Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer is here

I know that the first day of Summer was this week but I didn't need a calender to know that.
Every parent in this Town knew because School was out on Tuesday. We went a few extra days
this year because of all the snow. Terrence will be heading to First Grade, Joshua Second Grade and
Danny will be in 5th Grade the last year at our Elementary School.  It was also all of our first trip to
Stovers Cove to kick off the Summer. Speaking of Beaches, the Town is still in negotiation for an easement
to Cedar Beach here on Bailey Island so don't give up hope yet. I wouldn't plan on this Summer but maybe next year.

One of the things I look forward to is going to the Music Theatre at Bowdoin College. They opened this Season with DreamGirls which both Aimee and Sue said was fabulous. This week is Les Miserables and next month I am going to
see Gypsy. Another treat this year is the recent dedication of  Gazebo Bandstand at Mitchell Field. There will be free
concerts held every Thursday night this Summer. 

It looks like the rooms with the new Air Conditioners will get a workout in the next few days. We are heading into a
Heat Wave of 90deg temps which as you know is not the norm for the Beauty of Mid Coast Maine. I think I just may
pack my bathing suit for a little dip in the pool. The gardens are so beautiful right now. The Peonies are one of my favorites and the yellow Iris' by the Harpswell Room are vibrant. The Dahlia's are out and the vegetable garden has already produced its first round of lettuce.

An update, Laura's Dad is home after just over a week in the Hospital and doing well. I am pretty sure he wont be out
doing the Irish Jig to soon but he can probably be found taking an engine apart.

To your Health,