Saturday, September 26, 2009

So Busy

This week was just so busy I don't know where to start. First of all the Beautiful September weather is still with us and who can believe that Thursday is October already. I think Matt is just turning off the heat in the pool, but the cover is still on so the adventurous can still jump in. Apple season is upon us and Terrence and I went Apple Picking this week at Rocky Ridge in Bowdoinham which is only about 35 min from the Inn. You can pick pumpkins along with apples and we went on a great horse and wagon ride. They also have a country store with the best homemade donuts. On another Staycation Trip Sue and I took the boys to the Childrens Museum in Portland which is located right next to the Art Museum. The kids had a ball, they were so excited about everything. I would definitely recommend this to any guests coming with kids.

Now a little about the guests.. We have one guest so committed to our "Going Green" campaign that for the 2 weeks he is here he keeps a compost bin in the kitchen of his room. Way to go Lee.. We had some first time guests who stayed 5 nights and because of a fault of ours we overbooked the first night and we put them up elsewhere. They just Loved everything about the Inn when they got here that when they got home they sent a Thank You note. I would guess we are the only place that gets a Thank You after overbooking. Thank You to Mr. Keleher for sending me FEDEX 3 boxes of Tour Golf Balls. I am playing in a Tournament next weekend and I will be sure to use them. Of course to the Hallis' for giving us all Mums and early Halloween Candy. I have hidden mine in a secret place at home. They were also so kind to get all the boys gifts and even my nieces. They are pretty committed, they even went to watch the kids swimming lessons at Bowdoin College. To the best Boss Sue for giving us a special September Bonus.

Just to give you all a heads up for next season, the Bluefin Room and Harpswell Room are now booked for the entire month of September, Yahoo!!! We still have some rooms left the week before we close. If you book then I just may share some of my candy with you. Now I am heading to the Kitchen. I am making Caramel Apple Ice Cream, Cream of Broccoli Soup, Chicken Pot Pie, Pan Fired Seafood Cakes, and of course our lunch.

Hey all you Red Sox Fans Monday I am heading to Fenway and Boston overnight for my Anniversary. Sitting behind home plate, beat the BlueJays. To you Yankee Fans we don't care. Next weekend I am off Saturday and working Sunday so don't look for the blog til Sunday. Matt and Aimee's dog's name is Daisy. So 66% of you were right.
Have a great week. Alicia

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Special Edition

I know this isn't my normal blog day but I thought this was worthy of a special mention. While things look all fun and games behind the scene at the Log Cabin truly we do have our problems. While Sue and I were taking the boys to the Childrens Museum Aimee and Laura where back dealing with Plumbing Problems.

Laura noticed a leak in the back entry near the ice machine. Aimee was on the phone calling Matt as Laura was moving a pipe around. Next thing you know the pipe split and made its best attempt at Niagra Falls while Laura was getting scalded with the Hot Water. Aimee proceeded to hang up on Matt and doing what any good friend would do ran to the office,and got the camera so I would have some information for the Blog.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


September is still treating us nicely with sunny skies and fairly warm weather. The kids were swimming in the pool this week and we even had some brave guests venture in the pool one night. We are still heating it and it looks very inviting but very cold when you come out. The rooms are full now til next Friday where we only have 1 opening. We still have some vacancies the last few weeks in October so catch us before we close. The room bookings for next year are up to 259 already. We would like to give a special Thank You to Mrs. Conover for changing her reservation so the Jones could celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary here as they do every year.

Staycation wise Terrence and I took the "DownEaster" train from Portland to Wells, Maine. My husband then picked us up and we went for a boat ride in Kennebunkport. This train does go into Boston and would bring you back the same day. There were a lot of people on it headed to the Red Sox Game. You could even leave your car in Portland and stay the night in Boston and then come back and visit us. The seats were very comfortable and big windows so Terrence could stand and look out. They do have a First and Business Class as well as a Dining Car with a full bar.

To continue to promote our lobsters I found a new company called "Calendar Island Lobster Co." and "Catch a Piece of Maine". At Catch a Piece of Maine you can buy a lobster trap for $3,000 and receive enough lobsters out of your trap for about 13 lobster bakes a year. The also ship with it clams, mussels,dessert and a lobster bib. You also get a note from the lobsterman tending the trap and a map detailing were the lobsters were caught and a DVD about lobstering.

I had a special request for Dinner tonight so I am making 3lb Baked Stuffed Lobsters. I hope I can get them both in the pot. Followed by Homemade Strawberry Shortcake. I have a feeling they will be looking for Lobster eggs in the morning. Emily also came home for the weekend so I made SouthWest Shepherds Pie with a Sweet Potato topping. Then I have to make crab muffins and some brownies.

Another update Sue's Best Friend ( not me) that she wrote about in her blog just became engaged to her High School Sweetheart among the Fjords while on an Alaskan Cruise. Yeah for Deb and Ray !!

