Monday, February 15, 2010

Progress on Bailey Island

Okay.........I cannot believe I finally figured out how to put a video on the blog!! That is a good thing, as I cannot get the pictures I took to upload. Now, I do have a new CPU and a new Kodak program.....but, I cannot honestly say that is the problem. I have a severe problem when it comes to anything technical.....DVD players, fax machines, copiers etc. etc. So, for that reason, you are looking at my video of my lab, Ebby, on the couch. She was my test run for the video!! You can tell she was excited to be featured!

I did go take pictures this morning of the bridge progress, and the new siding on the Log Cabin, and a shot of Mackeral Cove with no is another sunny and warm day here on the Island. Snow is predicted for tomorrow....we will see. Good chance that we will just get rain here on the shore.

Well, we open in 45 days!! Reservations are pouring in....hope to see all of you!

All for now, Sue

Hi Everyone... Just wanted you to know Sue is not all that clever. She blew up the video and couldn't post the photo's so here I am in Florida posting the photo's for her. She is on her own for the video. It has been a fairly cold Winter here but not like the cold of the North and the snow of the DC area. Terrence and I are headed home on April 7th just in time for the Big Anniversary Party on the 10th.
All the Best... Alicia

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter sunset

This picture was taken last night.....a group of blackbirds were sitting in the apple tree enjoying the mild evening. In the background, you can see Mt. Washington silhouetted. The temperature was above 40 degrees yesterday. While there is a severe storm south of us, we are not suppose to get snow. We will see!

Went to a great little restaurant in Bath this week--Byrnes Irish Pub. We tried two different appetizers and three lunch items, and all were great. The pub is suppose to open a second restaurant in the new Maine Street Station in Brunswick as well.

Matt and Aimee are busy with renovations at the Inn. The men's and ladies rooms are almost done. Matt is putting a new wood floor in the kitchens of Casco Bay and Blue Fin rooms. Mt. Washington room has new siding on the front of the building. I am staying very busy taking reservations.

We are planning a 30 year celebration on Saturday April 10th. We originally opened March 13, 1980 as a restaurant. Matt was only 9 years old, his brother, Adam 7. Let's see......what age was I???? has been a great 30 years, and we are looking forward to 30 more!! So, if you would like to celebrate with us, give a call!!

Phone 207 833 5546

All for now, Sue

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sea smoke

Here is a view of the ocean that you will not see in the summer! We call it sea smoke. It is caused when the ocean is warmer than the air and the evaporation is faster than the air can absorb the vapor. This occurs on days like this, with the ocean temperature a balmy 40 degrees, and the air a frigid 15 degrees. I like to think of it as an ocean soup!

Winter cold has moved in. We have been spoiled with above normal temperatures lately. So, the contrast is quite uncomfortable. With the wind howling, they do not make enough winter clothing to be able to enjoy being outside for very long. The weather person on TV just said 1-10 degrees tonight.

But it is the first day of February, and our daylight has increased 56 minutes since December. Things are moving in the right direction. Reservations continue to roll in every day. This is very exciting!

Hope you are all staying warm.

All for now, Sue