Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Holidays

Wow! Christmas is two weeks from today. It is difficult for me to imagine  since the weather the last two days have been in the 50's. We have yet to have any snow or ice. I am pretty sure we have not had more than 3 days that it has actually been below 32 deg. There is mud in the driveway, I still have parsley growing in the garden and large buds on the Magnolia Tree. I am certainly not complaining, although about 3-4" would be nice for Christmas. Many of you know I have spent the last 20 winters in Florida and this year I am staying in Maine all Winter :(. My husbands job changed and now he is in Boston. I did manage to book 2 weeks in February in Florida. So far so good with braving the cold but I am sure that will change soon.

Last night my family along with Aimee and Matt's all went to the Boothbay Botanical Garden for their first ever Light Show. All I can say is WOW! It was Fantastic. The Boys had a great time with over 250,000 lights. There was even a scavenger hunt and fire pit at the end with smore's.  The previous week we went to the Christmas Parade in Freeport. LL Bean does an amazing job with their outdoor tree that plays music and does a light show.

For all those wondering, Matt did get his deer! A 7 point Buck. I enjoyed some nice venison jerky that he made. Sue is still driving  herself crazy with the Puppy and grown up dog. I think at this point she would work full time in the Winter to get away from the house. We haven't started any Big projects at the Inn yet. I am sure after the Holidays Aimee will have a list to start on.

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday and enjoy a very Healthy New Year so you can come
visit next year.