Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays

I am not even going to pretend that I have an excuse for not writing a Blog for the last two months. Out of sight out of mind. I could say that I am working around the clock on some Big project but that's not true either. I have been doing a lot of Volunteer work at School. Then Terrence was in a Community Theater Production of Beauty and the Beast which had practice for 3 months and  5 Shows last weekend. I also Volunteered Cooking for the Harpswell Aging at Home Cooking Class, where they also get to eat lunch and take home a meal.

Matt, Aimee the boys and my family went to Boothbay Botanical Gardens for the Gardens Aglow Event.  It was a great event last year so we chose to go again. Last year they had 36,000 attend and this year they have already had over 50,000. They went from 180,000 LED lights to 360,000. It has really been a major boost for the Boothbay Community which is typically a Summer Tourist Town. Sue went to see the lights  on a package with a local Inn that also had a shuttle service. The Town itself has added quite a light show. If you decide to make a trip to Maine before the New Year the Lights are on Thursday-Sunday with Shows at 4,6 &8 you can buy tickets on line.

I did make a trip to Bailey Island ( mainly to return dishes at the Inn) but decided to do a little shopping at Lands End. Cooks Restaurant is still open. They just did a fabulous fundraiser for the Harpswell Heating Assistance and raised over $10,000. Melinda at the Candy Store  has been open on the weekends and you can also find her candy at the Indoor Winters Farmers Market in Brunswick. We have had some snow and ice on and off. One day of school has been canceled so far. Right now the snow is melting but tomorrow looks like more rain/ice and  Christmas Day back up to 35-40.

Matt has been busy scrubbing the Kitchen. Frankly I am glad it is him, as it is cold in there and no water. The screen doors have been painted. The contractor is putting in some new doors and siding.
There will be some changes to the Casco Bay and Bluefin Rooms with new paint, carpet and counters. If you haven't stayed in either of these rooms give them a try!   Sue, Aimee and I are doing a very boring Food Service Sanitation and Safety Class in January. Not that we weren't clean before but now you can feel safe with 3 Certified Food Handlers on Staff.

We are all home for Christmas this year. New Years we will be spending up North in Kingfield with Aimee, Matt and the Boys. We wish all our

 Guests a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Healthy New Year !!