the year! Aimee did load after load yesterday, but by 3pm, we were all ready to quit! So, I am doing some last loads right now.  As many of you know, I do not like the Inn to close. But, this year, as Hurricane Sandy is hitting the east coast, I am glad. I do not think we will be affected as much as many other states, but you never know. And I worry constantly about our guests when we are open during a storm. It is just starting to rain and the wind is picking up (my roses and dahlias are swaying in the wind).

The media sure is warning people to try to stay safe.  I sure hope that is the case! We will post pictures after the fact on our Facebook page so you can see how Bailey Island made out. I am sending good vibes to all of our extended Log Cabin family and friends that you will all be okay.

Well, it was a super year here at the Inn. We were extremely busy. And next year looks like it will be as well.....we have many reservations already. Give us a call anytime to reserve for next year.

My thanks to all and wishes that the storm does not do harm to any of you. Sue

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Really....it just can't be.

   Many, many years ago now all of us would have a Countdown going. The Countdown til the day  we closed for the season. Having the Restaurant was so much more stressful than having the Inn ( for me anyway). By this time of year we were all ready to close the doors and say good bye til April.  Today I am thinking this just can't be the last Sunday I will  think about What is for Brekfast or how many rooms are checking out, or is anyone eating Dinner, did I lock the door, do we have enough desserts? What I will miss the most are my good friends I work with at the Inn and the room guests that have become family. We follow their life from year to year and they follow us. Like the sweet young couple that are staying now that came on their Honeymoon 2 years ago,  now they are  here again for the week and she is pregnant, already asking to come back with the baby.  Also to the family spending the weekend with us celebrating their Moms 90th Birthday. To all our great friends we will think of you many, many times until we see you again. Which by the way we are 30 % full for next year so if you have your favorite room here at the Log Cabin don't let someone else take your spot.
Matt and Aimee will do their usual Winter maintenance while I spend 3 months in Florida and wait til all the hard work  is done and come back.  Sue of course will be monitoring the phone and the credit card machine!!!     Sue will also continue to do the Blog and will hack in every once in awhile from Florida.

Here are a few pictures of pumpkins from the Festival in Damriscotta. They had over 25 pumpkins each one better than the next.

Happy and Healthy to all... Alicia

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Changing of the Hottub!

So, a few weeks ago, Matt said to me that we would need to replace the hottub on the Mt. Washington deck this year. So, we called the tub people, ordered one, and it arrived this week (pic #1). Then, the challenge began......it needed a new electrical connection (no problem as Neal is an electrical contractor)......then we had to get the old one off the deck and the new one on it....and we are full!!!  So, we hired this crane company, rewired the connection, and as soon as the folks checked out this morning, Matt drained the old one, and the crane arrived!!  Within 30 minutes that crane operator had the old one off and on a trailer in the driveway, and the new one up on the deck!  It was amazing!!! Now, hopefully everything will work!

Poor Matt has had a busy week with the maintenance issues here.  For those of you who do not know, he does all the plumbing, carpentry, painting etc, etc, etc. Yesterday he had to replace a door that someone put their hand through (not sure exactly how that happened). Last night he had to replace a thermostat on a heater. This place sure is job security for Matt. Build a large wooden building on top of Bailey Island that gets the weather from all sides with no protection......then fill the 9 rooms for 7 months to almost 100% occupancy, and you have repairs after repairs. Not only is Matt the only "guy" here on the staff, he is talented! (Must take after his Mom.)

Anyhow, it has been a busy day and a busy month, and a busy season. We are down to our last 2 weeks of the season, and I am sure Matt is ready for a break (and to go hunting).  For me, the end of the season is bittersweet.....as I love this place so much.

