Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Wow.. can't believe I am saying it is Labor Day Weekend. The unofficial short Summer we had is over. You can't tell by the weather. This week has been beautiful and the upcoming should be just the same. We are saying goodbye to August with thrilling news, we were 100% full for the month. September seems to be starting out spectacular, 88% full so far and we are only on day 5. Now I have to start recruiting for October.

I am suggesting a trip that Terrence and I took this week. You can drive to Rockland and then take the ferry to Vinalhaven. It was such a great boat trip dodging in and out of all the islands heading into Vinalhaven Harbor. We had lunch there and got to view the wind turbine that was delivered by barge in pieces. The last piece was to arrive on Friday. We also we to the Giant Staircase this week, they have done such a great job on trail, once you park it is a short walk. Aimee and I took the boys to Cedar Beach just across the street from the Inn. I haven't been there in 15 years, the water is still freezing, we had to come back to the Inn pool to warm up. This week seems to be my idea of a "Staycation".

This weekend is Windjammer Days in Camden. It is quite a sight to see all the Schooners in the Harbor and they offer free tours. Start thinking about this for next years vacation. Next weekend is Open Lighthouse Day in Maine. There is even a Lighthouse in Kennebunkport that serves Dinner for 2. I can't imagine being the waitress going up all those stairs. Just a few updates; the Bailey Island Bridge is on schedule despite the rain of June and July. They also had to raise the grade on the North end so it has taken a little bit more time. There were more stones that needed repair that expected ( of course). They are going to be pouring concrete in the next month or two and expect to have the renovated bridge open by next September. The bridge has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1975 and deemed as a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 1984. It is worth staying here just to drive over this bridge! My other update is on the Flamingo's. The Swim Program raised over $1,800 so far and it has enabled the Program to expanded from 6 weeks per child to 8 weeks. I expect by September they will be done flying and heading South.

Today I made Frozen Strawberry Margarita Pie with Farmers Market Strawberries. Then Caramel, Apple Breading Pudding and tonight I am getting ready for a Marinated and Grilled Swordfish. A special thanks to Blair and Elaine for my Jumbo Whoopie Pie.
I almost forget... the answer to last weeks trivia: How many years does it take a lobster to reach maturity in Maine is 7. Quite interesting 50% said 5 years and 50% said 7 years, so no winner. Does everyone recongize Mt. Washington in my sunset photo, you can get a better view if you click on the photo. I am sure you all recognize Matt in the photo but his brother Adam is beside him building a dock at Sue's house.

Have a great Holiday Weekend. Alicia