Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve

Well this is the last day of 2013. It has been a very busy and memorable year! As those of you who follow us know, my son Adam got married this year. That was a very exciting day. So, my family grew by 2 that day.....his wife Tamara and daughter Frances. Happy, happy news.
We had a super season at the Inn. We were busy and welcomed back many of our past guests and met many lovely new guests. Looks like 2014 will be busy as well....we are approaching 40% full already.
We will be doing some smaller renovations and repairs than last winter....but always try to keep the place looking spiffy! We open in 95 days!
It has been a very snowy winter so far. And this week it is turning frigid. At least the days are getting longer. And, my gardens love the snow.
Hope you all have a safe, happy, and healthy New Year! Hope to see you all in 2014! Sue

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snow covered Mt. Washington

Matt took this picture recently and posted it on Facebook. Over 41,000 people "liked" it, and 324 people shared it!! As many of you know, we can see Mt Washington from the Inn. On a clear day in the summer you can, many times at sunset it is outlined. Then this time of year when it is snow covered, it jumps right out at you on a clear day! I think it is about 90 miles as the crow(or in our case seagull) flies. The boat is owned by a life long friend, Pem Johnson. Matt really out-did himself with this one!
The weather has turned very cold and we have a little bit of snow. The colors are vivid here on the island in the winter. The water seems to be more blue, the sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous.
Holiday season is upon us. I hope you all enjoy the season. Stay healthy, and happy, and relax!
Happy holidays from all of us at the Log Cabin! Sue

Monday, November 25, 2013


Here is a picture of Laura. For those of you who do not know her, she is one of the crew at the Inn, and has been for many years now. She is sporting a new hairdo, outfit, and manicure! The hair salon I go to, La Bella, was doing a "makeover" for a Chamber of Commerce after hours event, and I suggested Laura. They did another Harpswell girl as well. Laura looks great, and was very thankful!

As this is Thanksgiving week, I am thinking of the many things I am thankful for. One, The Log Cabin! It is a great building, great location, we have a great crew and super guests! I enjoy every minute of it. Of course, I am thankful for my family...especially that both of my sons are close by. And, as of this year I have 2 super daughter-in-laws! I have been blesses with several life long best friends.....and many new ones too. Blessed with good health....we will see if my Dr. agrees when I go for my annual physical tomorrow!

I am thankful and fortunate to live on Bailey Island.....and thankful so many of you get to come enjoy it as well! Happy Thanksgiving to all, Sue

Friday, November 15, 2013

November gardens

Okay......I promise this will be my last "flower" picture (yes, my fingers are crossed).....but, I just could not resist! It is mid-November, and we still have flowers here at the Inn. There have been years in the past that they last til December!  The Log Cabin is indeed a special place!
Well, we are all closed up. I am sitting in the office at the Inn with a down jacket on. Waters drained, everything is all packed up. It's kind of sad.
Neal and I took off the day after the Inn closed and went south for 12 days. It was a nice break. Matt has been hunting and got a moose. Now, that's a lot of meat! Alicia's son, Terrence, just turned 7 yesterday. Not sure if there are any big island happenings, as I just got back, and have not been able to catch up on the local going-ons.
The days are very short.....sunset at 4:15. Have to walk the dogs with head lamps on, as well as many layers of clothes! I do like the seasons, but winter could be shortened in my opinion.
I know the blog is overdue.....was a busy month.....I will try to blog more often for those of you who follow!
Hope you are all well, Sue

Monday, October 14, 2013

Columbus Day Dahlia Feast

Just went out to pick a few flowers.....had to get a tray to hold all of these dahlias! The colors (and size) are quite spectacular! Next year, I think I will start them inside so we don't have to wait until fall to enjoy them. It has been a busy holiday weekend....we have one room open tonight, but I am sure someone will come along later today. We are down to our last 2 weeks....closing Oct. 27th. Been a great season. The fall weather has been just super.  Spectacular sunsets, clear skies, cool nights, comfortable days.
I must get busy on our "winter fix-up" list.....have to keep Matt busy! He would be happy to just hunt and ski! He and Aimee and the boys are up north right now (Kingfield way). Maine is such a great state. Ocean here of course, and 2 hours away, in the mountains. It is like a different world. Maybe this winter I will explore some parts of the State I have not been before. Sounds like a plan.
Well, must go put these pretty flowers in some vases for all to enjoy.
Hope all is well with all of you, Sue

Monday, October 7, 2013

My Favorite Room

I started working for Sue at the Log Cabin 21 years ago. I really can't believe that. I started to do the Math and was quite surprised. Time goes by quick when you are in a job that is just fantastic. I was working with Sue, Matt and Aimee back in the Restaurant days. It would come about this time of year when we were so sick of employees, rude customers and fried haddock that we would always have a countdown of how many days left until we closed. I think we even started it at about 35 days.
Now we are very sad to close each year. It seems like we open in April and before we know it the end of October is here. Every day we say good bye to old friends and eager to see them again next year with tales of our Winter doings.