So, if you did not make it to visit us this year....call us for next year1 Sue

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catch and Release

  Aimee and I were cleaning the Harpswell Room when she yelled over to me " I need some Help."
I hurried over to find her in the downstairs bathroom hanging out with a Chickadee. The bird some how, like one of us left the door open, flew into the room and now Aimee had it trapped in there so we were not chasing it all over the room.  While we were trying to woon it off the shelf the little guy just keep flying farther away. Aimee finally popped the screen out of the window and I went around the other side and did a Chickadee mating call, whatever that is. Soon enough the young bird flew away and Aimee and I could get on with business. I thought we should take a picture of us having a beer like the Baileys and Coffee but back to work we went.
The outdoor temperature doesn't feel like July but inside the Inn it feels like July. This week we have had about a Dozen guests that come in July and have decided to add a Fall Trip to Bailey Island. It is great seeing them for an extra visit  and they get to experience Maine and get a different feel for Fall Foliage.
The Room guests have been raving about the William Wegman Exhibit at Bowdoin College. He has a photography display of his Weimaraners  dogs and a short movie to go with it. Everyone has said the movie is so funny and the exhibit is great, plus it is free. The exhibit will be at the College until October 21. 
We do have some openings the last week of October so don't miss out on some last minute leaf peeping, it will be months until you can get a great Breakfast or Dinner from us. One guest is just checking out and said " I will see you in 252 more days". I guess he is counting.

Happy Holiday Weekend ---Alicia

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Computer crash

I know, I know.....the title of this blog has nothing to do with this picture. Let me explain......our computer program that we have entered over 5000 reservations on for the past 15 years "ate itself" (that is the computer experts term). We had pushed it past its limit. This is good and bad. The good? We entered so many guests and reservations that it could not hold them all.....the bad?  Well,  I will spend the next months entering every ones info into a new program. And, we do not like the new program as well as the old (isn't that always the way?).  So, I have entered all of September and October of this year.....and I started on 2013.....when I decided it was boring and went out to take a picture of our "red" garden.....which is spectacular right now!!

So, bottom line (as my husband would say)....is that this September we were 96% full.....October we are already 65% full....and next year we are 27% full already!! Yes, that is good....unless you are the person typing all of that info into the new program. Actually, I am not complaining. I like to type!

 So, for past guests who are used to getting our promo discount postcard, that will not be happening this year. I cannot type fast enough. With any luck, I will get everything entered so we can send a
Holiday card (no guarantees). We shall see.

Last weekend, and this weekend, we have had wedding parties staying with us. Last weekend the weather was iffy.....this weekend it is drizzly and cold. Hopefully the wedding will be great regardless.

Well, I have a big birthday this week.  I could actually collect Social  Security! I guess that means I am officially "old".....but I sure do not feel it!   (You are suppose to say I do not look it right now.)

Ok, type, or pick flowers......what do you think? Sue

Friday, September 21, 2012


  Wow... Summer is gone and the calender is right. Tomorrow is the first day of Fall and the temperature certainly is matching the calender. We haven't had a frost yet but the temps this week did dip down to 47 at night. Some Towns in land did get frost.  Matt turned off the heater in the pool today which is also a sign that Summer is over. At least we do not have to cover the pool at night anymore. My sign that Fall is here is Apple Picking. I even bought a new apple peeler from LL Bean this year and got my chance to use it this week.  Terrence and I went to the usual Rocky Ridge Farm. If you are here this Fall it is a fun place to go to. They have a store that serves everything from cider and whoopie pies to homemade donuts. They have horse drawn rides through the Orchard and a huge field where you can pick out a pumpkin. I made Apple Pie and homemade Apple Sauce at the Inn this week.
Another sure sign of Fall is the changing of the foliage. Along the Coast we haven't had much color yet but that is about to change. The Pro's say this is going to be a stellar year for the foliage. The Bureau of Tourism has a website where you can view when each area of the State should be at peak foliage www.mainetourism.com
I have been to two new Restaurants in Brunswick for lunch lately and they were both very good. One is called LemonGrass which is at the top of Maine Street near the College and the other one is called Tao and is DownTown near the Post Office.
The Inn is still very busy but come visit us in October, we still have some consecutive night openings.

All the Best....Alicia

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Feast for the eyes

Now, this is why they call this flower a "Dinner plate Dahlia"!  This is probably the largest we have ever had.....we do have other colors....red, white, orange, pink, purple.....but, not quite this large.
We have to wait until September for them to bloom, but they are worth it. Maybe next year I will start the bulbs inside to give them a head start.

We have been completely packed the whole month of September so far....we do have one room open tomorrow and another on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. I just took a 5 day reservation this morning for 2013. That brings us to 25% full for next year already! Yahoo!!  I just love this place, the crew, the guests.....all of it! Thank You to all who make the Log Cabin such a special place.

