Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spring Snow

I realize you all are tired of me talking about the crazy weather we have had over the Winter but when I said last Blog that Spring was finally here I was so wrong. Yesterday ( 4/26) we had 4in of snow. It was twice the amount they predicted. It was a wet, heavy and messy snow. Most people had put away their Winter tools, including car snow brushes. I saw a lady at the Grocery Store brushing her car off with an umbrella. It was also Terrence's first base ball game which was canceled due to snow. The first time the Rec has canceled due to snow. Only bonus to it was the flower beds were covered and I didn't have to see the weeds!. I  saw the room guests making snow angels on their deck.

The Pool Company is coming to uncover the pool for the Season next week. Not that anyone would be brave enough to go in yet. I was thinking it would make a funny picture if it snowed as they were uncovering the pool.
Life is beginning to take shape around the Islands. The Cribstone Grill is now open every day. The Island Candy Shop is open every day.  The new and improved Cooks Restaurant is open every day. I happen to go to Cooks last weekend. They did a marvelous job with the renovations, with still more to come. I had the Calamari appetizer which was very good. They have an extensive drink menu and about a Dozen Craft Beers on Draft. There is lots of work being done on the Bailey Island Motel. I am eager to get a look at that when they are done. The Store on Orrs Island has been Sold and the new people will be opening  as the Red Barn Store and Cafe.

Some of our new Gift Shop items are starting to arrive. I am quite fond of  the new Chart Bags we got . There is a great one that has a zipper on the top and the inside liner is a type of nylon that you can easily clean. We have new travel mugs, new blue pint glasses with  an etched lobster on it. Guess you should just come up and see it all. We have a few rooms left for the July 1st weekend. July 2nd will be the Fireworks at Cooks. Give us

a call before someone else does!



Sunday, April 17, 2016

Time Lapse Sunset

Today is an Amazing Day. Spring might finally be here. The traffic going by has doubled. The motorcycles are out in full force. At one point I saw a pack of about 12 of them go by. Lots of people are out walking and a few of the daffodils have blossomed. After 20 years at the Inn I am taking on a task I have never done before. I am going to help Victoria in the Gardens. Last Fall I did some clean up with her and apparently I didn't drive her nuts because I am back at it. Either that or she doesn't want to spread the mulch and soil by herself. We still can have a frost at night until about Mid May so we are safe ( maybe) til then with Sue buying her Annuals . The photo on the bottom is the new Toy we have at the Log Cabin. I am going for driving lessons tomorrow to make lugging the soil all over the property a bit easier.
  Cooks opened today after Major renovations this Winter. I haven't been down yet but on this glorious day I heard they already had a waiting line. I did go to the Dolphin Marina for lunch last Friday. They have such a nice,clean Dining room with a 360deg View and good food. They have also added a patio onto the West  side of the Building where they can serve food.

I found a nice trip to take about an hour from here in Augusta , the Maine State Museum. They  currently have an added Exhibit on the Gunsmiths in Maine in the 1800's. The Museum has three floors and loaded with very interesting facts. It is such a bargain too. I believe $2 for Adults and $1 for Seniors and Children. You can't go wrong. My son is a budding Docent and he drags me to Museum's all over. A few random thoughts I have; the Fast Ferry will be running again this Summer from Portland to Nova Scotia every day at 2:30. It is a different company from last year. Our  Maryland/DC Visitors will be happy to know that the JetPort has added several extra flight to BWI. We also have an additional Airline, Elite that has scheduled flights to Florida. We also have the Amtrak DownEaster Train that not only stops in Portland but comes all the way to Brunswick. So there is no excuse not to visit. Plane, Boat,Train,Car, Bus,Bike you can get to Harpswell.

We have two new Employees this Season. Please Welcome Pauline and Kim on your next visit. Lastly I am not that Tech savy but will attempt to post Matts recent Sunset Video. If it doesn't work you can go to You Tube and search "Bailey Island time lapse sunset"