Monday, October 25, 2010

Harvest Time

As I reflect on this past season I think this year the food meant more to me than any other year. Many of you know that we have a small Vegetable and Herb Garden on the South Side of the lawn. This year we also augmented it with buying a Crop Share at Crystal Springs Farm in Brunswick. Sue went every Friday and came back with a load of vegetables that she then in turn would challenge me to use. I thought the Crop Share was such a great idea that I bought in for my house. You would arrive at the Farm on a Tues or Fri and many baskets would be set up to chose from. Then they open up the gardens and you could pick several different things each week. They always had herbs and flowers but could also have tomato's or green beans, etc.
They sell different things at the Farm as well such as eggs, milk, lamb, pork and beef. Last year I bought a full share of lamb. This year I am giving the lamb a break and bought 1/2 share on a pig. We just got the pork delivered and I had some chops last night that were the biggest I have ever seen and oh so good.

It is so exciting to see that we can eat and provide so much of our menu at the Inn locally. We get our lobster every day from a friend and local lobsterman. Our scallops are caught by another friend right here in Casco Bay. Both the shrimp and haddock are native to Maine and we have a better Filet than most Steak House's. Sue has challenged me with some very tasty Dinner Specials this Season and it was great to try new things. I know many people have not been able to take advantage of our Dining Room but I think if you are here between 6-6:30pm you will not be sorry that you chose us. Especially when you don't have to drive anywhere and our desserts are also made here.

Six more nights and we close. As usual Terrence and I will be headed to Florida for Jan, Feb, and March. I will let Aimee do all the work opening up and return in April when the mess is cleaned up.

Blessings Alicia

Sunday, October 17, 2010

October nor'easter on Bailey Island

This has been an eventful week. These two pictures were taken on Friday morning. We had a huge rain and wind storm, and as usual, the power went out just as Alicia was cooking breakfast! So, she balanced a flashlight on her head so she could see what she was doing! We called Matt to come turn on the generator.....which he did.....then said he had to go take pictures of the ocean. He also did his first video and uploaded it to You Tube. If you go to You Tube and type in Bailey Island October 2010 nor'easter, it will come up. It is quite good.

I also went to the Harpswell Business Association meeting this week at Two Coves Farm in South Harpswell. They raise grass fed beef, chickens, sheep and turkeys. I ordered a turkey for Thanksgiving and will try out their other products. Perhaps you will see some local foods on our menu next year! It is a beautiful 80 acre farm on the ocean....worth taking a drive to see.

We had a busy weekend here....but slowing down during the week days. We close 2 weeks from today! All for now, Sue

The answer to the Pole Question is 366, so 50% of the people got it right but we have booked about 10 room nights since then. --- Alicia

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Hi it is Alicia. I think Sue was drinking when she did that last blog because even I can't figure out her math. Her " Surprise" Party wasn't much of a Surprise. Sue told Aimee and I practically how to organize it. When, What, Where, the food, guests,budget ( which there was none) etc. The Party was absolutely fantastic, the Music which was a surprise made for some great entertainment. Above is a photo of her two Brothers, Bob is on the left and came up from Cape Cod and Bruce is on the right and lives here on Bailey Island. Aimee and I told Sue we are going on a Cruise for her 70th, no more party planning.

I know quite a few guests went to the Alpaca Farm this Summer. Now you need to go no further than Front Street in Bath to visit a new Store called " Winters Gone" that will carry Alpaca Fashions. There is also a Seafood Market that (re)opened near Shaws called Long Reach Shellfish. They have a quite a variety and will pack lobsters to travel, although you can not eat there like at Gurnet Trading. Then there is my new favorite Gourmet Deli called the " Market Basket" ( not the grocery store) It is located on Park Row in Brunswick just parallel to Maine St. We catered some items there for Sue's Party and it was so yummmyy. You can eat there or take out. The pastries, sandwich's and smoked seafood are a few favorites. Oh and one more thing smoked sun dried tomato spread.

The weekends are still remaining full. We do have some openings on our last weekend Oct 29th and 30th. We also have some nights available during the week. If you have been reading the blogs or have been here you know some weird stuff goes on. This AM while I was bringing my cleaning basket to a room I looked over and one of the room guests was on the lawn playing bagpipes. It was there first visit here, came without a reservation and apparently felt right at home. I wish it was last week during my Anniversary because the bagpiper piped us out of the Church.

It was neck and neck with my last question. The pool heater was not off but has since been winterized, it got some great use this Summer.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Milestones and Decades

The year 2010 brings many milestones. Like the 30th year for the Log Cabin (20 + 10).
Matt and Aimee both turn 40 (20 + 10 + 10).
My brother had his 50th wedding anniversary (20 + 20 + 10).
Matt and Aimee will have their 10th anniversary (20 - 10).
My grandson Josh will turn 5 (20 - 10/2).
And, this week, I will turn 60 (20 + 20 + 20)!!!!!!

I hear from a little birdy, that a surprise birthday party is in the works. I have tried bribery to get info on the details, but to no avail. I guess that is what will make it a surprise!! I have had birthday parties here at the Log Cabin for 30 years now (that being half of my life.....60 - 20 - 10)! Where did the years go? Life has been very good to me. I have a super family, many wonderful friends, an Inn that I love, and hundreds of Inn guests that make life and work a joy. Thanks to all of you who are in my life.

The weather forecast is good for a party, and some flowers have been delivered. I am very anxious for tomorrow. Will let you know the details.

All for now, Sue
P.S. Today, I am only in my fifties!