Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shrimp season

It is a beautiful calm, sunny day here on the island today. I know you can't tell from this pic (as I don't have a fancy camera), but there are 2 loons swimming by the buoy. And they are making a racket! They are enjoying the day as well. Although it is quite chilly today, my yard was also full of robins!

Now, yesterday was a different story. The wind was blowing a gale! And, since it was Monday, that was one of the two days the fisherman can fish for Maine shrimp. I still do not understand the theory behind this restriction!

So, between the drastic restriction on the total catch of shrimp this year (75% less than last year), and the weather, shrimp are hard to find. For many years Maine shrimp meat was $4.00/pound. Last year it went up to $5.50. This year they are selling it in local fish markets for $12.00/pound! I am not sure when the season will end, but probably quite soon. I usually complain when Neal cooks shrimp in our kitchen as they make a huge mess. This year,  I am cherishing every one.

So, the work continues on the Inn.....some new windows and carpet in the works. I will post pics of the progress.  We open in 59 days! Yahoo!!

All for now, Sue