Many of you know that this is Aimee (my lovely daughter in law), and Alicia (my very dear friend). They were working a particularly stressful shift last week, and decided they needed a little "drink". Now, I will not tell you what is in their cups, nor will I tell you which shift this was.....you can guess. I was at my other job (at my husbands office) and Alicia texted me that they had a "situation".  Everything worked out ok however.  Aimee and Alicia are 2 of the reasons I love this place!

Hope all of you are happy and healthy. Til next time, Sue

Saturday, September 8, 2012


This past week has been amazing, so much going on. As many of you know my husband is the Captain on a Private Motor Yacht and this past week they spent time cruising around in Mid Coast Maine. If you were one of the many lucky people staying at the Log Cabin you could see the boat cruising the Sound after their overnight trip to Cooks.
There was also a Birthday Party for Jon's Boss this week and we both attended. The exciting part was that President George H.W. Bush was there along with Barbara and I got a great picture. Politics aside, it is exciting meeting any President.
Then the other great day this week is when  the kids went back to School. Danny in 4th, Josh in 1st and Terrence in Kindergarten ( finally).. Not that it matters much because we are all  here working when they are at school anyway.

The weather has been quite humid and the Inn is still going in full swing. We are booked  for the next 17 days. The Harpswell Room isn't available until October 7th and then for only a few nights. People are still swimming in the pool. I am looking forward to apple picking season so we can start the Apple Pie and Homemade Apple Sauce.  The Dahlia's are just amazing, the colors glorious and the size. Who can grow them as Big as Sue?

Have a great week, Alicia.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Love September!

I just Love September! I love the temperatures, the clear air, everything about it.....except it does mean winter is closer. We are very busy this September....already 90% full for the month. October has more openings if you are considering coming to visit us. I am back to cooking 5 mornings for the rest of the season. I had quite a break from the kitchen this summer....we had many competent people working for us. Now, our 2 college kids have left us. We have hired a couple part time people for the fall though. I do like working breakfast. Even when I was not on the schedule, I would come in each day.

Been doing some fall cleaning as well. I just took apart out steak pit and cleaned that all out. It is quite the "yucky" job.....one noone else has fought me for! Oddly enough, I enjoy the "yucky" jobs. Hmm......

Now I will go out and play in the gardens. Our dahlias are a bit late blooming this year...so I am urging them along with some extra fertilizer. They are my favorite flower....another reason to love September!

Tonight there are fireworks and music at Mitchell Field.....to celebrate September!!

Hope you are all well, Sue

Monday, August 27, 2012

Air Show Weekend

  The area is very lucky that after the Navy Base Closure the now Brunswick Landing  has taken over the Base and has continued to host the Air Show. Last year the Blue Angels flew and this year the Air Force  Thunderbirds are flying their F 16 Falcons.The Thunderbirds and their support teams started showing up on Wednesday and started practicing so even out on the Island we could see their practice routines. The soloists will fly up to speeds of 700mph, they can cover 5 miles in 1 sec. it is really a spectacular thing to see them take off, land and perform their stunts. I am looking forward to the All Women Skydiving team. Yes, Skydiving is something I have done twice and not sure I could get the courage up again.
  Both Shelby and Lindsey are gone  to College and we welcome  Donna, and Rachel who will help us out through the Fall. Speaking of the Fall if you were thinking of coming to stay with us we do not have a Fri and Sat night available until October 12th and then again on the weekend we close which is October 26th and 27th.

I took a little "staycation" lunch this week. My Mom,Terrence and I headed down Rt 127 ( just over the Bath Bridge) toward Georgetown, the end destination was Five Islands Lobster Wharf. This is a great, as it should be place to have lunch or dinner. You order at the counter, they have every type of fish and non seafood items. Then they have another section where you can order lobster and steamers, cooked or live to go. You can also pack a cooler with drinks and eat your yummy lunch on the picnic tables at the dock. You can watch the lobster boats bring in their catch and while we were there we saw a 150ft Yacht heading up the River.  On the way back, the foodie in me just had to stop at Five Islands Farm on Rt 127. This is a tiny little building with the most spectacular selections of wine,beer, cheese, olive oils, breads, pastas, sauces, local produce, salami, pate, local eggs and most surprising Glidden Point Oysters. Every nook I looked at had a different awesome item, even cookbooks. I will have to save more time for this hidden gem on the next trip. www. fiveislandsfarm.com

