Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter solstice

I took the sunset picture on the shortest day of the year. The sun is setting behind Mark Island this time of year.....and most of you know, on the longest day of the year, it sets behind Mt. Washington. I am very happy that the days are getting longer...not a fan of cold and dark at the same time! The picture of the sea smoke was taken on Christmas morning. Our mild temperatures we have had this fall, dipped quickly on Christmas--thus the sea smoke. It is quite spectacular to see! We did get a dusting of snow here on Bailey Island, but it is disappearing now. They are predicting heavy rain and wind later today.

Such a busy time of year with the Holidays. My grandson Josh turned 6 on December 21st too.....so more parties and presents. Those 6 years sure flew by. It is amazing how fast time goes. I never seem to get all the projects done that I think I can do in the off season.

Reservations continue to come in thankfully. We open in 99 days!

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays! Sue

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas week

Well, we got a tiny bit of snow yesterday....so I ran out and got some pictures of the snow on the plants before it melts. Little did I know that the temperatures would be 18 degrees today......so I really did not have to hurry! Anyhow, it was good timing because we were putting up our tree and getting ready to go to Cooks for dinner for their fundraiser for the Harpswell Heating assistance program.

The fundraiser was a huge success....I believe they raised $5000.....a silent auction with tons of great local donations, and dinner, and of course Santa made an early debut! Cooks Restaurant and Lobster has been a fixture on the island for many years now, and it is so great of them to do this fundraiser. The place was packed with folks, lots of carolling, lots of fun. Matt, Aimee, Alicia and kids joined Neal and I.....it was a very nice evening. Thank You to all of the folks at Cooks!

Hope all of you are in the Holiday spirit and have a wonderful, safe and healthy holiday! Sue

Sunday, December 11, 2011

December on the island

Well, I just got back from Key West, and the weather here is still mild! Grass is green, some of the flowers are still blooming (the forsythia in my yard think it is spring and flowering), no frost yet. I am sure it is coming, but the slower the better as far as I am concerned. The only thing is, it does not look like Christmas. We do have lights on this little blue spruce. We get out blue spruce from a nice tree farm in Freeman township. You can cut your own tree there too. But, that is about 2 hours from here.

This weekend the local Harpswell Craft Guild has hosted Holidays in Harpswell. I sure hope they do well. There are several talented craft people in town. Next weekend Cooks Restaurant has a Holiday dinner and silent auction from 4-7 to benefit the Harpswell Heating fuel assistance program. There have been a ton of really good items donated (including, of course, a night at the Log Cabin). It is a good cause, and many people attend.

So, perhaps if I drag out a few Christmas decorations I will get in the holiday mood. I do hope all of you have a very Happy holiday season. Stay healthy and safe!

All for now, Sue

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I don't think I have ever seen the tide this low at the bridge. This picture was taken the day before we had the big snow storm. Well, it was not really big here on Bailey Island as is often the way. But, if you drove to Brunswick it was big.....lots of accidents, and of course, we lost power (that goes without saying on Bailey Island).

That is one thing to be thankful for on the island. The weather is often much better (warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer) than it is inland. There are endless reasons to be thankful here on Bailey Island.....the beauty, the community, the safety, the small town feel.....I could go on and on.

But, being Thanksgiving week, I am thankful for my family, friends, and of course the Log Cabin. We are starting our 32nd year this year at the Cabin....15 as a restaurant, and 17 as an Inn. I think I love my job as an Innkeeper more and more each year. Our "guests" are becoming an extended family. We really are SOOOO fortunate to have such a great clientele! The Inn is a very special place, and obviously attracts very special people.

So, Thank you to my family, friends and all of our guests. I hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one. Sue

Monday, November 14, 2011

Never ending yard work

Matt and Daisy are starting the job of clearing our hill. We do this almost every year, and by the fall, it looks like we never did it! As most of you know, plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, all love the Log Cabin yard. We have a ton of sun, and the temperature is 10 degrees warmer in the winter and 10 degrees cooler in the summer, than it is in Brunswick. Many of the flowers are still blooming--in mid November! We have also chopped the rosa rigosa (of which we have many).

Although I am not participating in this clean up physically, I am doing my part by pre-ordering lots of dahlias for next season! For some reason, my post office box receives many flower catalogs!!

