Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Well, we are in the midst of the busy Holiday Season. I hope everyone is having a nice holiday. We have had a busy week in our family. My grandson, Josh, turned 7 on the 21st.....all of my family came over for a dinner last night. Kids are the best part of holidays. They are so full of enthusiasm....it is hard not to enjoy when you watch them and their little faces.

The above picture is of 4 antique teacups that were given to all of us at the Log Cabin from Wyn, a neighbor who lost his wife a couple years ago.  I am not positive where the cups came from, but years ago Wyn and Barb gave us many teacups for the Inn that were from Barbs family. I can only assume that these are as well.  I will ask Wyn next time I see him. Barb felt that our guests at the Inn would enjoy the various cups. These cups shown above are particularly festive! We will treasure them and take good care of them.

Bailey Island is certainly a small community. And folks like Wyn make it a happy one to live in. It is being with friends, neighbors and family that is the true meaning of the Holiday season.

We have a little dusting of snow today, making the island all the more magical. Here is to you and yours....hoping your season is magical as well. Sue