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Parker family

As you know, we have many "regular" guests.....many of whom have come to the Inn for several years. The picture on the bottom is of the Parker family.  This is their 13th year coming....Bill and Joan are the grandparents, their 3 daughters and one son and families come with them for 3 days every August. There are many grandchildren (3 of them were not even born when they first came)....and some of the older are not here with them now as they are off to college!! They are a wonderful, loving family, and a joy to see each and every year. It is fun to watch the kids grow up.

We have many, many other regulars as well.....Ann and Frieda just left today (their picture is below with Alicia)....they have been coming for 15 years. The Gortzigs just left this week after a wonderful 4 week stay!  The Newcombs come tomorrow (for the 2nd time this year).....they have been coming for 16 years!!!

Matt took some amazing pictures of the lightening storm last night.....but I cannot find them on our computer. So, check out our Facebook page to see those!

I am going to the Brunswick Outdoor art festival today. The weather is "iffy", but they all have tents. I just started taking some art classes, so I will go see what the local artists have to offer!

Hope you are all well! Sue

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fairy Houses

  The tradition of building Fairy Houses has its roots on several islands off the Maine Coast. For decades families have been inspired to create these little habitats made from pieces of nature for the "fairies" to visit.
Using Nature's beauty,colors,shapes,textures and sounds you are inspired to create little habitats using surrounding materials. Twigs,stones,leaves,pine needles, sea shells, etc.  It is important to use only natural materials while not harming anything that is still growing.
I am fortunate to live in a perfect place for Fariy Houses and my family has built many over  the years. Living in Harpswell we are also fortunate to have 2 walking trails behind the Town Hall that have dedicated areas for building Fairy Houses. Then if you are ambitious enough it is well worth the trip to the Boothbay Botanical Garden to view their Houses plus build one of your own. Age doesn't matter. On your next visit to the Inn stop and build a Fairy House and celebrate the child within you.  There are some amazing books written by Tracy Kane about the Houses and Fairy Boats, check it out www. fairyhouses.com

The 157ft   Pride of Baltimore will be at the Maine Maritme Museum in Bath this weekend.  It is a reproduction of the privateer that sank British Ships during the War of 1812, it is a sight to behold. It is one of the Star Attraction for the Museum's 50th Anniversary.. It is a relativly small ship for its time but fast.  The Ship will be open for boarding this weekend. The crew will also conduct 2hr river sails for a limited number of people.

If Sailing isn't in your plans you could check out the Orrs and Bailey Island Fire Dept Yard Sale and famous Auction on
Saturday and Sunday. Just opening at The Maine State Music Theatre at Bowdoin College is 42nd Street
 There is always the choice to just lay at the pool with a slight breeze and watch the lobster men  haul their traps or
sailboats, kayaks and Yachts cruise by.

I am off for a few days to Rangeley Lake in Western Maine~~~~Alicia

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bailey Island Beauty

There is so much natural beauty that surrounds us here on Bailey Island. This one picture is of Giant Stairs.....which is difficult to see the actual depth of the water from this picture,  but the ledges form what looks like big giant stairs! The town of Harpswell has a Land Trust which maintains the path to the stairs....a very easy, scenic walk. The trust also owns and maintains many other beautiful areas such as Mackeral Cove field, Mitchell field, Skolfield shores preserve, and many more. There are good walking trails, public boat access, biking areas....and they have recently published a lovely booklet describing them all and directions to them. If you are into hiking and exploring, it is the perfect guide.

Of course, you do not need to walk to enjoy the beauty. Here at the Inn, we can see Mt. Washington in New Hampshire (90 miles away). Frequently, it is outlined at sunset as it is obviously west from here! On a clear day it can be seen during the day as well. We are also surrounded by beauty everywhere.....Casco Bay, fishing boats, all can be seen from each and every room deck. And, of course, there are our gardens....my pride and joy.

Guests ask if we get used to the view and we do not. We are so fortunate to live and work here on the island. It is an extremely pretty, friendly and safe place to be. If you have not visited, come see us!