Thanksgiving next week.....we will cook a local Two Cove Farms turkey. It is one of my favorite holidays.....food and family. Can't beat that. Hope you all enjoy your holiday as well! Sue

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What a difference a week makes

Last week at this time we were in storm prep mode. This week it is warm and sunny. The dahlias are still blooming away at the Inn. Maybe I will be able to pick some for Thanksgiving! The Inn is all neat and tidy.....water will be drained this week, and all heat turned off. We have made our "list" of winter projects for Matt and Aimee to do. I do hope the winter is not too severe. The early October storm was a bit of a shock to many. We actually fared better here in Maine than other New England states.

We just went over to get our "share" of beef from the Two Coves Farm in Harpswell. There are many Christmas fairs going on today. I actually had time to read an entire book this week! I do miss the Inn however. Well, we will open back up in 155 days!

Hope you are all well, Sue

Monday, October 31, 2011

End of a great season

Here is a picture of the first 2 courses of the "last breakfast" of 2011.....believe me the kitchen does not look like that this morning......there is not a scrap to be found. We did our super duper,last day, pizza party/cleanup yesterday. After serving breakfast to a full house, we strip down EVERYTHING!! Dining room stripped, rooms stripped, kitchen empty......only remains is some more laundry on the laundry room floor to finish.

As you can see, the gardens survived the snowstorm......there was 5-6 inches of snow a few miles up the road, but as usual, Bailey Island saw very little. That was helpful, as our last day open is a ton of work!!!

I want to thank all of my guests for such a great 2011. We love you all more than you know. And I especially want to thank my "Super Crew"....Matt, Aimee, Alicia, Laura, Shelby and Sarah. You guys are the best. You all make coming to work (if you can call this work), a sincere pleasure!

Have a safe winter all, and see you in 2012! Sue

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunrise and sunset on Bailey Island

We are down to our last week open......and everyone keeps asking if I am happy about that. The answer is NO!!!!! As many of you know, I love this Inn, love my guests, love everything about the Log Cabin. And, I rush every morning to come up and open the door, check the emails, pick flowers, sometimes cook breakfast, and am surrounded by people who are happy. Who would not want a job like this one?

The days are getting very short however. The sunrise picture was at 7am today....and the sun had not even come up! The sunset picture was at 6:15 pm....it sets before our dinner hour is over. Speaking of dinners, I think we have served a record number of dinners in the past month. Actually, I also think we have had a record number of rooms rented this October as well! That is a good thing.

So, I will continue to blog over the winter and keep you up to date on the "happenings". If you have not reserved for 2012 yet, give us a call!

All for now, Sue

Monday, October 17, 2011


On a Beautiful Warm October day last week Terrence, my Mom and I drove North on Rt.1 to see the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. We stopped at Shaws Wharf in New Harbor and had the most wonderful lunch out on the dock. Not often that you can wear shorts in October in Maine and still be Hot. On the way back we stopped in Damriscotta at the PumpkinFest. This was one of the most amazing sights. There were over 50 Pumpkins lining Main St. all designed in different genres. As you can see in the one above, that is the Sandwich Shop Pumpkin. This will be a definite stop for next year.

I started to think, only 2 more weeks before we close for the season and already I am starting to miss our wonderful guests who are more like family than they are customers. I said Good Bye to Jean and Carl this week, whom I am not sure they would like it but are like really cool grandparents. Doreen and Joe are leaving today and I would have to say Doreen gets the award for the most visits per year. Curt and Kathleen are back in NY not to be seen from again til April. The Taylor's are here today celebrating yet another Anniversary with us. The point is I could go on and on every day about the guests we have that day and what they mean to us/ me. It is comforting that they are truly interested in where my husband is traveling and how Terrence is doing at school and what strange thing he is eating this week. In the next two weeks I will be savoring every conversation until next year.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday week

What a great week we have had. We celebrated my birthday, as you can see. Alicia made me a yummy Boston cream pie (from scratch of course). And, we had the cutest honey moon couple stay with us.....their car broke down, so they were "stuck" here with us. Fortunately for us, Emma is a singer and sang for us and played the piano. They are a great couple, and we wish them a very happy life!