Many people ask me what is my favorite room. It seems I have a different answer every time. I
usually have to see what time of year it is, where the sun is setting and what improvements we have made over the Winter. Take today for example, I like Mt. Washington Room because that is where we spent the night after we got married and we just recently celebrated our Anniversary and the people in it tonight are celebrating their Anniversary. Plus whats not to like about a room with a Hot Tub. Tomorrow it just may be the York Room who knows.

Sue's Dinner Plate Dahlia's are once again Spectacular. The weather has been fairly warm during the days and chilly at night which they seem to like. We still have tomatoes in the garden and have yet to have a frost. It has been cold enough to close the pool up for the Winter.

In closing I must say Happy Birthday to a great friend and Boss. Happy Birthday Sue!!!

Happy and Healthy Days,


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Windjammer Schooner Alert

Matt took this shot of the Alert last night as they were out for a sunset sail. This is a 70 foot windjammer that sails out of Cooks dock daily. Many of our guests have enjoyed afternoon sails with them. A young couple, Bethany and Perry are the captains of the boat. Bethany is a "local". Her family owns Sea Escape Cottages just down the road from us. They also have a smaller sailboat, the Tevake, a 31 foot ketch. The Alert was recently certified by the Coast Guard to take up to 28 passengers. This was quite a big undertaking to pass the certification. We congratulate Bethany and Perry and wish them all the best!
Well, September is coming to a close.....we were close to 100% full.....do have rooms open tonight through Thursday. October is about 60% full right now. So, if you haven't been to visit, come see us. The foliage is getting prettier day by day! We close for the season on October 27th.  We are also taking reservations for 2014 as well.
Pool closes up this week....sigh. I am not ready for the season to end.
Hope all is well with all of you! Sue

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Sue is right, it has been a Beautiful September so far. The nights have been a bit chilly but today for instance the temperature was in the mid 70's. I had the pool open and guests spent the whole day sunning, reading and enjoying a glass of wine on the lawn. We have also enjoyed 3 weeks straight of hanging the No Vacancy sign out.

When I think of this time of year I often think of the many times I have gone apple picking. You can pick about 30 minutes from here at Rocky Ridge in Bowdoinham. They have pumpkins as well and a
little store that has food, gifts and the Best Homemade Cinnamon donuts. If you go on the weekend you have to get there early to get the donuts. They also have horse drawn wagons rides through the orchard and the kids love to do that. Reports are with the combination of rain and sun that we have had that it will be a great year for apples. I have been busy with apple pie's and homemade applesauce. If you do not want to travel quite so far you can pick up a bag on RT 123 in Harpswell at the orchard  at Skofield Farms. It is  the honor system, take a bag and leave some cash in the box.

A little news of the Cedar Beach front. Some additional property owners along the Cedar Beach Road have formed a group and they may allow access over a part of their properties to Cedar Beach. The lawsuit still goes forward with the other property owners though. Money is still being raised and the issue has not been put to rest. Stay tuned....

Don't forget First day of Fall Sunday.

Health and Happiness.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

What a great September

September is such a great month. The skies are clear, air is cool, pace is a bit slower (although you would not know that if you looked at our reservation book for this month). This picture is of Mackeral Cove just as the sun is coming up. The sunrise is after 6am now.....so, I am walking my dogs at 5am by flashlight. They are brown and black labs, and they are very hard to see in the dark. Luckily, they make a light up collar.  So, it looks like small florescent UFOs are prowling through the woods.
Sunsets are spectacular as well.  If you follow us on Facebook, Matt has posted some beautiful ones. Or go to our web cam on our web site and check it out for yourself at about 6-7pm.
This year has really zoomed by.....seems every year goes faster. I guess if you do the math, it makes sense.....365 days at 10 years old vs. 365 days at 60 years old is a drastically different percentage!! We have taken many reservations for next year. If you would like to reserve, give us a call or email. We check the phone and email daily when we are closed as well. We do have some openings in September of this year and more in October. So, come see us!
Stay well, Sue

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Swim Team

This is a photo of our not so official Swim Team. These  kids started swimming at the Log Cabin pool as toddlers and look at them now! Gabrielle ( my niece) first in the photo is entering 8th grade, Danny next is going into 5th, Joshua into 2nd, Terrence into 1st and Camille ( my other niece) into 6th grade. These kids have been friends since birth and it is great to see them together for the last day of Summer before School starts tomorrow.

