Monday, January 11, 2010

Beautiful winter morning

Here are a couple shots I took this of Mackeral Cove through the trees, and the other of a flock of ducks enjoying the early morning sun, and calm waters. I marvel at the winter colors.....the white snow contrasted with the ocean. It was sunny and calm today, in the 30's. Just like Florida!

The phone and email has been very busy today. That is exciting. Matt and Aimee are busy with renovations at the Inn. Aimee is re-doing the mens and ladies rooms. Matt is refinishing some woodwork. Must keep the place ship-shape you know!

It is shrimp and scallop season right now. Boy, there is nothing like Maine shrimp and scallops right out of the water. We will stock up for the summer before the season is over. Most of the lobsterman have their traps out of the water, but a few hardy souls still go out. That is a tough job in the winter.

Hope all is well with all of you. Look forward to opening up in April. Looks like we will have another busy year! All for now, Sue