We also have been 100% full (finally rooms open up this week a bit), and we had record breaking heat this past weekend! It was 85 degrees in Portland, and sunshine and unlimited visibility. It could not have been prettier here on the island.

I cannot believe we close up in 19 days.....time sure zipped by this season.....maybe because we were so busy! We are already over 25% booked for 2012.....looks like another busy one. This place is soooooooooo grrrreat!!!

Hope all is well, Sue

Saturday, October 1, 2011


You should be able to tell that it is Apple Season here in Maine. Apple Pie for Dessert last night and homemade warm Applesauce at Breakfast this morning. Sue was also making an Apple Crisp for her home today. Sue's baking doesn't happen often but since there wasn't a crust involved Neal should be safe. Speaking of Sue, Aimee and I are reminded daily ( by Sue) that it is her Birthday this week, the 5th. Last year we planned a Big Bash so she said we didn't have to go Big this year but she would like a luncheon and homemade pie, hint hint.

Big things are happening across town at Mitchell Field. Plans are being formed for the Harpswell Oceanic Center. This will be a sustainable fish hatchery focusing on education and research. This facility will be searching for a way to build an aquaculture facility that replaces mechanical water filters with organic filters like worms,algae and shellfish. Mitchell Field is a great location with easy public access, the pier and beach all right there.

September was a crazy busy month at the Inn. It seemed like we were busier than July. I know a lot more people were eating Dinner and I don't blame them. The Sun is setting at about 6:25 and it has been the most Beautiful Fall Sunsets ever. It is sad to think we are open only 28 more days this Season.

Take Care... Alicia

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is here

The first weekend of fall started out foggy and rainy. Then it ended up hot and sunny. Neal and I went north this weekend to the Sugarloaf area for the first time in 5 years(I know, we are boring). I first started to notice some color in the trees when we hit the Maine Turnpike in Augusta. Then the further north we went, the color intensified. Around the Belgrade Lakes area and up Route 27 towards Kingfield is quite beautiful right now. I would not say peak, but close.

The Inn has been full almost the whole month of September. We do have a couple rooms open during the week this week. Then the first 2 weeks of October are almost completely full too....an occasional opening. We really have had a super season. I cannot believe we are only open for another 5 weeks!! Where does the time go??

Well, I must go cook breakfast.....here come the guests! Hope all is well with all of you, Sue

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall is Here.

Well, technically Fall is not here until Friday but this morning it felt like it. I wore long pants today for the first time since May. Later in the day it heated right up and I wish I had shorts on. Some parts of the State had their first frost, which usually doesn't happen for 2 more weeks. Any leaf peepers out there headed this way can first check the Maine Conservation's Fall Foliage Website @ www.mainefoliage.com and follow the colors. Fall Foliage is also a Big Time for Cruise Ship Season in Maine. Portland just opened its new 1200ft Ocean Gateway Pier. It will enable 2 large Cruise Ships to berth in the harbor at the same time. This week docked at the Pier was the 960ft Celebrity Summit.Sixty Five Cruise Ships with a record of 92,000 passengers are scheduled into Portland this year. What a boost to the Old Port economy. The Casco Bay Ferry is also running weekend Foliage Cruises from Bailey Island at Cooks Lobster House.
September is also one of the busiest months at the Inn. I think this year it may be busier than July, go figure. We also have so many of our return guests at this time of year. It is so great to see them catching up with each other and sharing with them and us what has happened in the past year. Not only are they chatting at Breakfast they are making Dinner Reservations with each other at the Inn, like they are all Family. Special thanks to Tony and Linda for our new FBI Hats.
Terrence and I got our last dip in the pool on Tuesday before we closed it for the Season this week. It was a great Summer for the pool. Terrence is now jumping off the deep end and swimming to the side and I hold my breath every time until he gets out.
I am off to Fenway this week. Go Red Sox.


Saturday, September 10, 2011


We just received this plant and card from one of our guests who checked out today. I don't know if you can read it, but it says "Hospitality is an Art". Inside it says "Hospitality is the art of making others feel welcome, comfortable, and at home. It's the talent for spreading warmth and kindness that will always be remembered. Your hospitality was this and so much more."

