Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is here and what I think of as the official kickoff to the Summer Season. The area motels are open along with the ice cream shops, art galleries, restaurants and my favorite Yard Sales. Now you know it is me, Alicia and not Sue with the Yard Sale comment. Speaking of Restaurants.. after several years of suffering the bridge construction we finally have a new Restaurant open on the Island right at the Bridge. It opens today and it is called " Morse's Cribstone Grill." The Morse family ran Estes Restaurant last year and they also have a Drive In Diner in Brunswick. I look forward to trying out the new place, can't beat that view. Also did you know that is the Restaurant Sue used to own before she bought this building? It was then called Rock Ovens.

Memorial Day Weekend also is a sign of Bowdoin College Graduation. It is so nice to see the parents start staying with us Freshman Year and up here on Graduation Day. We even have many parents who continue to stay after the kids graduate. I don't think they tell the kids they still come.
The pool is open and I am still waiting for the first one in. I think I will give the first one in the pool a Log Cabin Coffee Mug ( sorry Sue).
Sad about the Navy Base decommissioning on Tuesday. I am confident that the Town will put the space to good use. The Golf Course has been bought and they have reworked all the greens and T Boxes. The Teaching Pro has taken over as General Manager and is redoing the ClubHouse as well. You can't beat the price and close location for a 9 Hole Course.

The " Garden Fairies" have been here all week and the place is blooming all around us. The lilacs are about to burst, a little late, but to me is a sure sign of Memorial Day. So Thank You to all who have served our Country as this weekend is a sure sign of Beautiful things to come.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fiddleheads and ramps

I love spring! The flowers, the food, the temperature, all of it. We bought fiddleheads and ramps this week. For those of you who are not familiar (many of our present guests were not), a fiddlehead is a young fern which is harvested for only 2 weeks. In the picture beside the fiddleheads is a few ramps. Ramps are a wild onion, or a wild leek. We sauteed some fiddleheads and ramps together, and they were quite nice. Also in the picture is strawberry rhubarb pie.....with rhubarb grown right here at the Inn. We also made a potato and ramp soup which was tasty.

The other picture is the beginning of my garden shopping. We have had a long spell or rain, mist and fog. Usually, I have most of the gardens planted by now. The sun is just beginning to burn through the fog right now, and the forecast is for a warm week, so I will begin to plant this afternoon.

We have a full house this weekend, and remarkably, the guests are not complaining about the weather. We always have a good natured group here at the Log Cabin.

So, here is to spring! Off to get my garden trowel, Sue

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pool is Open

That time of year again and the pool is open. Which might be nice if you were in Florida or North Carolina but here in Maine we still don't have all the screens on the windows.
The tulips are in full bloom and they are so pretty, several different colors and patterns. As you know I complain often about Sue and her flowers but they sure look pretty right now. Matt has made great progress with the raised beds and has one more to complete. Another reason I know it is approaching Summer Season is that I made the first Strawberry Rhubarb Pie of the Season. Matt was patiently waiting for the first piece. The Candy Store on Orrs Island is now open and we have a new Ice Cream Shop on Bailey Island near Lands End.

Another update on my Navy Base Project. Southern Maine Community College has held its first class this week on the Base. It is called "Intro to Composites" provided by Resilent Communication which also is operating from the Base property. The composite industry is very important to Maine because it supports so much of our lobster and Marine Business. Resilent will actually manufacture composite boxes which will transport sensitive communications equipment.
If you are an airplane buff we still have 3 rooms left for the June 4th weekend when there will be a "Fly In" open to the public on Base.

We have No Vacancy tonight which is very thrilling. It has also been a very busy weekend for Dinners. If you have never eaten here, you don't know what you are missing, especially if you are lucky enough to catch a Sunset like the one above.

Fondly.... Alicia

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cobblestones and spring bulbs

Matt is hard at work installing the cobblestones. The weather this week has not cooperated, but the bulbs sure liked the rain! Now that it is sunny, they are all opening. As you can see in the pictures, Daisy is assisting Matt with the job.

It is a beautiful sunny and warm day here today. Mothers Day weekend.....I cannot believe it--seems we just opened! Time flies.

The farmers market is open in Brunswick for the season. It is such a great market....plants, Maine made cheeses, Maine beef, all sorts of vegetables, jellies, baked goods. It is downtown on the Mall on Tuesdays and Fridays and at Crystal Spring Farm on Saturdays. It is so nice to have locally grown products. We are blessed with many excellent farms in this area.

I must go to town before they close up for the day!

Hope you all are well! Come visit us! Sue