The Inn was bursting at the seems during August. The weather was beautiful and still is. The flowers as usual are outstanding and my favorite Dahlia's are just coming out. Sue grew all the Dahlia's for my Wedding almost 11 years ago. She had about 100 plants, no pressure there. We are full every weekend in September  and can squeeze a few people in during the week. I think it is going to be a great Fall Season in Maine. The September DownEast Magazine is hitting the news stands next week and on the cover as one of the most Scenic rides in Maine is a photo coming over the Orrs Island Bridge. Also featured as the Restaurant of the Month is the Dolphin Marina in South Harpswell. So hats off to our Home Town.

Speaking of Harpswell. I know I am most likely the only person that finds this next item exciting but believe me if you lived here year round you would be as excited as I am. We do not have trash pickup service here so all our trash and recycling is separated and taken to the Transfer Station on the Mountain Rd. This task at the Inn has been mine. There used to be about 20 different slots as we recycle everything. Now we have 1 slot for trash and 1 slot for everything else. I just go and throw it all into one big dumpster and seconds later I am done. They expect to increase the Recycling over 25% in the first year.

Health and Happiness


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Busy, beautiful August

We have had the longest stretch of good weather this month. We had a very rainy June, and fog in July. August has been almost perfect! If you have been following our blog, you know we started off with Adam and Tamara's wedding. And ever since, we have been 100% full! Actually, we are "over-full" this weekend. We have a family  (Parkers)  that has been coming for 14 years, and now the family has grown to a rather large number! But, they are lovely and we so enjoy having them back every year.
I cannot believe it is almost time for school to start. We lose one of our crew, Maryanne, to college next week. She has been a great asset and we will miss her a lot! The little kids start school  next week as well. Time for our fall schedule to start. Wow!! How time zooms.
Danny took sailing lessons at the Abbot Fletcher Sailing school last week. He really enjoyed it. Maybe I will look at getting a little sail boat! He is 10. When I was 10 I learned to sail at T-Ledge camp on Orr's Island.....very close to where Danny just took his lessons!
Well, I must go make coffee....the dining room is filling up. Breakfast today is fresh fig muffins, banana waffles, sausage and cantaloupe. YUM!
Hope you are all well, Sue

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What a Day!!

Here it is the  Wednesday after the Wedding and I am still tired. Honestly it was the most perfect day. The start was a little worrisome with the grey sky's and the rain. We were prepared with the tent and the sides but this tent would not fit the 140 + people attending. That is a lot of extra umbrellas. By Noon time the sun was shining and the the air was crisp with no humidity.

The ceremony was at Adams house on Orrs Island with an Easterly water view. Adam and Tara made a beautiful archway made out of birch with baby's breath and ferns hanging. The kids started off the ceremony with a parade of clanging Wedding Bells. At this point I am sure you are saying "Where are the photos?" Truth be told none of us had time to take a picture. Sue's eyes were so teary I don't think she could have seen through the lens. Everything was outstanding, the exchange of vows between Adam, Tamara and Francis was heartwarming.

I quickly left the ceremony to set up my signature cocktail drink- Blueberry Vodka with Lemonade and frozen blueberries which was quite tasty and a hit! The food was plentiful and the lobster rolls and scallops wrapped in bacon were flying off the tables. The grounds were beautiful as many people spent countless hours on the gardens ( as you know Sue was only to happy to plant shop). The cake was gorgeous and Sue's niece Dawn even made cupcakes for the kids. Speaking of kids boy was there a lot of kids running around this place. Good thing we locked the pool.

The night ended with gas Chinese Lanterns floating into the air, which were way cool! It was a lot of
work but I think all in all it went off without a hitch. I am holding Sue to the fact that we are not having another Wedding here. Unless of course it is Danny or Josh.