All I can say is Thank You Kate. We try very hard to make everyone feel welcome and at home. The Log Cabin has been our "home" for 31 years now, and we love it here. It is a sincere pleasure to share it with all of our guests. All of our Log Cabin guests have become our extended family.....a family that is growing day by day. We, who have the pleasure to "work" here at the Log Cabin are so happy that you who "visit" the Log Cabin can enjoy the magic of the Inn and Bailey Island.

We have had the pleasure of an extremely busy year. We do have some openings for the last week of September and into October (we close the last weekend). So, if you have not visited us yet this year, we would love to see you!

Thank You to all of our Log Cabin "family", Sue and the Crew

Saturday, September 3, 2011


One of my most recent creations is of the Whoopie Pie Tower above. I made 70 pies for a friend's Birthday Party. Little did I think of when I said " Yes" that 70 pies is really 140 cakes because each pie takes 2. Then there were the mistakes and the Dozen or so I kept for home. Most people are saying " What in the world is a Whoopie Pie." Recently it was named the State of Maine Dessert. Can you believe it won over Blueberry Pie. The outside cake is typically chocolate and the filling a Marshmellow Fluff vs Frosting Combination. Many years ago when we were a Restaurant the Whoopie Pie was one for the Bakers Signature Desserts. So now when you visit Maine after your lobster take a Big bite of a Whoopie Pie for Dessert.

An Update on Sue's Hurricane Report is that they got that Big Boat off the beach on the next High Tide, towed it to Portland and there it sits at the Repair Facility. Speaking of Big Boats... The newest Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer built nearby at Bath Iron Works, The USS Spruance sailed down the Kennebec River to the Roar of a Cannon Salute and Patriotic music from the Bath Band. You could stand by the shore at the Maritime Museum and watch it sail by. She is bound for Key West, FL where it will be commissioned in October.
Brunswick Landing (the former Navy Base) has added a new Technology College to its ever growing list of Tenants. We all gathered at the Air Strip last week to watch the Air Show and the Blue Angels perform. What a great sight, the boys were quite impressed.

September brings on one of our busiest months of the year. I was looking and saw that the Wiseman Room isn't available on a weekend til next April. The Pool is still warm and the days are crystal clear. You can't beat the Sunset this time of year either.
Have a good week..Alicia

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mackeral Cove after Hurricane Irene

Well, I did not have to go far to see some storm damage. On my way to work this morning I saw this huge boat on the beach at the Cove. Apparently, it broke loose from its mooring at midnight at the height of the storm, and was pushed into the beach. In the bottom picture, you can see a lobster boat on the ledges that it wiped out on the way. The locals told me that it hit a few other boats as well. I have not been up the road any further than the Inn, so I don't know of other damage. On the morning news, it sounds like northern and eastern Maine were hit with road damage and flooding. We did not even loose power here! That is a first, as Bailey Island looses power frequently.

So, all is well here at the Inn! Sue

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Here is a picture of my Hurricane preparation.....saving some of our "tall" flowers. I also staked some dahlias. Yeah, I know.....my priorities are mixed up. In all seriousness, we will be tying down outside furniture, even though we should not feel the full brunt of the storm. And, of course we do have the very large generator that runs almost everything that we will run from 7am-10pm. I will add to this blog tomorrow or the next day to let all of you know how Bailey Island was affected.

Hope all of you stay safe! 'Til after the storm, Sue

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Bye my friend.

Some days are easier to get through than others. Last week we said Good Bye to a dear friend of ours. Our friend Tina died after a 6 month battle with Leukemia at the young age of 46. Her family had a Memorial for her at Mackerel Cove. They released these balloons with her ashes and a message to whomever found them to please release the ashes and if they would, call the family and let them know. The Memorial was held on Saturday and on Sunday afternoon the family got a call that the ballons had traveled North from here along the Coast to New Harbor, some 50 miles away. A nice set of grandparents happened along them in their boat with their grandchildren. They had a little service for Tina and let her ashes go near them on Haddock Island. They then called Tina's family to report their findings and sweet story. It is with great certainty that I am sure this is just where Tina would like to be. Maine is such a great place.

