Friday, February 15, 2013

Big changes!

This week we installed some new windows and carpets. The top picture is the York room....and although you cannot see the little sitting room, for those of you who have stayed in the York room, the sitting area had a royal blue rug. That room also has a very heavy antique safe in it. For 33 years now, we have left that blue rug as we could not figure out how to move the safe to change the carpet! And, I must admit, I was attached to that rug. I realize that sounds odd.....but that was the original rug we put in in 1979 when we first purchased the Log Cabin. It was my son Adams bedroom (he was 7 years old at the time). Over the years it has been an office, a storage area, and finally a sitting room for the York room.  But, alas, we did move the safe and the blue rug is gone!

The bottom picture is the Sunset room. Look close.....there are no windows!! Again, we took the original windows out and put in brand new ones! I was not attached to the windows, so that is a good thing. Actually, my son Adam (remember it was his blue rug), installed the new windows. He is now 40!

Matt is busy with fixing, painting and repairing. Aimee has started to organize things so we can put the rooms back together again. 48 days until we open! The snow is quickly melting.....I actually saw some plants starting to pop up in the front of the Inn.

I can't wait to open. Hope to see all of you this year! Sue

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shrimp season

It is a beautiful calm, sunny day here on the island today. I know you can't tell from this pic (as I don't have a fancy camera), but there are 2 loons swimming by the buoy. And they are making a racket! They are enjoying the day as well. Although it is quite chilly today, my yard was also full of robins!

Now, yesterday was a different story. The wind was blowing a gale! And, since it was Monday, that was one of the two days the fisherman can fish for Maine shrimp. I still do not understand the theory behind this restriction!

So, between the drastic restriction on the total catch of shrimp this year (75% less than last year), and the weather, shrimp are hard to find. For many years Maine shrimp meat was $4.00/pound. Last year it went up to $5.50. This year they are selling it in local fish markets for $12.00/pound! I am not sure when the season will end, but probably quite soon. I usually complain when Neal cooks shrimp in our kitchen as they make a huge mess. This year,  I am cherishing every one.

So, the work continues on the Inn.....some new windows and carpet in the works. I will post pics of the progress.  We open in 59 days! Yahoo!!

All for now, Sue