Saturday, September 29, 2012

Computer crash

I know, I know.....the title of this blog has nothing to do with this picture. Let me explain......our computer program that we have entered over 5000 reservations on for the past 15 years "ate itself" (that is the computer experts term). We had pushed it past its limit. This is good and bad. The good? We entered so many guests and reservations that it could not hold them all.....the bad?  Well,  I will spend the next months entering every ones info into a new program. And, we do not like the new program as well as the old (isn't that always the way?).  So, I have entered all of September and October of this year.....and I started on 2013.....when I decided it was boring and went out to take a picture of our "red" garden.....which is spectacular right now!!

So, bottom line (as my husband would say) that this September we were 96% full.....October we are already 65% full....and next year we are 27% full already!! Yes, that is good....unless you are the person typing all of that info into the new program. Actually, I am not complaining. I like to type!

 So, for past guests who are used to getting our promo discount postcard, that will not be happening this year. I cannot type fast enough. With any luck, I will get everything entered so we can send a
Holiday card (no guarantees). We shall see.

Last weekend, and this weekend, we have had wedding parties staying with us. Last weekend the weather was iffy.....this weekend it is drizzly and cold. Hopefully the wedding will be great regardless.

Well, I have a big birthday this week.  I could actually collect Social  Security! I guess that means I am officially "old".....but I sure do not feel it!   (You are suppose to say I do not look it right now.)

Ok, type, or pick flowers......what do you think? Sue

Friday, September 21, 2012


  Wow... Summer is gone and the calender is right. Tomorrow is the first day of Fall and the temperature certainly is matching the calender. We haven't had a frost yet but the temps this week did dip down to 47 at night. Some Towns in land did get frost.  Matt turned off the heater in the pool today which is also a sign that Summer is over. At least we do not have to cover the pool at night anymore. My sign that Fall is here is Apple Picking. I even bought a new apple peeler from LL Bean this year and got my chance to use it this week.  Terrence and I went to the usual Rocky Ridge Farm. If you are here this Fall it is a fun place to go to. They have a store that serves everything from cider and whoopie pies to homemade donuts. They have horse drawn rides through the Orchard and a huge field where you can pick out a pumpkin. I made Apple Pie and homemade Apple Sauce at the Inn this week.
Another sure sign of Fall is the changing of the foliage. Along the Coast we haven't had much color yet but that is about to change. The Pro's say this is going to be a stellar year for the foliage. The Bureau of Tourism has a website where you can view when each area of the State should be at peak foliage
I have been to two new Restaurants in Brunswick for lunch lately and they were both very good. One is called LemonGrass which is at the top of Maine Street near the College and the other one is called Tao and is DownTown near the Post Office.
The Inn is still very busy but come visit us in October, we still have some consecutive night openings.

All the Best....Alicia

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Feast for the eyes

Now, this is why they call this flower a "Dinner plate Dahlia"!  This is probably the largest we have ever had.....we do have other, white, orange, pink, purple.....but, not quite this large.
We have to wait until September for them to bloom, but they are worth it. Maybe next year I will start the bulbs inside to give them a head start.

We have been completely packed the whole month of September so far....we do have one room open tomorrow and another on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. I just took a 5 day reservation this morning for 2013. That brings us to 25% full for next year already! Yahoo!!  I just love this place, the crew, the guests.....all of it! Thank You to all who make the Log Cabin such a special place.

Many of you know that this is Aimee (my lovely daughter in law), and Alicia (my very dear friend). They were working a particularly stressful shift last week, and decided they needed a little "drink". Now, I will not tell you what is in their cups, nor will I tell you which shift this can guess. I was at my other job (at my husbands office) and Alicia texted me that they had a "situation".  Everything worked out ok however.  Aimee and Alicia are 2 of the reasons I love this place!

Hope all of you are happy and healthy. Til next time, Sue

Saturday, September 8, 2012


This past week has been amazing, so much going on. As many of you know my husband is the Captain on a Private Motor Yacht and this past week they spent time cruising around in Mid Coast Maine. If you were one of the many lucky people staying at the Log Cabin you could see the boat cruising the Sound after their overnight trip to Cooks.
There was also a Birthday Party for Jon's Boss this week and we both attended. The exciting part was that President George H.W. Bush was there along with Barbara and I got a great picture. Politics aside, it is exciting meeting any President.
Then the other great day this week is when  the kids went back to School. Danny in 4th, Josh in 1st and Terrence in Kindergarten ( finally).. Not that it matters much because we are all  here working when they are at school anyway.

The weather has been quite humid and the Inn is still going in full swing. We are booked  for the next 17 days. The Harpswell Room isn't available until October 7th and then for only a few nights. People are still swimming in the pool. I am looking forward to apple picking season so we can start the Apple Pie and Homemade Apple Sauce.  The Dahlia's are just amazing, the colors glorious and the size. Who can grow them as Big as Sue?

Have a great week, Alicia.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Love September!

I just Love September! I love the temperatures, the clear air, everything about it.....except it does mean winter is closer. We are very busy this September....already 90% full for the month. October has more openings if you are considering coming to visit us. I am back to cooking 5 mornings for the rest of the season. I had quite a break from the kitchen this summer....we had many competent people working for us. Now, our 2 college kids have left us. We have hired a couple part time people for the fall though. I do like working breakfast. Even when I was not on the schedule, I would come in each day.

Been doing some fall cleaning as well. I just took apart out steak pit and cleaned that all out. It is quite the "yucky" noone else has fought me for! Oddly enough, I enjoy the "yucky" jobs. Hmm......

Now I will go out and play in the gardens. Our dahlias are a bit late blooming this I am urging them along with some extra fertilizer. They are my favorite flower....another reason to love September!

Tonight there are fireworks and music at Mitchell celebrate September!!

Hope you are all well, Sue