Friday, July 5, 2013


It is kind of hard to tell from this picture, but that is a 3 pound lobster. One of our guests made a special request. With enough notice, we can get larger ones.  This was a hard shell, which extremely difficult to break.
The heat has struck Bailey Island! Guests laugh at me when I say it is hot, as the islands are the coolest spot to be in the summer. But those of us who live here all the time think 80 degrees is hot! We are happy for the sun however as we had over 7 inches of rain in June! The wells must all be full at least. Living on a well is a concern when we do not get rain.
The 75th annual Bailey Island Tuna Tournament is this month, and the striped bass are running. There is a kids tournament as well. This past week, my 7 year old grandson, Josh caught a 25 inch striper. Needless to say, he was excited!  And he reeled it in by himself. Lets hope he gets one during the tournament.
4 weeks from tomorrow, my son Adam is getting married for the first time. He is 40, and I am very happy and excited about having Tamara and her beautiful daughter, Frances in our family. I hope the weather is lovely that day.
Well, I have the rest of the day I am going boating!  Hope all is well with all of you!