Saturday, September 3, 2011


One of my most recent creations is of the Whoopie Pie Tower above. I made 70 pies for a friend's Birthday Party. Little did I think of when I said " Yes" that 70 pies is really 140 cakes because each pie takes 2. Then there were the mistakes and the Dozen or so I kept for home. Most people are saying " What in the world is a Whoopie Pie." Recently it was named the State of Maine Dessert. Can you believe it won over Blueberry Pie. The outside cake is typically chocolate and the filling a Marshmellow Fluff vs Frosting Combination. Many years ago when we were a Restaurant the Whoopie Pie was one for the Bakers Signature Desserts. So now when you visit Maine after your lobster take a Big bite of a Whoopie Pie for Dessert.

An Update on Sue's Hurricane Report is that they got that Big Boat off the beach on the next High Tide, towed it to Portland and there it sits at the Repair Facility. Speaking of Big Boats... The newest Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer built nearby at Bath Iron Works, The USS Spruance sailed down the Kennebec River to the Roar of a Cannon Salute and Patriotic music from the Bath Band. You could stand by the shore at the Maritime Museum and watch it sail by. She is bound for Key West, FL where it will be commissioned in October.
Brunswick Landing (the former Navy Base) has added a new Technology College to its ever growing list of Tenants. We all gathered at the Air Strip last week to watch the Air Show and the Blue Angels perform. What a great sight, the boys were quite impressed.

September brings on one of our busiest months of the year. I was looking and saw that the Wiseman Room isn't available on a weekend til next April. The Pool is still warm and the days are crystal clear. You can't beat the Sunset this time of year either.
Have a good week..Alicia