Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What a difference a day makes!

So, I took this picture yesterday morning. That is Jim, Chuck and Adam frantically shingling  our middle building. See the blue sky? Sun? No snow?? Well, now 24 hours later and we are in the middle of a huge snow storm. They are predicting 1-2 feet of snow! Well, it is the last day of winter. Let's hope it melts in the next 2 weeks before we open for the season!

I know I have said this in previous blogs, but this year, we really went all out with renovations. And, we are not done yet! We should be ready if the weather cooperates more than it is today! All schools are closed, colleges closed, State Legislature closed.....There is one member of my family that is happy about the snow. My black Lab, Ebby! She jut loves it.

Spring tomorrow....yahoo. The spring bulbs have started to grow. But, I know from past years, the snow will not bother them. Been a long winter. The weather guy this morning said this will put our snow fall total to over 100 inches. Enough is enough. Bring on the sun!

Hope to see you all this season. All for now, Sue

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Sun is Out!

I have been very busy doing confirmations and taking reservations today. I just looked up and saw that the sun is out! We have not seen sun for a week. If you look really close, over by Harpswell ,there  is a lone scallop boat.  I am pretty sure that is Donnie, the guy we got all of our scallops from. Shrimp season and scallop season are coming to a close.  And, we are very close to opening! 30 more days!

We really have done a ton of work at the Inn this winter. And it is looking mighty fine. Of course, we always try to have it looking good. But some years need a bit more work than others. I ordered a new stove and refrigerator for one unit this morning.....some skylight blinds were ordered this week.  I think we are getting there.

Now if the weather would cooperate. Most of our snow has melted, but I just heard "plowable" snow in the forecast for Thursday. Let's hope we get rain. Frequently it will snow in Brunswick and rain here. The temperatures have been above freezing during the days even with no snow.

Hope you all are doing well. Just saw in the paper that the Dolphin Restaurant is opening the same day we are. And, Cooks restaurant is open also. Have not heard a date for the Cribstone or Giant Stairs grill yet....will keep you posted.

All for now,Sue