All the Best, Alicia

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wedding garden

This is our new garden....well, the garden was there, but it was overgrown with herbs and perennials. And, next Saturday, August 3rd my son Adam is getting married, and I offered to do the reception here at the Inn. Tamara, his to be wife likes white flowers....so on a 90 degree day, I ripped the old garden out.  Room guests were ready and on call to call 911 when and if I passed out.....but I did not! Not bad for an old 62 year old lady in 90 degree heat! (Yes, sometimes I am not very bright.) Then, I had fun hitting the garden shops and buying white flowers. For those of you who are not familiar with the Inn, this garden is between the main building and the middle building. We are putting a tent on that lawn nearby this particular garden.

So, I have been very stressed about the wedding. But for some reason, now that it is the actual week of, I am not! Perhaps that is because I am tired. Perhaps that is because we have such a great staff I know everything will be perfect. But, in reality, I am so very happy that Adam (age 40), is getting married for the first time to a beautiful and lovely Tamara!! And, as a bonus, we get Frances...the cutest little 4 year old girl along with her Mom.

This will be the last wedding to be held here at the Inn.....until the grandkids get married. Will let you know how it goes....and post pics on Facebook too.

All for now, Sue

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cedar Beach Update

  There is a very long and slightly complicated review of the Cedar Beach access but I will try and sum it up as best as I understand it. Everything was going along good this Spring when the land owners the Abrahamsons decide to sell the right of way to the Town. In the mean time other land owners came forward and were blocking the Sale. The original agreement with the Town and the Abrahamsons was due to expire on June 30th. Because the agreement was stalled and went past the deadline that contract was basically over. In the mean time the Abrahamsons have sold the property in question and the new owner has no intention of letting it become a public right of way.
As far as I can tell we are bascically back to square one and the Cedar Beach group is faced with the challenge of litigation and looking to raise $100,000 by  Labor Day. I think we should all have different beach plans for the next few years.

One of the things that I like about this time of year ( besides going to Stovers Cove on Fridays) is
all our regular guests. They have been coming and going all month. I Love to see how it is like old home week. The guests mingle with each other because they have been all coming at the same time for years and then they welcome new guests with all their favorite spots and places to eat. Some keep in touch with each other over the year and some just pickup their relationships here  like they were next door neighbors all year. Some have bought property in Town but we are OK with that because then they send the overflow here.

I am not going to say how Hot I am right now, it has been 90 here all week. Hotter than Texas!
This is Maine, bring back our sea breeze and cool nights. It isn't bothering the guests though, No Vacancy for the next 14 nights.

Blessings, Alicia

Friday, July 5, 2013


It is kind of hard to tell from this picture, but that is a 3 pound lobster. One of our guests made a special request. With enough notice, we can get larger ones.  This was a hard shell, which extremely difficult to break.
The heat has struck Bailey Island! Guests laugh at me when I say it is hot, as the islands are the coolest spot to be in the summer. But those of us who live here all the time think 80 degrees is hot! We are happy for the sun however as we had over 7 inches of rain in June! The wells must all be full at least. Living on a well is a concern when we do not get rain.
The 75th annual Bailey Island Tuna Tournament is this month, and the striped bass are running. There is a kids tournament as well. This past week, my 7 year old grandson, Josh caught a 25 inch striper. Needless to say, he was excited!  And he reeled it in by himself. Lets hope he gets one during the tournament.
4 weeks from tomorrow, my son Adam is getting married for the first time. He is 40, and I am very happy and excited about having Tamara and her beautiful daughter, Frances in our family. I hope the weather is lovely that day.
Well, I have the rest of the day off.....so I am going boating!  Hope all is well with all of you!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer is here

I know that the first day of Summer was this week but I didn't need a calender to know that.
Every parent in this Town knew because School was out on Tuesday. We went a few extra days
this year because of all the snow. Terrence will be heading to First Grade, Joshua Second Grade and
Danny will be in 5th Grade the last year at our Elementary School.  It was also all of our first trip to
Stovers Cove to kick off the Summer. Speaking of Beaches, the Town is still in negotiation for an easement
to Cedar Beach here on Bailey Island so don't give up hope yet. I wouldn't plan on this Summer but maybe next year.

One of the things I look forward to is going to the Music Theatre at Bowdoin College. They opened this Season with DreamGirls which both Aimee and Sue said was fabulous. This week is Les Miserables and next month I am going to
see Gypsy. Another treat this year is the recent dedication of  Gazebo Bandstand at Mitchell Field. There will be free
concerts held every Thursday night this Summer. 

It looks like the rooms with the new Air Conditioners will get a workout in the next few days. We are heading into a
Heat Wave of 90deg temps which as you know is not the norm for the Beauty of Mid Coast Maine. I think I just may
pack my bathing suit for a little dip in the pool. The gardens are so beautiful right now. The Peonies are one of my favorites and the yellow Iris' by the Harpswell Room are vibrant. The Dahlia's are out and the vegetable garden has already produced its first round of lettuce.

