Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Well, we are in the midst of the busy Holiday Season. I hope everyone is having a nice holiday. We have had a busy week in our family. My grandson, Josh, turned 7 on the 21st.....all of my family came over for a dinner last night. Kids are the best part of holidays. They are so full of enthusiasm....it is hard not to enjoy when you watch them and their little faces.

The above picture is of 4 antique teacups that were given to all of us at the Log Cabin from Wyn, a neighbor who lost his wife a couple years ago.  I am not positive where the cups came from, but years ago Wyn and Barb gave us many teacups for the Inn that were from Barbs family. I can only assume that these are as well.  I will ask Wyn next time I see him. Barb felt that our guests at the Inn would enjoy the various cups. These cups shown above are particularly festive! We will treasure them and take good care of them.

Bailey Island is certainly a small community. And folks like Wyn make it a happy one to live in. It is being with friends, neighbors and family that is the true meaning of the Holiday season.

We have a little dusting of snow today, making the island all the more magical. Here is to you and yours....hoping your season is magical as well. Sue

Monday, December 17, 2012

Silent auction

Cooks restaurant has a dinner and silent auction in December to raise money for the Harpswell heating assistance program. Neal and I, Matt, Aimee, Danny and Josh along with Alicia and Terrence went last Friday night. The place was packed and there were many, many items to bid on. Above are a couple of the items I won. But, the big item I won is at Matt and Aimee's house......all three boys were quite excited to make certain that I would be the high bidder on this "thing". Not sure exactly how to describe  it except it is an oversized blow up pool toy that you sit on and supposedly has a little motor of sorts. The bidding went on for 3 hours and Dan, Josh and T took turns monitoring the bid. They would run back to the table and report if someone bid more than  I had. Actually, I think they were deterring anyone else from bidding!  Needless to say (in Josh's words) "It is SOO ours!!"

We are getting some beautiful, light, powdery snow today. Makes it look like a wintery wonderland! Busy week for many of us....we also have Josh's 7th birthday on Friday. He has lost his two front teeth just in time for his birthday!

Hope you are all healthy and happy this holiday season. Would be a great time to practice Random acts of Kindness....I know I will try to do so. Sincerely hope your holiday season is a happy one, Sue

Monday, December 10, 2012

Moose head

No, you are not seeing double.....we now have 2 moose mounts! The original one on the fireplace is very old, and in need of some repair. Our newer one is in very good shape. Now, the question is, what do we do with two? Hopefully, we can get the original touched up, and find a special spot for the new one. Just what everyone needs is two moose!

For those of you who have been asking what happened to our "promo" postcard we usually send out this time of year, here is the story......our computer program that had all of our guest info self destructed. It was very old (not as old as the moose, but old in computer years), and we asked our computer experts if they could repair it, but they said no. So, I printed the master guest list right before it disappeared. Now, I have to type all of that info into a new program.....and for some reason, I have not completed that task yet! Not that I am not looking forward to typing over 2000 names and addresses, but, I am being a bit lazy to tell the truth!

It is still quite mild here on the island.....still have some green grass and a couple flowers hanging on. It will be interesting to see if we do get lots of snow this year, as we got very little last year. We have quite a bit of outside work to do at the Inn, so mild weather would be welcome.

Holidays are fast approaching! Oh yeah.....the "promo".....if you reserve before the end of the year (Dec. 31st), for a 3 night stay, we will give you 20% off in the spring, 10% in the summer, and 15% off in the fall. So, call us in the next 2 weeks if you would like to take part in our promo!

Hope you are all happy and healthy! Sue

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter sunsets

I think the sunsets in the winter are more vibrant than the summer.....there is probably a scientific reason for this, but I do not know what it is. In the summer, the sun sets directly across the bay, frequently behind Mt. Washington. This time of year it is setting off of Lands End. Matt went there this week and captured this one with the sun setting behind Mark Island.

Well, I went south for several days, and am very happy to be back in Maine. It is nice to get a break, but always nice to return to this lovely island. And, while we were away, our driveway at the Inn got a fresh new look. We had removed the top few inches of the driveway, regraded, and put down a fresh layer of crushed stone. My intent was to take a picture of it for the blog--but it snowed!! Also, we got a couple new air conditioners installed. Of course, we will probably not have a hot summer since we did that! Last year was very warm, so we thought some of the rooms needed them. We shall see!

Also, the Log Cabin was voted best Mid-Coast bed and breakfast for the 3rd year in a row by Marketing Surveys of Maine. So, we have another plaque to hang, and it was published in the local paper. Thanks to all who voted for us! We take pride in the Inn, and appreciate that fact that it is recognized.  We also got a couple new rave reviews on Tripadvisor.com.  Thanks to our guests for those as well!

Hard to believe it is December! Remember, a Log Cabin gift certificate makes a great gift!

Happy holiday season to all of you, Sue