After all that emotion in one day many of us hit the Street Dance on Orrs Island. It was the full moon and a wonderful time. That is the picture of Aimee and I above at the Dance. It isn't often that Aimee and I can be at the same place at the same time and a bonus getting picture. The kids had a great time running around the beach and boogieing to the rockin music. Many years ago the Community used to have a Street Dance and now they have brought it back this year. If you are here next year at this time it is a must. Along with the food, beer, wine and dessert the proceedes will benefit a different non profit every year.

If you are already staying here this weekend the must be at event is the Brunswick Outdoor Arts Festival on Maine Street in Brunswick. I am sure if I were here Terrence would be dragging me to the Giant Dragon Tunnel Building or the Interactive Hoola Hooping. But we are heading off tomorrow for our yearly family trip to Mooshead Lake and we are all very excited, even with the chance of showers every day, but it is only a chance.....


Saturday, August 13, 2011

New shops

There are a couple new shops in town. The Wheelhouse Cafe opened at the Great Island Boatyard. They have lattes and coffee, sandwiches and baked goods. And, they are owned and run by "locals". It is very cute--worth stopping in. Also, very nearby the new Cafe is a Gallery and craft shop called Ms Etta and Company, also owned and run by "locals". It is great seeing new places open up nearby. All the more reason to take a ride down Route 24.

Some of our room guests are involved in the Walpole Creamery in NH, and brought us samples of different ice creams. Thanks to the Kasper family!

The picture is from Matts new camera of the Lobster Boat Races held every year....lots of fun!

And it is that time of year again....can I impose upon all of you to please vote for us (we were the winners of the 2010 Best Bed and Breakfast). Go to www.bestofsurveys.com and click on Vote....scroll down to Midcoast Maine, and fill in Log Cabin under the bed and breakfast category. Thanks!

Summer sure is flying by. Hope you are all enjoying the sun! Sue

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Steamy Days of August

August is proving to be a busy month. The weather has been fabulous, maybe a little to good. The endless days of sun and warmth are doing a job on the lawn, it was becoming brown and crunchy. We did get a couple Thunderstorms this week along with some drizzly rain today that has given the ground cover some much needed rain.
The Beaches in Maine have been filled to capacity, some even having parking problems. Our Cedar Beach saga seems to be at a standstill, negotiations have broken off with the easement purchase but I have faith that it is not over yet.

I am very excited with all the news about Town. The Great State of Maine AirShow will be held at the New Brunswick Landing on the weekend of Aug26th. The Blue Angles will be flying all weekend. We should be able to see the Fireworks Show Friday night from the Inn. In 2008 the Show drew an estimated 150,000 visitors to the area. Two new business' have hung their hat at Brunswick Landing. A Tent and Awning Company that has already filled the building they are in and are under negotiations for an additional building. Southern Maine Community College has signed leases on 5 buildings and will start holding classes this Fall.
We have a new Primary Care and Walk In Clinic that will open this week at the Brunswick Train Station. This is a great bonus to the area as many people can walk to the clinic and it will be on the Downeaster Train line which will have a stop in Brunswick starting in 2012.
Bath Iron Works the local ShipYard which builds Ships for the Navy was just awarded $110 million dollars in funding for work on the 2nd and 3rd ships in the DDG-1000 program. The Iron Works is one of the largest Employers in Maine, this is a great boost for the entire State.

Closer to home Orrs Island will host the very popular Yard Sale and Auction at the Fire Barn this weekend. Also on Orrs Island is the " Moon over Lowell's Cove StreetDance" on SAt the 13th. This is a great fundraiser for the Orrs Island Cemetery. If you around this weekend it is an event you wont want to miss. Lots of Home cooked food, beer, and wine as well as Music til 11pm. It is a family event and all are welcome.

The above photos are some that Matt took while out on the boat. Half Way Rock and a couple seals sneaking a peak.

Did I mention the new Ice Cream flavor...Mint Oreo Cookie.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Neal and I finally got our boat in the water and ventured out last weekend. We found a little cove to moor in to have our lunch, and I called Matt to see when low tide was. I just happened to look up when I dialed, and was staring at a pair of eagles sitting on a branch. Of course, we had not brought a camera. So, we went back the next day and the branch was empty. Then one landed, and Neal got this shot of it. As I was watching I said "I wonder where the other one is?". Then the second one flew over the trees and circled our boat within feet. Of course, Neal had his head stuck in a cubby hole cleaning....and missed the picture. We will venture out again this weekend. They must have a nest nearby, but we could not see it.