An update, Laura's Dad is home after just over a week in the Hospital and doing well. I am pretty sure he wont be out
doing the Irish Jig to soon but he can probably be found taking an engine apart.

To your Health,

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Busy Week!

We have had a very, very busy and unusual week! No, that is not Matt greeting one of our guests at the Inn. He was at Disney! Actually.....Matt, Aimee, Danny, Josh, Neal, Me, Adam (Matts brother), Tamara (Adams to be wife), Frances (Adams to be daughter)......and many more!! Adam and Tamara had a beautiful wedding commitment ceremony at the Disney Pavillion last Friday. Tropical storm Andrea swept through Florida the day before, but the weather cleared out nicely on Friday. It was a perfect day in every way. I will have pictures soon, and will be happy to share with any and all!

Now, as many of you know, we are a small staff here at the Inn. 3 of us were in Florida. And, Alicia's god son got married the next day at Cape Cod! So, now 4 of us are away!! I blocked off half of the rooms, and asked my niece, Dawn to come in and help for a couple days. At 4am, my phone went off in Florida on Saturday morning. I know this was not a social call (although I do wake up very early every morning). It was Laura.....her 91 year old Dad fell and was at Maine Medical Center in Portland! Now, that is 5 of us gone.......luckily, we had hired Victoria and Maryanne recently, and they held down the fort!

End of story.....we are all back at work. Adams ceremony was perfect! Alicias wedding went well (storm cleared out of the Cape just in time too). And Lauras Dad will be coming home today! He will be in a neck brace for a couple months, but should be just fine! Phew!

We have a full house this weekend too. The gardens are gorgeous. Sun is due to come out soon. Life is good!

Hope you are all well. I am off to clean rooms......Sue

Monday, June 3, 2013

Love that Purple

So many people talk about the weather, with the recent Tornado's and Wildfire's we in Maine
are lucky to only complain about how Hot it was here last weekend. It was still May and we had tw
o days in a row with 90deg temps. Hello... this is Maine and we are not ready for this. It did however give us the opportunity to try out the new Air Conditioner in the York Room. The beaches and State Parks were all very busy but the Ocean temp is still only 50deg so the only ones in the water are the kids who have no fear.
The warm temperature has brought about an unexpected treat for us at the Inn. Our local crop share started a week early and we got to pick up our fresh produce in May instead of waiting until the second week in June. Another sure sign that Summer is on the way is the opening production this week at the Maine State Music Theater held at Bowdoin College. They are starting this years season with DreamGirls.  We will have to wait and hear Aimee's review of it.  I am going to see Gypsy at the end of July and always look forward to going.
A big Shout Out to our long time guest Barbara who is here and celebrating 5years Cancer Free !!

Make Sure if you are on FaceBook that you "like" our page. There have been some amazing photos and you never know when I just may announce a Special when I think Sue isn't paying attention.

Peace and Health

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, it is Memorial Day Weekend....the "official" start to summer. But, the weather is not very summer like! We have had days of rain, and the weekend is looking rainy as well. But, as you can see, the gardens are very happy! We actually did need rain. So, while the skies are gray, our yard is very colorful!
Bowdoin graduation is this weekend, so we are full with Bowdoin families. Congrats to all of the Class of 2013! The weather is a bit different than the day I graduated....it was very hot and sunny that day (a million years ago).
Our phone has been very busy today.....lots of reservations.....guess people are realizing that it is "summer"!! We do still have rooms open here and there, so if you would like to come, call us soon!
I must go buy some more flowers!!
Happy Memorial Day from all of us at the Log Cabin! Sue

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Heat is On

 I am cold just looking at these two guys in the pool. The heater is on and the water is warm but it is the 57deg temp and wind when they get out of the pool that I would not be looking forward to. Howard and Mike are our first guests in the pool this year and I would guess I wont see anyone else in there for a few more weeks. This group has been coming to the Inn every year for over Ten Years to celebrate the end of their Team Bowling Season. It is a pleasure to have the gang back again. My pleasure at least because they bring fudge and lots of treats from Dairy Queen.

