Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February snow on Bailey Island

Well, we are having an old fashioned winter here on the island. We have got over 40" of  snow in the past 12 days, and more predicted for tomorrow. It is absolutely gorgeous here.....unless you have to do the shovelling and plowing. Luckily, I do not. Matt and Aimee take care of that at the Inn, and lucky for me, at my house as well. So, it is easy for me to get out and about. Thanks so much to them!
There have been many no school days.....can't imagine what time the kids will get out for summer vacation. Snow is very important for our state with many ski areas and snowmobile trails.
I was very fortunate to escape the storms for 9 days this month, and got away to Key West for a break. The weather there was perfect (sorry). It was 80 when we left and 8 degrees here. We got in right before the last storm. We flew the night of the Super Bowl....the pilot was great at filling us in on the score. Great game, and congrats to the Patriots!!
We open in 57 days!!! Yahoo!!! Spring is on the way. Reservations continue to come in on a rather rapid or email soon if you haven't done so. Look forward to seeing you all again this season! Sue