Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter solstice

I took the sunset picture on the shortest day of the year. The sun is setting behind Mark Island this time of year.....and most of you know, on the longest day of the year, it sets behind Mt. Washington. I am very happy that the days are getting longer...not a fan of cold and dark at the same time! The picture of the sea smoke was taken on Christmas morning. Our mild temperatures we have had this fall, dipped quickly on Christmas--thus the sea smoke. It is quite spectacular to see! We did get a dusting of snow here on Bailey Island, but it is disappearing now. They are predicting heavy rain and wind later today.

Such a busy time of year with the Holidays. My grandson Josh turned 6 on December 21st too.....so more parties and presents. Those 6 years sure flew by. It is amazing how fast time goes. I never seem to get all the projects done that I think I can do in the off season.

Reservations continue to come in thankfully. We open in 99 days!

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays! Sue

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas week

Well, we got a tiny bit of snow yesterday....so I ran out and got some pictures of the snow on the plants before it melts. Little did I know that the temperatures would be 18 degrees today......so I really did not have to hurry! Anyhow, it was good timing because we were putting up our tree and getting ready to go to Cooks for dinner for their fundraiser for the Harpswell Heating assistance program.

The fundraiser was a huge success....I believe they raised $5000.....a silent auction with tons of great local donations, and dinner, and of course Santa made an early debut! Cooks Restaurant and Lobster has been a fixture on the island for many years now, and it is so great of them to do this fundraiser. The place was packed with folks, lots of carolling, lots of fun. Matt, Aimee, Alicia and kids joined Neal and I.....it was a very nice evening. Thank You to all of the folks at Cooks!

Hope all of you are in the Holiday spirit and have a wonderful, safe and healthy holiday! Sue

Sunday, December 11, 2011

December on the island

Well, I just got back from Key West, and the weather here is still mild! Grass is green, some of the flowers are still blooming (the forsythia in my yard think it is spring and flowering), no frost yet. I am sure it is coming, but the slower the better as far as I am concerned. The only thing is, it does not look like Christmas. We do have lights on this little blue spruce. We get out blue spruce from a nice tree farm in Freeman township. You can cut your own tree there too. But, that is about 2 hours from here.

This weekend the local Harpswell Craft Guild has hosted Holidays in Harpswell. I sure hope they do well. There are several talented craft people in town. Next weekend Cooks Restaurant has a Holiday dinner and silent auction from 4-7 to benefit the Harpswell Heating fuel assistance program. There have been a ton of really good items donated (including, of course, a night at the Log Cabin). It is a good cause, and many people attend.

So, perhaps if I drag out a few Christmas decorations I will get in the holiday mood. I do hope all of you have a very Happy holiday season. Stay healthy and safe!

All for now, Sue