Saturday, May 5, 2018

A difference a day makes.

 It wasn't that long ago that I was telling you about our move to Massachusetts or Southern New
Hampshire. I think it  was actually the next day that we made a family decision to stay in Maine! We have a house under contract in Freeport and will close in June. I will be working full time as Administrative Assistant at St. John's School in Brunswick, where Terrence goes  and will be present in some form at the Log Cabin. Someone needs to stay and take care of all Sue's plants. Victoria and I are trying to get the outside back in order. Just as the tulips are coming up and I was thinking we were in the clear the deer showed up for dinner. The daffodils and tulips do look pretty no matter how long they may last. The rhubarb is growing pretty good as well as the poppy's. Victoria has cut back the rose bushes so they should be going crazy this summer. I did have Sue order the Dahlia bulbs. That is one thing I look forward to planting. Speaking of planting we have built two new planters on the Sunset and Westview decks. Our new employee Stephanie has been busy organizing the gift shop and we have some new spices for sale that I am quite eager to try.

Tonight is our first No Vacancy night of the season. We are actually full tonight and Sunday night.
You have to Love the State of Maine. Here I am thinking about the rhubarb and dahlia's and Matt and the boys are putting in the last day of skiing at Sugarloaf and Terrence and Jon are at Car Show #1 of the season. Talk about diversity.

I hope everyone has a great week. Nothing says Happy Mother's Day like a gift certificate to the Log Cabin, just saying.