Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The snow is almost gone after a 3 inch rainfall and 40 degree temperatures of the past couple days. The sun even came back, which makes for very nice working weather. That is convenient, as my sons, Matt and Adam are residing one of the buildings here at the Inn. They are being assisted by their very good friends, and equally good carpenters, Chuck and Jim.

Today is Adams 37th birthday. We will celebrate tonight at Cooks Restaurant.

It is nice having options of where to eat in January here on the islands. We have Cooks, Giant Stairs, the Fishnet cafe, and the 2 stores on Orrs and Bailey Islands. I am sure business is not exactly booming for any of these places, but we do appreciate having them open.

I started taking a quilting class last night with the Adult Education Program. It is a beginners class. Alicia said maybe I could make quilts for the Inn. At the rate of progress I made last night, my first completed quilt should be done about 2015!

64 more days until we open. Hope to see all of you this year!

'Til next time, Sue

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lobstering in the Winter

As you can see, there are hundreds of lobster traps piled up in Mackeral Cove. And, there are no pick up trucks unlike summer, when you would see dozens of empty trucks early in the morning, owned by fisherman who were out to sea. Most of the trucks you see now, have empty traps piled high in the beds, that they have removed from the ocean to store until the next season.

The cove is quiet and covered in a fresh snow. It snowed for three days this week, making fishing, and driving quite treacherous.

There are still a few brave souls who do fish this time of year. Most of them go way out to sea, so you do not see the many boats in the bay as you do the summer and fall seasons.

There was a question on a Maine television show the other day that asked what the #1 export from Maine was. Now, I have lived here for over 40 years.....and I said either, lobster, blueberries, potatoes or lumber. I was very surprised to fine out that it is computer chips! The semiconductor industry is 28% of the $3 billion products Maine companies export. Who knew? Pulp and paper is #2.

Hope all is well with all of you! Sue

Monday, January 11, 2010

Beautiful winter morning

Here are a couple shots I took this morning.......one of Mackeral Cove through the trees, and the other of a flock of ducks enjoying the early morning sun, and calm waters. I marvel at the winter colors.....the white snow contrasted with the ocean. It was sunny and calm today, in the 30's. Just like Florida!

The phone and email has been very busy today. That is exciting. Matt and Aimee are busy with renovations at the Inn. Aimee is re-doing the mens and ladies rooms. Matt is refinishing some woodwork. Must keep the place ship-shape you know!

It is shrimp and scallop season right now. Boy, there is nothing like Maine shrimp and scallops right out of the water. We will stock up for the summer before the season is over. Most of the lobsterman have their traps out of the water, but a few hardy souls still go out. That is a tough job in the winter.

Hope all is well with all of you. Look forward to opening up in April. Looks like we will have another busy year! All for now, Sue

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bailey Island New Years snow

As you can see, the snow drifts at the Inn. It likes to drift in the most awkward spots.....like up the front door, and in the walkways to the rooms. You can see that it would be impossible to be open in the winter!

It has been above freezing for the past couple of days, so it is melting. However, they are predicting another storm this weekend! The snow and water is beautiful though....the white snow makes the ocean look more blue.

86 more days until we open---wonder if it will be melted by then?

Reservations keep coming in daily........call us if you haven't already! All for now, Sue