They have started pouring concrete on the South Side of the Bailey Island Bridge. Looks like it will take awhile, they had more guys there this week than all Summer. I am sure they want to get that done before first frost.
Only a few missed the Poll from last week. What was the last room Sue lived in, 88% guessed Harpswell Room and they were right. Shortly after Sue moved out it became our 9th room.
Happy Holidays to all our Jewish Friends and everyone else enjoy the week.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Clear Skies

September is certainly a beautiful month in Maine. The air is so clear at sunset you can see Mt. Washington in NH over the tree line. Hundreds of stars could be seen in the sky and on Wed at 8:10pm this week you could see the Space Shuttle zipping through the sky. I would have not believed it if I wasn't looking right at it. I have seen alot of night shuttle launches in Florida but to think you could see the same thing in the sky in Harpswell Maine is amazing. Speaking of something high in the sky we are getting our cell phone tower by the end of the month. It may not sound like a big thing but if you lived here with no reception you would appreciate it.

In keeping with our Staycation, Sue and I took the boys to Thomas Point Beach in Brunswick this week. The venue hosts a big campground and outdoor concerts. The beach is tidal so if you pick it right there is a good bit of sand. There is also a lot of hermit crabs which enticed the boys along with the playground. In the Summer they also have a snack house. I also took Terrence to the bike path in Brunswick which runs from Cooks Corner to Downtown Brunswick along the river. It is a nice 5 mile walk or ride round trip.

Cudo's to Bon Appetit Magazine for recognizing Portland, Maine as the top place for small town Food in America. Well worth checking out the great 4 page article. Of course featuring lobster. Speaking of Lobster...Portland Shellfish Co. now has their lobster meat in over 22 BJ"s locations in New England.One of our new room guests were so excited this week when they went to the Fish Market got 4 lobsters (cooked), a quart of chowder,french fries, and potato salad all for under $30. They brought the meal back to the Inn and ate on their deck at sunset, priceless. I was also impressed that another first time guest told me they booked here because they looked at my blog and knew they had to come see the flowers.Sue even found out one of her long lost boyfriends was reading the blog.

Before you know it we will be closed for the season, only about 6 more weeks. It has been a great season and we already have 219 rooms booked for next year. If you have your favorite room and haven't booked yet don't wait! I am also very impressed with the 69% who knew that Matt's favorite pie is Strawberry Rhubarb. I think he is done eating that for the season. I did make the girls roasted goat cheese and tomato sandwich today. Then I made seafood and vegetable lasagna. The neighbor came over with about a 8lb zucchini so I made bread and shredded the rest for more bread. He also came with some fresh peaches before the racoon's finished them off.
A Thank You to Tony and Linda who brought sweatshirts for the boys from the FBI.It is great because by the time Danny and Josh are done with theirs Terrence ends up with 3.

Have a great week all.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Wow.. can't believe I am saying it is Labor Day Weekend. The unofficial short Summer we had is over. You can't tell by the weather. This week has been beautiful and the upcoming should be just the same. We are saying goodbye to August with thrilling news, we were 100% full for the month. September seems to be starting out spectacular, 88% full so far and we are only on day 5. Now I have to start recruiting for October.

I am suggesting a trip that Terrence and I took this week. You can drive to Rockland and then take the ferry to Vinalhaven. It was such a great boat trip dodging in and out of all the islands heading into Vinalhaven Harbor. We had lunch there and got to view the wind turbine that was delivered by barge in pieces. The last piece was to arrive on Friday. We also we to the Giant Staircase this week, they have done such a great job on trail, once you park it is a short walk. Aimee and I took the boys to Cedar Beach just across the street from the Inn. I haven't been there in 15 years, the water is still freezing, we had to come back to the Inn pool to warm up. This week seems to be my idea of a "Staycation".

This weekend is Windjammer Days in Camden. It is quite a sight to see all the Schooners in the Harbor and they offer free tours. Start thinking about this for next years vacation. Next weekend is Open Lighthouse Day in Maine. There is even a Lighthouse in Kennebunkport that serves Dinner for 2. I can't imagine being the waitress going up all those stairs. Just a few updates; the Bailey Island Bridge is on schedule despite the rain of June and July. They also had to raise the grade on the North end so it has taken a little bit more time. There were more stones that needed repair that expected ( of course). They are going to be pouring concrete in the next month or two and expect to have the renovated bridge open by next September. The bridge has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1975 and deemed as a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 1984. It is worth staying here just to drive over this bridge! My other update is on the Flamingo's. The Swim Program raised over $1,800 so far and it has enabled the Program to expanded from 6 weeks per child to 8 weeks. I expect by September they will be done flying and heading South.

Today I made Frozen Strawberry Margarita Pie with Farmers Market Strawberries. Then Caramel, Apple Breading Pudding and tonight I am getting ready for a Marinated and Grilled Swordfish. A special thanks to Blair and Elaine for my Jumbo Whoopie Pie.
I almost forget... the answer to last weeks trivia: How many years does it take a lobster to reach maturity in Maine is 7. Quite interesting 50% said 5 years and 50% said 7 years, so no winner. Does everyone recongize Mt. Washington in my sunset photo, you can get a better view if you click on the photo. I am sure you all recognize Matt in the photo but his brother Adam is beside him building a dock at Sue's house.

Have a great Holiday Weekend. Alicia