The bottom picture is of one of our room guests (who obviously reads the blog) handiwork. Trust me, it is a joke....we did not bury the Comcast guy. Actually, we need him to come back, so perhaps we should remove the "joke".

We got some much needed rain last night. Maybe the grass will return to green soon. The weather has been fantastic.

Hope all is well with all of you, Sue

Friday, July 22, 2011


We are trying to get to the bottom of the Cannoli Mystery. A box of Cannoli's were delivered this week overnight from an Italian Pastry Shop in Philadelphia. Anxious to dive into them I read the card and it said " From Bob and Betsy". We do have some very regular guests named Bob and Betsy so we emailed them and they said " No" we didn't send them. Sue then called the Company and they said " Oh no they are from a man named Michael." Now we don't know who Michael is. The cannoli's were wonderful as we shared them with room guests. So Thank You to Michael or whomever sent them. Aimee ( above) is enjoying them as her Breakfast.

Update on the Cedar Beach Saga. The "Friends of Cedar Beach' have stopped negotiations with the property owners. They say all is not forgotten as they will continue to pursue other avenues to purchase the easement.

One day last week I was cooking Breakfast and noticed that we were low on milk. I sent Sue to the local General Store and the next thing I know she came back with this Sea Glass lamp but no milk. She said the lady that owns the store was selling them and she just couldn't resist. Yes it is nice but Where is my milk?

I has been uncomfortably Hot here this week. This great State of Maine is not ready for 90-100 deg temps for days in a row. This is one of the few times I have even been swimming in the Ocean. We are hoping the temps will break tonight and the Weather Man says will bring some below normal temps next week. I for one hope for clouds today as I am on my way to set up the booth for the Nursery School at the Harpswell Festival. This is a Wonderful Festival for children and adults. Tonight they will have a 1970's Disco Band called Motor Booty and they are just fabulous. The music will then be followed by Fireworks. Tomorrow at Mitchell Field as well will be the Lobster Boat Races which you can view from land or sea. A great weekend to be in Harpswell, but aren't they all.

Enjoy... Alicia

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Here are a couple shots of Cedar Beach. I was hoping to have more information on the path to the beach to share, but I have not heard any new news. I do know that the Town of Harpswell, Harpswell Land Trust and the Friends of Cedar Beach are trying to come up with a dollar figure that will buy public access to the beach. The owners originally asked for $950,000, but there are negotiations underway. I certainly hope this all works out for all involved, as it would be a shame for people not to have access to such a beautiful little beach. I am sympathetic to the owners wishes, and so very thankful for all of the years that they have allowed access at no cost.

On a very different note, we have had an extremely frustrating time with Comcast Cable Company. Comcast is changing over its service to digital (I think). Anyhow, we were forced to sign a 5 year contract with them (I say forced as we tried all angles to not do this). Then a Comcast lady in New Hampshire called us and said we needed to set up a time for installation of "boxes". So, we did. And they never showed up. So, we rescheduled, and one guy showed up late with no equipment and said he did not know what he was doing.....so we sent him on his way. Now, we scheduled this around times that would be most convenient for our guests as we are full. So, now, Matt and I are getting really mad.....and trust me, Matt and I do not get mad often, and it is not a pretty picture. So, to make a long story short....after many phone calls(including one to the Attorney Generals consumer office), a sole guy showed up on the third day we scheduled (only one hour late). By this time, Matt and I were seething. Matt said he was going to dig a hole in the back yard and bury the guy if he did not do the job right. Luckily, a very jovial and competent guy named William showed up. Matt said he was too nice to bury, so we offered him filet mignon for dinner if he got the job done. 8 hours later, the job was complete and Matt cooked him his filet and he was on his way! We had informed our very lovely guests about the whole scenario and they took bets on whether William would survive or not. They were happy to see at breakfast the next morning there were no new mounds of dirt in the yard!

Now, Matt is trying to fix the dryer....his job is never ending.

