Wednesday, May 27, 2015

End of May already?

Hi, This was taken from our dining room at sunset. The sun is setting around 8pm, and is almost setting behind Mt Washington. Still amazes me how clear we can see Mt Washington from here!
Well, we have passes the Memorial Day weekend. The weather was beautiful. Bowdoin College had their graduation.....I guess it was a bit windy and chilly that morning....people wrapped up in blankets! But it was sunny and clear.
Our gardens are spectacular this year. Apparently, they liked the ton of snow we got. Glad there was some benefit to that winter!
As always, it is so great to see so many returning guests. Makes me very happy that the Inn makes them very happy! This really is a super rewarding job. I know I have said it and said it, but we are so lucky to live on Bailey Island and have such a special place like the Log Cabin to share with so many folks.
I am reminded from time to time that I am getting older....guess we all are.....but hope to be active here for many, many more years!

Hope to see you this year, if you have not been here yet! Sue

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day

After spending 34 years working  in the Hospitality Business I think I have worked every Mothers Day. Some better than others. I worked for many years in a Convention Center where we served about 1200 people for Mothers Day lunch. After that I came to work at the Log Cabin when it was a Restaurant. Those days were so busy. The waiting line started as soon as we opened and went until we closed. I think I bought a new pair of sneakers every year just for that day. So today even though I am working and a Mother it is with great pleasure that I only had to cook lunch for 3 of us,  Roast Duck with Asian Slaw.
It is also a Beautiful Day. The fog burned off the sun is shinning and the flowers are bursting out. Victoria has done a fantastic job weeding the Gardens and Sue has already started buying plants and flowers. I can't complain quite yet about it because they had such a depressing Winter I figure she deserves it.
It has been nice starting to see the familiar faces as they check in. So many have followed our families and lives that it is nice to give them updates and find out what they have been doing all Winter. Local Business' have started to open. If you haven't tried any of our miles of Hiking Trails they are a must. The Town has many trails of all abilities which can keep you busy for days. Last Year I did the Harpswell Hiking Challenge all the trails in 2 days. It takes place again this year on June 6&7th.

Have you seen our Harpswell Room or stayed in it? If not let us give you a tour.