We have had a few sunny days and one day almost hit 70deg. This gave Sue all the excuses she needed to buy more flowers and plant the Vegetable Garden.  We started some seedlings inside and now she has transferred most of them. I look forward to the fresh herbs that will be ready soon. Another bonus is the plants are almost gone from the dish corner and we will get our counters back :).  The Rhubarb is ready and I made the first Strawberry Rhubarb Pie of the Season. Matt was waiting at the oven door for it to come out.

We have had a steady May. I was just looking at the book and Wow this weekend is Memorial Day. We do have a couple openings on Friday night. It is still a great time to get in on our Spring Rates.
Enjoy the week ahead.

With Health and Peace, 


Saturday, May 11, 2013


We have added a new person to our "crew". Her name is Victoria. Here she is serving a very creative breakfast to our Wiseman room couple. She made a baked egg dish with potato, tomato, spinach,and cheese. The pastry was a puff pastry with sauteed bananas, and a baked pear with a blue cheese stuffing!
Vicki has had many years of restaurant work, and we are thrilled that she has joined us. She is a "native" of the islands as well.
     It is hard for me to believe that we have been open for more than a month. The yard is spectacular right now with all the tulips and daffodils. The colors are super, and the grass and trees are so very green. Nice time of year. Tomorrow is Mothers Day, and as I have for many, many years, I will be here at the Log Cabin. I call this "work", but it is nothing like the many years we were a restaurant, when I would be the line cook, and cook for 10 straight hours. Mothers Day was the busiest day of our year. So far, we only have 5 rooms tonight....so we will be cooking breakfast for 10....verses cooking dinners for over 300! Phew, I am tired just thinking back on those days.  So, Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there.
   Bailey Island is looking mighty fine this spring. Come see us! Sue

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Tulip Burst

  We have had some nice sunny weather this week and in one day the Tulips Burst out in such Beautiful colors. I think they were as anxious to see the snow melt as all Mainers were. We have official put our No Vacancy sign out last week. This was a great sight to see in April. Speaking of signs, we got a new Log Cabin Sign on the front lawn. It looks like the old one but nice shiny new paint with many layers of gold leaf.
Sue also spent many hours this week scraping and staining all the room  decks. This isn't an easy chore, trying to find days that the rooms are not rented and then having the weather cooperate. I could not believe how well they turned out. They look like all brand new decks. We also had the Pool Company out this week to get the pool ready for the Summer but I think it may be several weeks before we can get Matt to turn the heater on. Going in wouldn't be bad but coming out wouldn't be very nice.

Are you looking for an adventure??? I had one last week. Terrence and I took the Amtrack Downeaster train to NH and went to the Children's Museum. Did you realize it now runs from Brunswick? You can even go shopping in Freeport or Portland or  visit Old Orchard Beach or go all the way to Boston and back in one day. We had a great time, quick peaceful and comfortable. Plus Terrence would want me to mention that it has Wi Fi so you can play games or watch movies on an IPad.

Happy Birthday tomorrow to Laura and our special room guest Carl.

With Peace,

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Well, April is almost over.....and we have had a busy month! We actually filled up last night!! It was a treat to put the "NO" out on our new sign. We have 7 rooms tonight, which is great for a Sunday in April. The weather is perfect....sunny and warm.....and is suppose to be all week. The flowers have started to blossom, grass is green. Nice.

My daughter in law, Aimee has a birthday tomorrow. I won't tell you how old she is (43). Ha! Of course, she looks 23.  For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting her....she is beautiful, brilliant, and kind. I am so happy to have her in my life.

Alicia came home this month too. It is a delight to have her back also.  We have a super crew here. No wonder folks return year after year. Not to mention the view! Speaking of view....Matt posted a picture of the Full Moon on facebook this week, and the Maine Office of Tourism shared it. As of this morning over 19,000 people had seen it!

Well, I must get back to laundry....the down side of being full! Sue

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gear Grab

  Hi All..it is me, Alicia I am back!!!  Yes I did have a nice warm Winter in Florida. It was crazy busy. I think I worked more down there than I do here. Terrence had a great Semester at School and will start back here in Harpswell tomorrow.
So many new changes at the Log Cabin. If you are a York Room junkie just wait until you see what is in store for you. A few of the major things is a new King Bed, new carpet and new Air Conditioning. Every Room has a few new items. I am anxious to get over to see the Harpswell Room with its new appliances, carpet, TV, etc. It may be awhile since the room is booked for 2 weeks with some of our very special yearly guests. Can you believe that we only have 2 openings next weekend, the Mt. Washington and the York both with King Beds and both a spectacular view of the Sunset.

