Sunday, August 28, 2016

Maine News

Our regular guests are used to our Dinner policy and seem to work around our seating times and having to order Dinner by 3:00. There is actually a reason we do this. One is staffing but the other is food prep and waste. Take today for example, the lobster that you order at 3:00 is actually picked up from the lobster man that caught it at 4:00 and brought by one of us to the Inn.  You can't get much fresher than that. The salad and vegetables that you eat are most likely picked from our own garden on property or the farm share that we belong to. We grow our own herbs and flowers and take pride in being a Certified Green Business.

Maine has made National News on two accounts this week. One Good and one Bad. I will start with the good. President Obama named another National Park to our Beautiful State. The Katahdin Woods  and Waters National Monument. Katahdin is in the Northern Maine Woods near the Town of Millinocket and adjacent to Baxter State Park. The 87,500 acres was donated by Roxanne Quimby (Burt's Bees fame). The tough part now is going to be implementing a ground  plan for property that is twice the size of our other National park, Acadia. This property has plenty of rivers, mountains and moose but little roads or infrastructure. It is a long way up there but Beautiful once you arrive.

I am not one to get into a Political debate by any means. But the bad news from our State came from our out of control Governor LePage. I know some of you have been following his antics but for those of you newcomers. He is just a Big Playground Bully that lashes out verbally every time he doesn't get his way. This time he was caught by every Media Outlet for his obscenity  and threating filled  remarks made to a fellow lawmaker on their voice mail. We have two more years with this Hot Headed erratic and reckless Governor. Many hope he will resign but that will not happen because he wants to torture us. So don't let what you see on the National News, Today Show,  CNN etc. about this Bully s

top you from coming to see our Beautiful State. He is just one part of it and we hope to keep him Augusta.

We had an Amazing August. The Inn was more than Full. The weather was warmer than usual, sadly not much rain. As School started I am anxiously awaiting the cool Fall Days and the easy to sleep at night Air. We stay pretty busy until we close at the end of October but still have some dates available. You need to come check out some of our Dahlia's. The one below I call ''Bad Hair Day"

Trivia; Did you know Acadia National Park is the second most visited National Park?

Blessings, Alicia

Sunday, August 14, 2016

LL Bean

You may have think I disappeared but that is not the case. I was on a weeks Vacation in Rangeley , Maine with my family. Rangeley is in the Western Mountain Part of the State. It is about a 2 1/2 hr drive from the Inn. There is so many things to do. It boasts one of the largest Lakes in Maine as well as many Mountains to hike. The Appalachian Trail runs through Rangeley. One of our hikes is to Piazza Rock which is on the Trail. If you want to visit another part of Maine I highly recommend Rangeley. Their High Season is actually Winter as they are home to Saddleback Mountain and many snow mobile trails.

I must talk about the Weather. What is going on??? This is Maine, we don't have humidity. Go away humidity. I can not remember a Summer that was this Hot and Humid for so long. The AC Units are running more this Summer than ever before. We had an intense Thunder,wind storm yesterday. It blew down several Large trees on the Islands. It even blew the window off the hinges at Sue's house. It felt like we were in Oz.

It's not like me to talk about Shopping. But  I have to tell you about my trip to LL Bean in Freeport. I had to return a headlamp that was broken and get a new one. LL Bean has the most lenient return policy of any store I have ever been to. The lady in front of me had a bunch of stuff to return. One of the items, ( I am not sure what it was)she returned  the clerk told her was bought 13 years ago! They would give her the credit of the price that it sold at then. Good Lord, really... 13 years is a long time to use something and return it. I got my headlamp credit, which was less than a year old, got a new one and went to checkout. I got joking with the clerk about how Hot it was out and that I was going to get an Ice Coffee. He said I wish I had an Ice Coffee on my break. I left the store and got to thinking. What a great store with great employees. I went back in to the CafĂ© bought an Ice Coffee and took it to him. It was a small gesture but what that store represents is Maine and the way Life Should be.

The Inn has been crazy busy. There are not to many days in August with vacancies. Terrence starts School in less than two weeks and before you know it the leaves will be turning colors. It will be interesting to see what happens with the colors this year as we have had such a drought. Our Fall rates will start September 6 . There is still time to book for my favorite time of year in Maine.  Yes, Sue is still alive and mostly well. She recently had rotator cuff surgery. It was successful and is on the mend. It also means she is taking a break from plant shopping..

Blessing, Alicia