Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

What a week for Royalty. Can you believe Billions of people were glued to the TV watching Prince William and Princess Kate. Well I had my own bit of Royalty here on Bailey Island. I performed a Wedding Ceremony ( notaries can do this in Maine) for some room guests at the Giant Stair Case this week. Not much for media there but I am sure our bride and groom are just as happy in the picture above.

Here is my Bi Weekly Navy Base update. The closure is set for May 30th. It will be renamed Brunswick Landing and scored a Major deal this week. The American Bureau of Shipping has signed on. They establish qualifications for ship officers, classify and register merchant vessels and applies safety standards to proposed ship designs through computer modeling. They are based in Houston and have 200 offices in over 70 Countries. What better company to set their roots in Brunswick.

Sue has purchased 9,000lbs of granite pavers. Matt can attest to this as he and his friend Justin had to unload them. We are going to replace the old railroad ties that are around the front flower beds. What a great look this will be approaching the building. The Bridge crew finished up this week, laying seed and hay and finishing a beautiful looking fence that leads to the Ocean on the South Side. Today is the nicest, warmest day this Spring and we have No Vacancy, a great thing for the last day in April.

In the Kitchen I am making Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream. With wonderful dark Mexican Chocolate given to us by a room guest. I can handle chocolate once again as I had given it up for lent and the tempting was just to much. Now I am heading in to cook some Filets and Lobster Tails for our very wonderful guests the Delany's who are celebrating their 23rd Wedding Anniversary.

Happy May..... Alicia

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bailey Island Bridge

Here are some pictures I took this morning of the newly renovated Bailey Island bridge. The top one was taken from Garrison Cove (which by the way was where I learned to swim when I was six.....and where my Aunt ran the Square Deal restaurant for 40 years.....but that is another story). For those of you who do not know, the bridge has been under renovation for the past 2 years. They built a temporary bridge beside it, and are finally taking away the last of the temporary bridge now. The second picture is of the new steps that were constructed on the south end of the bridge (by the old Rock Ovens restaurant which was also in my family for decades). The last picture is standing on the south end looking out at sunrise.

I will be so glad when all of the construction trailers and equipment are gone. I ran the above mentioned Rock Ovens for several years, and have not enjoyed seeing what is such a beautiful spot all a mess.....which, I realize is inevitable with construction. I just have trouble looking at "mess", and will be glad to see it all gone. The "Rock Ovens" is suppose to reopen this year. It is no longer in my family, and I am not sure what is will be called, or exactly when it will open. It will be nice to have another restaurant on the island.

Well, it is Easter weekend. We have been open for 3 weeks now. The yard is looking grass, daffodils blooming, almost time to go flower shopping! Must go do some Inn tasks.

Hope you are all well! Sue

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back for the Season

Hi all it is Alicia and after a Very enjoyable Winter I am back to the Log Cabin. The funny thing about this place it is like you never left. We have a full house tonight, not bad for the middle of April and only 42 deg out. The nice thing is that 7 out of the 9 rooms are return guests and we warmly welcome our new guests. Above I added a photo taken yesterday of the snow on the top of Mt. Washington in N.H. from the Inn.

The reservations have been steadily coming in this week. The amazing thing is that we have already booked 80 room nights for next year. Sue didn't even have a 2012 book started yet. If the Merriconeag Room is your choice for next Summer you should call now because it is taken July 22- August 13th of next year.

Returning after the Winter it can be what some people may think as a small thing that really excites me. Like after many many years with the same white Restaurant plates Sue got some jazzy new plates along with placemats and napkins. We also changed to a local organic coffee called Wicked Joe's it is surely a big hit. We are also sporting some fancy new aprons Sue got, see I told you it was the little things. The Inn just became Re Certified as an "Environmental Leader."
I will be whipping up some specials on the weekend like tonights Wild Salmon with Key Lime Butter Sauce.

Locally I am sad to have the Navy Base be decommissioned this May but am excited about all the new activity at the Base. The Base is now open to the public so you can drive right on and check it out. The 9 Hole Golf Course is still open and if you are so lucky to have your own plane you can now fly in to Brunswick and stay at the Log Cabin. The Runway is officially open for private planes, has fuel and rents hanger space. Stayed tuned for more activity.

Hope everyone has a great week.
Regards, Alicia

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Return guests and garden angels

Well, we have been open one week now. What a change a week makes. Opening day, we had a huge it is in the 60's and my "garden angels" are out working in the gardens. And, they are working in just a Tshirt! (Well, pants too.) The bulbs are up and starting to bloom. It is very exciting!

Two of our four rooms that are rented for tonight are "regulars".....guests that have been coming for years. I checked the computer this morning and one guest has come 21 times, and the other 17 times! Our return guest percentage is off the charts. So is the percentage of occupancy. I tell guests that I will print the next years reservation book when we open for the season. The first week we have already booked 58 room nights for 2012.

Matt put the outdoor furniture in place yesterday and 3 of the rooms have been enjoying their porches today. It is a wonderful life here at the Log Cabin. Bailey Island is certainly showing off her beauty today.

Perhaps I will go outside for a bit too! Sue

Friday, April 1, 2011

Open for the Season--31st year

Well, here we are.....first day of the Log Cabins 31st year......and another big snow storm. I say another, as we frequently have a storm the day we open the Log Cabin. It is kind of an island joke. Matt didn't find it a joke as he is driving the snow plow in the picture, and had to shovel all of the walks and decks. And it is a very heavy, wet snow. The good news is, it is letting up and turning to rain. The weather forecast for the next few days is in the 40's, so it should melt quickly. I wonder how my many little crocus are doing under there?

I have yet to walk through all the rooms as my niece, Dawn, is still doing her magic and last minute finishing touches. She has been quite busy with the redecorating. I am sure it looks great!

Our room rates have changed a bit for the first time in several years starting today. Each room will be an extra $10/night. With all expenses increasing each year, we needed to make a modest increase in prices. The price increase begins today (not on existing reservations).

Well, I must do some confirmations.....have taken many reservations this week.

Here's to a great 2011 season! Sue