Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beautiful morning on Bailey Island

Don't let this picture fool you! It is sunny and calm, but quite cold! I "stole" this pic from Victoria.....she has been so great all winter taking pictures in all sorts of weather!
Well, we are almost in March! That should mean warmer weather......spring.....and we open soon! I have been very busy with phone calls and emails this week.....everyone must be hoping for the end of winter and looking forward to staying with us on Bailey Island!
The robins have moved into my yard, as well as our annual visit from Mr and Mrs Mallard (we call them Mildred and Marley). They have come for the past several springs.....enjoy some food and just hang out. I have even trained my dogs (labs) not to bother them! Yesterday, Mildred tried to sit on the snow, which was very crusty, and slid down the hill. Fun to watch!
Hope you are all well. Can't wait til we open! Sue

Friday, February 14, 2014

Endless Winter

Happy Valentines Day! As you can see, we got kind of buried in snow.....then a layer of ice on top! This is a real, old fashioned winter. We open in 49 days.....hope it all melts by then! I must say, driving home from Brunswick just a bit ago, the sun came out for a second, and it is truly a winter wonderland. The ice on the trees glowed--against a dark gray sky.  The only colors out there today are white, silver and grays. It is quite pretty. Even the ocean is a gray/blue.
I do prefer the sunny warm colors of green and blues....but today is nice.
The weather may be harsh, but it has not slowed down our reservations. They are coming in fast and furious.  Going to be a busy year.
Matt and Aimee have been busy painting and repairing (and shoveling). The rooms will look spiffy as usual. Even the kitchen got a fresh coat of paint.
This is the beginning of school vacation. The kids got an extra 2 days as school was cancelled yesterday and today. They will have plenty of snow to play in! Great for the ski areas.
Well, I must do some confirmations. Hope you all have a happy, lovable day! Sue