Off to tend to the gardens! Sue

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Orrs Island Library

What a busy week. As you can see I have followed up on Sue's  blog from last week with a few pictures from the Tuna Tournament. It was a real exciting week. There were more Tuna Fish brought in this week than there has been in years.  Twenty or so  years ago getting an 800lb Tuna was the norm for this week. It brought back many memories for me as my parents owned the dock at Mackerel in the 1980's and that is where the Tournament was held. As a matter of fact the man who won the Tournament this year won 30 years ago when he was 30.
It was also a great week for the kids and the mackerel fishing. The Tournament gives every kid, even if they do not catch something a fishing rod. Terrence, Danny and Josh all enjoyed their new rods and hats. Josh even won a real nice fishing reel for having the smallest fish on Monday, which is a nice lesson learned.
Today I spent the day in the rain at the Harpswell Festival and Lobster Boat Races. The Races have been a tradition for over 30 years. There is actually a circuit that Races all over Maine. I was making Veggie Wraps and Kids Lunch's for the Nursery School. The Fireworks are scheduled for this evening and now it looks like it is clearing.  We really needed the rain, just wish it wasn't today.

We have picked lettuce, zucchini, basil, parsley, sage, peppers from our garden at the Inn. The tomatoes should be coming soon. August looks like a very busy month at the Inn. The only room that is available for 2 nights in a row until Labor Day  Weekend is the Harpswell Room.
Another Big Island Tradition this week is the Orrs Island Library Book Sale. It will open on Wed and the place will be mobbed. Whatever books they have left after Wed will be left out and you can give a donation to the Library. The Library has just been through Major Renovation and is so pleasant to just go in, use the computer, browse or work on one of the many puzzles they have going.  Please stop by when you visit and check into this hidden gem.

Have a Wonderful Week~~~~Alicia

Update on the Tuna

800lb Tuna, Tournament Winner

Terrence and his new rod

Josh and his small fish prize

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tuna Tournament Week

The 74th annual Bailey Island Tuna tournament starts this week. It is a fun week for the island. Many boats enter, and there is a kids tournament as well. The kids that enter all win a prize....be it a fishing pole, trophy, or the grand prize is an outboard motor. Hopefully, some tuna will be caught. Years ago, several would be caught each day. The past few years, there have only been a few. I will post some pictures on our Facebook page if they bring some in. 

The picture above is of Hillary and Jeff. They have stayed with us for many years, and both recently retired (Jeff last year, Hillary this year). Early in their stay this year the rented bikes from the bike shop in Brunswick, and went on the bike trail in town. They had so much fun, they went back to the bike store and purchased the two bikes in the picture! They went on several rides while they were here, and plan to continue when they go home. Hillary and Jeff are absolutely wonderful people, and we love having them back each year!

We have many regular guests staying with us right now....our Log Cabin "family" keeps growing and growing. We are so fortunate to have such great guests. They make me smile each and every day.

The weather continues to be fabulous....sunny and crystal clear today. Good day for a cookout! So, I think that is what I will do when I leave here today! Hope all of you are enjoying your summer as well. 

Til next time, Sue

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tall ship carries past into Bath | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Tall ship carries past into Bath | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Celebrate Harpswell

  I like to Celebrate Harpswell every day. This past weekend it was actually official. Over 33 places that are affiliated with the Harpswell Craft Guild opened their doors to celebration. How amazing to have over 33 different places to visit all in the same town. From eating ice cream to spinning a clay pot to kayaking, basket weaving,making a wreath,discover fine jewelry,paint and meet many local artists. This is the second year and with this weather I am sure it will be a success.
I sent Jon and Terrence off to see the 177ft  three-mast wooden sailing ship Gazela Primeiro at the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. It is a Barkentine Ship and was built in 1890. It is in Bath for the weekend and then making its way to Halifax, NS.
It was like old home week here at the Inn. A big group of return guests were here last week and this coming
week some making new friendships and some rekindling old ones. I bet we have over 200 room nights booked for July 2013 already. It couldn't have been a nicer week in Maine either, what a treat. Along with my usually weekly trip to Stovers Cove, Aimee the boys and I went to my second favorite beach, Hermit Island at Small Point, just past Popham Beach.
Thank You to all the amazing guests that share a piece of themselves and their family with us.