Today the Log Cabin crew was out and about cleaning up the Shoreline of Harpswell. This cleanup is headed up by the Gulf of Maine Research Center and sponsored by many local business. The focus of the cleanup is to gather fishing gear, rope and trash that has washed up on the beach and shoreline. Some of the lobster traps get washed in by storms and the fisherman are not sure where they have gone. The gear that is salvageable is identified by the fisherman's license number and then returned to them. It was a nice sunny day but very windy and cold. This Florida girl wasn't ready for that, the first weekend home. It is a great family event and a way to give back to our fabulous community.

Before closing I should say that even though we are about 150 miles North of Boston we live in New England  and are saddened by the bombings and events that happened this past week. We can all share a story of someone we knew that  was at the Race or lived in or near Watertown. Our hearts go out to the families affected. We live in Maine but we are Boston Strong.

With Peace, Alicia

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thank You!

       Well, I am sitting at my desk at the Inn....looking out at our new sign! I know, it looks just like the old one.....but it is brand new! If you looked close at the old and new you could tell. This is just one of the new things here this year. We have done more renovations than in past years....and the place looks super!
    Now, this all happens because I am lucky enough to have a very talented family. Those of you who have stayed with us in the past know Matt and Aimee.  For those of you who do not know them, Matt is my son, and Aimee is his wife. Every winter they spruce the place up.....paint, clean, plumb....whatever needs to be done. Many of you have not met my other son, Adam. Adam is a carpenter (well, jack of all trades). He and our very good friend, Chuck have been here doing some rather extensive carpentry.....new windows, replacing siding, painting doors, jacking up the shed....as I write, they are outside doing some log work on the front of the building.
   I have to tell you, the four of them....Matt, Aimee, Adam and Chuck have done an absolutely superb job. They are all perfectionists, and it shows! I am so fortunate to have them all. Now, some of you are probably thinking.....sure, this is their Mom talking.....but, honestly, they are the best!
    So, I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. And, those of you who come to stay with us will enjoy all of their hard work.
   We are approaching 50% full now.....so call us if you would like to stay this season!

I must get to work now! Sue

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What a difference a day makes!

So, I took this picture yesterday morning. That is Jim, Chuck and Adam frantically shingling  our middle building. See the blue sky? Sun? No snow?? Well, now 24 hours later and we are in the middle of a huge snow storm. They are predicting 1-2 feet of snow! Well, it is the last day of winter. Let's hope it melts in the next 2 weeks before we open for the season!

I know I have said this in previous blogs, but this year, we really went all out with renovations. And, we are not done yet! We should be ready if the weather cooperates more than it is today! All schools are closed, colleges closed, State Legislature closed.....There is one member of my family that is happy about the snow. My black Lab, Ebby! She jut loves it.

Spring tomorrow....yahoo. The spring bulbs have started to grow. But, I know from past years, the snow will not bother them. Been a long winter. The weather guy this morning said this will put our snow fall total to over 100 inches. Enough is enough. Bring on the sun!

Hope to see you all this season. All for now, Sue

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Sun is Out!

I have been very busy doing confirmations and taking reservations today. I just looked up and saw that the sun is out! We have not seen sun for a week. If you look really close, over by Harpswell ,there  is a lone scallop boat.  I am pretty sure that is Donnie, the guy we got all of our scallops from. Shrimp season and scallop season are coming to a close.  And, we are very close to opening! 30 more days!

We really have done a ton of work at the Inn this winter. And it is looking mighty fine. Of course, we always try to have it looking good. But some years need a bit more work than others. I ordered a new stove and refrigerator for one unit this morning.....some skylight blinds were ordered this week.  I think we are getting there.

Now if the weather would cooperate. Most of our snow has melted, but I just heard "plowable" snow in the forecast for Thursday. Let's hope we get rain. Frequently it will snow in Brunswick and rain here. The temperatures have been above freezing during the days even with no snow.

Hope you all are doing well. Just saw in the paper that the Dolphin Restaurant is opening the same day we are. And, Cooks restaurant is open also. Have not heard a date for the Cribstone or Giant Stairs grill yet....will keep you posted.

All for now,Sue

Friday, February 15, 2013

Big changes!

This week we installed some new windows and carpets. The top picture is the York room....and although you cannot see the little sitting room, for those of you who have stayed in the York room, the sitting area had a royal blue rug. That room also has a very heavy antique safe in it. For 33 years now, we have left that blue rug as we could not figure out how to move the safe to change the carpet! And, I must admit, I was attached to that rug. I realize that sounds odd.....but that was the original rug we put in in 1979 when we first purchased the Log Cabin. It was my son Adams bedroom (he was 7 years old at the time). Over the years it has been an office, a storage area, and finally a sitting room for the York room.  But, alas, we did move the safe and the blue rug is gone!

