Saturday, September 19, 2009


September is still treating us nicely with sunny skies and fairly warm weather. The kids were swimming in the pool this week and we even had some brave guests venture in the pool one night. We are still heating it and it looks very inviting but very cold when you come out. The rooms are full now til next Friday where we only have 1 opening. We still have some vacancies the last few weeks in October so catch us before we close. The room bookings for next year are up to 259 already. We would like to give a special Thank You to Mrs. Conover for changing her reservation so the Jones could celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary here as they do every year.

Staycation wise Terrence and I took the "DownEaster" train from Portland to Wells, Maine. My husband then picked us up and we went for a boat ride in Kennebunkport. This train does go into Boston and would bring you back the same day. There were a lot of people on it headed to the Red Sox Game. You could even leave your car in Portland and stay the night in Boston and then come back and visit us. The seats were very comfortable and big windows so Terrence could stand and look out. They do have a First and Business Class as well as a Dining Car with a full bar.

To continue to promote our lobsters I found a new company called "Calendar Island Lobster Co." and "Catch a Piece of Maine". At Catch a Piece of Maine you can buy a lobster trap for $3,000 and receive enough lobsters out of your trap for about 13 lobster bakes a year. The also ship with it clams, mussels,dessert and a lobster bib. You also get a note from the lobsterman tending the trap and a map detailing were the lobsters were caught and a DVD about lobstering.

I had a special request for Dinner tonight so I am making 3lb Baked Stuffed Lobsters. I hope I can get them both in the pot. Followed by Homemade Strawberry Shortcake. I have a feeling they will be looking for Lobster eggs in the morning. Emily also came home for the weekend so I made SouthWest Shepherds Pie with a Sweet Potato topping. Then I have to make crab muffins and some brownies.

Another update Sue's Best Friend ( not me) that she wrote about in her blog just became engaged to her High School Sweetheart among the Fjords while on an Alaskan Cruise. Yeah for Deb and Ray !!

They have started pouring concrete on the South Side of the Bailey Island Bridge. Looks like it will take awhile, they had more guys there this week than all Summer. I am sure they want to get that done before first frost.
Only a few missed the Poll from last week. What was the last room Sue lived in, 88% guessed Harpswell Room and they were right. Shortly after Sue moved out it became our 9th room.
Happy Holidays to all our Jewish Friends and everyone else enjoy the week.