Monday, August 27, 2012

Air Show Weekend

  The area is very lucky that after the Navy Base Closure the now Brunswick Landing  has taken over the Base and has continued to host the Air Show. Last year the Blue Angels flew and this year the Air Force  Thunderbirds are flying their F 16 Falcons.The Thunderbirds and their support teams started showing up on Wednesday and started practicing so even out on the Island we could see their practice routines. The soloists will fly up to speeds of 700mph, they can cover 5 miles in 1 sec. it is really a spectacular thing to see them take off, land and perform their stunts. I am looking forward to the All Women Skydiving team. Yes, Skydiving is something I have done twice and not sure I could get the courage up again.
  Both Shelby and Lindsey are gone  to College and we welcome  Donna, and Rachel who will help us out through the Fall. Speaking of the Fall if you were thinking of coming to stay with us we do not have a Fri and Sat night available until October 12th and then again on the weekend we close which is October 26th and 27th.

I took a little "staycation" lunch this week. My Mom,Terrence and I headed down Rt 127 ( just over the Bath Bridge) toward Georgetown, the end destination was Five Islands Lobster Wharf. This is a great, as it should be place to have lunch or dinner. You order at the counter, they have every type of fish and non seafood items. Then they have another section where you can order lobster and steamers, cooked or live to go. You can also pack a cooler with drinks and eat your yummy lunch on the picnic tables at the dock. You can watch the lobster boats bring in their catch and while we were there we saw a 150ft Yacht heading up the River.  On the way back, the foodie in me just had to stop at Five Islands Farm on Rt 127. This is a tiny little building with the most spectacular selections of wine,beer, cheese, olive oils, breads, pastas, sauces, local produce, salami, pate, local eggs and most surprising Glidden Point Oysters. Every nook I looked at had a different awesome item, even cookbooks. I will have to save more time for this hidden gem on the next trip. www.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Parker family

As you know, we have many "regular" guests.....many of whom have come to the Inn for several years. The picture on the bottom is of the Parker family.  This is their 13th year coming....Bill and Joan are the grandparents, their 3 daughters and one son and families come with them for 3 days every August. There are many grandchildren (3 of them were not even born when they first came)....and some of the older are not here with them now as they are off to college!! They are a wonderful, loving family, and a joy to see each and every year. It is fun to watch the kids grow up.

We have many, many other regulars as well.....Ann and Frieda just left today (their picture is below with Alicia)....they have been coming for 15 years. The Gortzigs just left this week after a wonderful 4 week stay!  The Newcombs come tomorrow (for the 2nd time this year).....they have been coming for 16 years!!!

Matt took some amazing pictures of the lightening storm last night.....but I cannot find them on our computer. So, check out our Facebook page to see those!

I am going to the Brunswick Outdoor art festival today. The weather is "iffy", but they all have tents. I just started taking some art classes, so I will go see what the local artists have to offer!

Hope you are all well! Sue

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fairy Houses

  The tradition of building Fairy Houses has its roots on several islands off the Maine Coast. For decades families have been inspired to create these little habitats made from pieces of nature for the "fairies" to visit.
Using Nature's beauty,colors,shapes,textures and sounds you are inspired to create little habitats using surrounding materials. Twigs,stones,leaves,pine needles, sea shells, etc.  It is important to use only natural materials while not harming anything that is still growing.
I am fortunate to live in a perfect place for Fariy Houses and my family has built many over  the years. Living in Harpswell we are also fortunate to have 2 walking trails behind the Town Hall that have dedicated areas for building Fairy Houses. Then if you are ambitious enough it is well worth the trip to the Boothbay Botanical Garden to view their Houses plus build one of your own. Age doesn't matter. On your next visit to the Inn stop and build a Fairy House and celebrate the child within you.  There are some amazing books written by Tracy Kane about the Houses and Fairy Boats, check it out www.

The 157ft   Pride of Baltimore will be at the Maine Maritme Museum in Bath this weekend.  It is a reproduction of the privateer that sank British Ships during the War of 1812, it is a sight to behold. It is one of the Star Attraction for the Museum's 50th Anniversary.. It is a relativly small ship for its time but fast.  The Ship will be open for boarding this weekend. The crew will also conduct 2hr river sails for a limited number of people.

If Sailing isn't in your plans you could check out the Orrs and Bailey Island Fire Dept Yard Sale and famous Auction on
Saturday and Sunday. Just opening at The Maine State Music Theatre at Bowdoin College is 42nd Street
 There is always the choice to just lay at the pool with a slight breeze and watch the lobster men  haul their traps or
sailboats, kayaks and Yachts cruise by.

I am off for a few days to Rangeley Lake in Western Maine~~~~Alicia

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bailey Island Beauty

There is so much natural beauty that surrounds us here on Bailey Island. This one picture is of Giant Stairs.....which is difficult to see the actual depth of the water from this picture,  but the ledges form what looks like big giant stairs! The town of Harpswell has a Land Trust which maintains the path to the stairs....a very easy, scenic walk. The trust also owns and maintains many other beautiful areas such as Mackeral Cove field, Mitchell field, Skolfield shores preserve, and many more. There are good walking trails, public boat access, biking areas....and they have recently published a lovely booklet describing them all and directions to them. If you are into hiking and exploring, it is the perfect guide.

Of course, you do not need to walk to enjoy the beauty. Here at the Inn, we can see Mt. Washington in New Hampshire (90 miles away). Frequently, it is outlined at sunset as it is obviously west from here! On a clear day it can be seen during the day as well. We are also surrounded by beauty everywhere.....Casco Bay, fishing boats, all can be seen from each and every room deck. And, of course, there are our pride and joy.

Guests ask if we get used to the view and we do not. We are so fortunate to live and work here on the island. It is an extremely pretty, friendly and safe place to be. If you have not visited, come see us!

Off to tend to the gardens! Sue