Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bowdoin graduation

So, the class of 2012 will be graduating from Bowdoin College this morning. The weather here on Bailey Island is currently 60 degrees and foggy. But, if the weather folks are correct, the wind should turn soon, and the sun will heat us up to the 80's. If so, that was the weather the day the graduating class of 1991 graduated at Bowdoin as well. The graduation was outside, and the weather was beastly!! It was especially hot in a cap and gown! I speak from experience, as I was one of the graduates that day! My sons, Matt and Adam were there, Aimee also, and my Dad, who was 88 years old. My brother Bob came also, and was worried about Dad in the heat.....he was just fine.....and very proud! As you can surmise, for those of you who have not met me, I was not 20 years old. (Ok, I was  40!). My husband, Neal, who was also there, kids me about the fact that it took me 23 years to graduate....says I am a slow learner! I started college back in 1968 at Bates (where my brother Bob graduated from).....took classes over the years at U. Maine.....and finally, finished at Bowdoin!  Bowdoin is a great college, and congrats to the new class of graduates!

Also, this past week, I went to the Boothbay Botanical Gardens. They have a "Rhodie" garden that is absolutely spectacular right now. The picture above is one of my rhodies.....the botanical gardens must have over 200......and every variety possible. They really are breath-taking! Boothbay is about a 45 minute ride from here, and I suggest all go visit when they are here.

Well, I am in the middle of cooking, I must go! Have a Happy Memorial weekend all! Sue

Saturday, May 19, 2012


A room guest asked it I just started working at the Inn this year and it got me to thinking....
Sue and I have been friends for close to 18 years now. I first met her when I started working at the
Log Cabin when it was a Restaurant. We hit it off right from the start. At the end of about my 3rd season she brought me into her office and said " I am done, no more Restaurant. I am changing the place to an
Inn."  I was all for that since my College Major was Hotel and Restaurant Management.
We have shared so many good times together. We have gone on vacation together, San Antonio, Texas by far the best. Both she and Aimee were in my Wedding. Sue was in the delivery room when Terrence was born. We have also done quite a few things together than I can not share. I feel like I am delivering her Eulogy, she already knows  I am planning that as well. This time of year I am always giving her a hard time about buying Soooooo many flowers but honestly could you imagine coming to the Log Cabin and not seeing all of them. She is not only a best friend  but truly the best Boss anyone could ask for. How many other Boss' enjoy scrubbing and plunging toilets. Did you know she had a cake in the shape of a plunger for her 50th Birthday?
   So here is a picture of a vase Sue gave me many years ago for my Birthday and throughout the season I bring it in once a week an make her replenish the flowers in it.  Next time you stay  at the Inn you will have to ask Sue about the good times we have had.



Monday, May 14, 2012

Planting season

So, it is that time of year again.....when I go to every Maine Garden shop I can find, and fill my car up over and over and over! Then, the plants go from the car to the kitchen (Alicia loves to complain about this), and eventually to the gardens. I am not sure what I was thinking when we originally created all of these gardens!  I must say, they are a lot of work! And, today,  I am headed north to Moose Crossing garden center for the 3rd time! It is a bit of a trek, but they have a super product, and great prices! One good thing about this year, is we have had many days of rain, which saves from watering.

It is hard to believe we have been open for more than a month. Time just zooms......Lovely to see all of our past guests once again. And, we have made several new friends as well! This is just a short blog today.....because.....I have to go plant!!  (I have to do my part to make Bailey Island even prettier.) Enjoy and be well, Sue

Saturday, May 5, 2012


My friends Hannah and Dustan have opened an Antique,Gift and Vintage Shop on Orrs Island.
They are having their Grand Opening today and I thought fit to stop on my way to work. The shop is oh so cute. They have turned an old shop into a bright and cheery place. Hannah makes  these little stuffed animals called "Softies" that I have my own personal collection of and they make such great baby gifts as well as adult gifts. It shows that Dustan has spent many hours looking through Vintage pieces to find just the right fit for the store. The great thing is that every day there can be different items and better yet I get to pass by there twice a day. So while you are out venturing around the Islands stop by Hatch and give the girls a Big Hello, they do like to chat.

Besides today being the Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo and the the Big Moon it is Opening Day
( for me) on Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Season.  I see with all our rain and very little sun the Rhubarb
has made it to a height where I can go out a pull a few stalks. Our gardener, Wanda told me just pull the stalks don't cut them or they wont grow back correctly. With over half the room guests eating Dinner here tonight and our first No Vacancy of the Season what better way to celebrate with some Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Good thing Matt is off today or there may not be any left for the Room Guests.

 To  all my friends Running in the Habitat for Humanity 5K today, Great Job Harpswell