Terrence on the Gazela Primeiro

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Mother Nature provides us with gorgeous sunsets here at the Inn. The colors are quite spectacular, and it is normally very quiet and calming. This past week has not been so quiet as the 4th of July fell on a Wednesday, and there have been fireworks almost every night. As we sit on the top of the island, we can see many miles, and thus, many of the towns fireworks. We have seen them from Chebeague Island, Yarmouth, Portland,  South Harpswell, on of course Bailey Islands own fireworks. Tonight LL Bean is having a 100th year anniversary party and is setting off a huge display. Provided it does not rain, we should see those as well! 

The State of Maine legalized the sale of fireworks this year for the first time, so many folks have purchased them and are setting them off as well. There are varying rules from town to town as to where, type and what time you are "suppose" to set them off. But, I can vouch for the fact that the rules are being broken!  So, everywhere you look after dark, there is a show.

The weather has also cooperated for the festivities. It has been hot and sunny for most of the week. It did rain on the 4th itself, so Portlands show was put off til the 5th. There is a bit of rain today, but it is suppose to clear.

So, all in all, it has been a nice 4th of July week......full house, great guests, good fireworks, nice weather......and of course, our gardens are full of color as well! We have much to be thankful for!

Hope you are all well! Sue

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Special Holiday Edition

Danny Celebrating his 9th Birthday

Lobster Trap Float in the Kazoo Band Parade

Terrence captured in the Trap

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lobsters,lobsters, lobsters. I just Love Lobsters. I could eat them any way. Steamed, Stew, Rolls, Eggs Benedict, Casserole you name it. So it is a good thing I am living in the right place. This year the Lobster catch has been outstanding so the price is low at a record date. The softshell catch is almost a month early this year. The price I have been seeing around the Fish markets are $3.99lb for Softshell. That is the same price as a Gallon of milk. I could drink water and eat lobster any day. I think our mild Winter could contribute to the early lobster catch as the Ocean water temp is a little warmer earlier. I am just happy about it and everyone should eat Maine Lobster, even if you have to ship it !!!

The other item early this year is the Strawberry Picking. Matt and Aimee went picking this week and we have some mighty fine strawberries at the Inn along with my biscuits. I went picking also but I ate what we picked. Which brings me to my next topic. The yearly Bailey Island Ice Cream Social held at Library Hall on the 4th of July. The brownie's with strawberry's and assorted toppings are an Island Tradition. Not only all that but where else could you watch the Volunteer Kazoo Band marching down Rt 24 to the Hall.

Here it is July 1st and the start of all our Regular Customers. All the same people back for all the same rooms they love for all the same days. They all know each other, like one Big Happy Family. We also had a wonderful June...pretty sure the best to date. We already have our largest room the Harpswell booked for all but 4 days in September 2013!!

Just want to give a little thought to all our friends in Colorado Springs dealing with the Fires and in the Washington DC and Maryland area dealing with the recent storms. This has hit close as I have sister in laws in both areas. Everyone have a safe and healthy 4th of July week.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Emilys Wedding

This has been an eventful weekend here at the Inn. Our own Emily, who worked with us for years, got married here on the island. We took this picture when she was off to the ceremony. Doesn't she look gorgeous? Of course, Em is one of those people who would look gorgeous in any outfit! And, the best part is, she is equally beautiful on the inside. We wish Em and Tyler the very best! (You are one lucky Dude, Tyler).

And, no, Emily did not have a Beach Boy theme at the wedding.......but, Friday night, Neal and I went to Bangor to the Waterfront Park to see the Beach Boys perform on their 50 year reunion tour! It was fabulous!!!!! I really expected them to sound "old", but they did not. There was a sell out crowd, the rain held off, and those guys had the entire crowd on their feet over and over. Lots of singing, dancing, yelling. Their songs brought many of us back several years. And, yes, most of the crowd was "older". It was really a blast!  People have asked me "Neal had a good time?"  And, yes, even Neal had a good time!

Well, this is the last week of June. And, as we thought, we have rented more rooms this June than any other June in the previous 16 years. We are a lucky crew to have such super guests, and we Thank You all! Enjoy the sun! Sue