The bottom picture is the Sunset room. Look close.....there are no windows!! Again, we took the original windows out and put in brand new ones! I was not attached to the windows, so that is a good thing. Actually, my son Adam (remember it was his blue rug), installed the new windows. He is now 40!

Matt is busy with fixing, painting and repairing. Aimee has started to organize things so we can put the rooms back together again. 48 days until we open! The snow is quickly melting.....I actually saw some plants starting to pop up in the front of the Inn.

I can't wait to open. Hope to see all of you this year! Sue

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shrimp season

It is a beautiful calm, sunny day here on the island today. I know you can't tell from this pic (as I don't have a fancy camera), but there are 2 loons swimming by the buoy. And they are making a racket! They are enjoying the day as well. Although it is quite chilly today, my yard was also full of robins!

Now, yesterday was a different story. The wind was blowing a gale! And, since it was Monday, that was one of the two days the fisherman can fish for Maine shrimp. I still do not understand the theory behind this restriction!

So, between the drastic restriction on the total catch of shrimp this year (75% less than last year), and the weather, shrimp are hard to find. For many years Maine shrimp meat was $4.00/pound. Last year it went up to $5.50. This year they are selling it in local fish markets for $12.00/pound! I am not sure when the season will end, but probably quite soon. I usually complain when Neal cooks shrimp in our kitchen as they make a huge mess. This year,  I am cherishing every one.

So, the work continues on the Inn.....some new windows and carpet in the works. I will post pics of the progress.  We open in 59 days! Yahoo!!

All for now, Sue

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This picture was taken by Mackeral Cove.....those are large piles of lobster traps the fisherman have taken out of the water and stored until spring. The temperature today is about 10 degrees, and suppose to get colder the next few days. I can't image lobstering in the summer let alone winter. There are a couple very hardy guys that do fish in the winter. So, you can still buy live lobsters year round. Actually, I made lobster quiche last weekend....yum!!

Aimee and I went carpet shopping this past week. Actually, someone is coming to measure 3 of the rooms today. Matt has been busy patching and painting. I just sent out 5 confirmations for new reservations! Will post pictures when we get further along in the renovation process.

Very little snow here on the island. They forecasted a large storm for us for today, but it missed us! Fine with me. Had a fun 40th birthday party for my son, Adam yesterday. 40!! How could that be?

Hope all is well with all of you, Sue

Monday, January 14, 2013

January thaw

The temperatures are in the 50's today, and it is warm and sunny! Most all of our snow has melted. I am loving it, as I am not a snow fan. But I am sure the skiers are bummed out. I just went to LLBean and the clerk was upset as they have a big Snow Carnival this weekend. It is suppose to be cold by the weekend, but no storms in sight.

I have been taking many reservations this past week. We open up in 80 days! Holy crow.....that does not seem very far away. April 5th is opening day this year. Our 33rd year. Hope that does not mean I am getting "OLD"????? Course not.

Matt, Aimee, Danny and Josh started their Friday night skiing at Lost Valley in Auburn. The ski area has a special for elementary kids on several Friday nights. It is a nice small ski area, a good place for kids. Hopefully, the snow machines will be able to build the slopes back up after this thaw!

Well, I am going to head outside....who knows when we will see 50 degrees again! Sue

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year!!

Here is one of Matt's pictures.....it is the last sunset of 2012! As you can see, we have snow! Boy do we have snow! We got 2 large snowstorms within a week. There was a ton of powder and a ton of wind! So, we have drifts, and very pretty patterns in the snow. The yard looks like sand dunes. Of course, with the snow comes shovelling and plowing. I guess we had a premonition when we bought that 2nd snow blower this year! Now, to put chains on the Gator!

Maine scallop season has started. However, it is so restricted as to when they can fish and where, I am not sure how the season will end up. It looks like the Maine shrimp season will be heavily regulated and restricted as well. Making a living on the ocean is becoming more and more difficult. We hope to buy all of our scallops and shrimp from the local fisherman.

The phone/emails have started to become more plentiful now that the New Year is here. I have taken 3 reservations today. It is looking like we will have another busy year. Matt and his brother, Adam are busy at the Inn with renovations.....fixing siding, replacing some windows etc.etc.

Hope you all had a good holiday season. All for now, Sue