Hope you all are enjoying summer, Sue

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coconut Cake

Hi, it is Alicia. I know it is not time for a new blog and it is actually Sue's turn but this is a "Special Addition". Our room guests Kim and Kathy brought me 2 whole coconuts as a Culinary Challenge. I figured what is so hard about cooking with 2 coconuts, 4hrs later..... I really wish I wasn't here alone that night because if someone had this on video it would have been the hottest thing on U Tube. Picture me with a Philip's screwdriver and hammer whacking away at the " eye" of the coconut. Then with the back side of a butchers knife trying to get it open. I kept eyeing the bag of shredded coconut I had under the bakers table the whole time I was doing this.

Thinking the hardest part was over I then realized I have to get the coconut out of the shell, peel the outer skin and then grate and shred it. At the same time I was contemplating all this another guest came into the Kitchen talking to me while drinking her Martini and I almost asked her if I could have some.

In the end the cake came out great. Kim and Kathy were very happy and so was I when they gave me a gift card to get books I can use on my Kindle. Next Coconut Cake is coming from the store.

But I am cooking a Blueberry Pie right now.

Bon Apettit

Friday, July 8, 2011

Our returning guests will be happy to hear that there is still public access to Cedar Beach. Cedar Beach is a nice sandy beach within walking distance of the Inn. The "Friends of Cedar Beach" are in negotiations with the property owner to buy an easement to retain public access to the Beach. Many local and " people from away" use this beach as it is the only sandy beach in the area. Stay tuned for the Fundraising events to buy the easement. If interested you can visit the groups Facebook page.

So much to do this weekend. It is Celebrate Summer in Harpwell. Thirty Three local art, crafts,food and music venues will hold an Open House. You can find a full list of activities at www. harpswellmaine.org. The Bowdoin College Music Festival along with their Professional Theatre Group is in full swing.
Every Wednesday in Downtown Brunswick they are having free outdoor concerts from
I see the Casco Bay Ferry going by the Inn every day and it looks like quite a few people are enjoying a nice 2hr ride.

We have had some fabulous weather lately. The pool has been busy. I actually made the first trip of the season, it is so nice and warm. The flowers are blooming like crazy. Sue is complaining about watering them and I tell her that is what you get for buying so many. My son Terrence is in the photo above working for his pool time.

Since it is my turn to write the blog I will give 10% off the room price to anyone who books the Harpswell Room any time during the last two weeks in August. It is a 3 night minimum. Now I am going in the kitchen to enjoy some fresh roasted corn salad on a bed of lettuce from the farm.

Enjoy the Summer---Alicia

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Eight years ago today, my grandson Danny was born. He is a very bright and funny child, and he is so loved by our whole family (including his little brother, Josh). For those of you who do not know, Dannys parents, Matt and Aimee, and I all work together here at the Inn.....so, Danny and Josh are here often and just live up the road. I am one lucky grandmother!!

I took this picture from the pool at 6am. This is a perfect pool day...hot and sunny. The pool is 84 degrees and you can enjoy the view of the 60 degree ocean. A few hardy souls do swim in the ocean....myself, I prefer the pool.

Fourth of July weekend, and there are many folks here on the island. We are full fortunately....gas prices have not stopped our clientele so far. We do have some rooms left in July, so come see us!

Have a safe and happy holiday! Sue

Friday, June 24, 2011

Molnlycke breaks ground

Rain, rain and more rain. It seems two years ago in June all it did was rain. I am glad the guests are visiting us despite the rain. No Vacancy this weekend. Sue likes the rain because it is less work for her with all those flowers to water. One of my favorite flowers has made an appearance this week, the Peonie. It always reminds me of my Grandmother and all her bushes when I was growing up.

I made a very yummy Lobster Newburg this evening for some long time guests celebrating their Anniversary. I even snuck in some kohlrabi I got at the Farm Share in their salad. They topped off Dinner with Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream, a true Maine Feast.

A Swedish firm called Molnlycke has broke ground at Brunswick Landing ( former Navy Base) this week. It is a Health Care firm that will manufacture Medical Supplies. They propose a 79,000 sq foot research and production facility with more than 100 new jobs.The pace of the base redevelopment has reached unprecedented levels in comparison to similar projects at other closing Military properties. It is great to hear planes flying again. One gentleman flew in from Ohio this week so he could go shopping at LL Bean and take back some lobster. This is all such a boost to the local economy which finds its way to Harpswell.

It is the start of Strawberry Season here in Maine. I challenge any guest to go to one of our local U Pick Strawberry Fields, bring me back the Strawberry's and I will make you a Pie. I may be sorry I said this.


Friday, June 17, 2011

33rd Anniversary

Well, today is Neal and my 33rd anniversary...hard to believe! Just like it is hard to believe this is our 31st year at the Log Cabin!

Yes, I know.....more garden pictures....but, honestly, the yard is spectacular right now. The blue garden features iris, false indigo, lupine....with rosa rugosa behind it, and in the background, the Miss Kim lilac are beautiful. The red maple I planted in my Dads memory. Oh, and the other picture is of the very large wisteria by our pool. The blossoms are hitting the ground there are so many.

Speaking of Dad, that is where Neal and I got married...in his yard. He lived in the house right beside the Bailey Island bridge. The day was sunny and nice--just like today! Back then, I was running Rock Ovens and Rock Ovens II (which is now where Rob Williams real estate office is). Actually, that is where Neal and I are having dinner tonight, but now it is called Morses Cribstone Grille. It is nice to see it open again after 2 years of bridge repair. I hated looking at that cute little building empty.

Hope all the Fathers out there have a great Fathers Day! All for now, Sue

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hidden in Harpswell

The Harpswell Art and Craft Guild is alive and well here in Town. There are over 20 Art Members that have studios in Harpswell. They range from 11 working studios, 5 galleries, 3 photographers, and some yummy candy. The shops have very distinctive blue and white signs with a blue heron on it. Make sure to stop and see some delightful surprises. You can find out more about the Guild on the Studio's and Galleries Page at www.harpswellmaine.org

Last Saturday was full of activities. Terrence, Jon and I attended the Fly In at the new Brunswick Landing Airport. Officials were hoping to have a dozen private planes on hand to look at and they were beyond thrilled when over 100 planes flew in just for fun and to take a look at the runway. What once was forbidden fruit is now a reality. One man said he has bought a house in Harpswell and will fly his plane here rather than drive from Washington D.C. People can now fly in for a lobster lunch or a stay at the Log Cabin and off they go, so convenient. They even had a Falcon and Leer Jet there. Then we went to the " Duck Race" this was a Fundraiser for the local Elementary School. This event also was more than organizers could have hoped for. Over 430 Ducks were sold and raised over $7,000 for the PTO. One of the great prizes was a Night Stay and $100 Gift Certificate at the Log Cabin.

This was a warm week in Maine. Many people were in the pool. We almost needed Air Conditioning one day. That all changes in a day though, today was beautiful in the 70's with a breeze. The flowers are going crazy. This week the Iris' are out. They almost look fake. The Yellow Garden has a few rare Yellow Iris'. I would take a picture but I want you to use your imagination. School is getting out this coming week and now it is time to find things for the kiddo's to do , like Stovers Cove and the pool. I hope it is as nice as last Summer.

Happy Flag Day Tuesday.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Events and milestones

Well the Brunswick Naval Air Station officially closed this week. Here is the new sign for the Brunswick Landing and Executive Airport. I just drove around the base, and it was quite sad. There are very few cars and people. This will be a very different scene tomorrow as the former base is having a Brunswick International Fly-In, with an open house, music, food and displays from 8am-4pm. And, the Redevelopment Authority that is overseeing the transformation of the Base holds commitments from businesses looking to invest a combined $150 million in the near future. So, sometime in the future, it will be a bustling place again.

Other new things in the area are an Ice Cream stand near Lands End....Morses have opened the restaurant by the Bailey Island bridge, and of course the Dolphin restaurant in South Harpswell has rebuilt and is open (and beautiful).

Most important are 2 events.....today, my grandson Josh graduates from Nursery school. It is a good thing I am working and not attending, as I would cry my eyes out. How can he be 5 and ready for "big school"? And the second event is the Duck Race at the Great Island Boat Yard tomorrow from 2-5. This is a fundraiser for my older grandson Danny's school. There will be food and entertainment, and of course a Duck Race (rubber ducks). One of the prizes is a night stay at the Log Cabin Inn on Bailey Island (hope I don't win that one). If I do, I will give it to one of you!

Must go plant some flowers.....somehow, my car is full of plants again! Sue