Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter sunsets

I think the sunsets in the winter are more vibrant than the summer.....there is probably a scientific reason for this, but I do not know what it is. In the summer, the sun sets directly across the bay, frequently behind Mt. Washington. This time of year it is setting off of Lands End. Matt went there this week and captured this one with the sun setting behind Mark Island.

Well, I went south for several days, and am very happy to be back in Maine. It is nice to get a break, but always nice to return to this lovely island. And, while we were away, our driveway at the Inn got a fresh new look. We had removed the top few inches of the driveway, regraded, and put down a fresh layer of crushed stone. My intent was to take a picture of it for the blog--but it snowed!! Also, we got a couple new air conditioners installed. Of course, we will probably not have a hot summer since we did that! Last year was very warm, so we thought some of the rooms needed them. We shall see!

Also, the Log Cabin was voted best Mid-Coast bed and breakfast for the 3rd year in a row by Marketing Surveys of Maine. So, we have another plaque to hang, and it was published in the local paper. Thanks to all who voted for us! We take pride in the Inn, and appreciate that fact that it is recognized.  We also got a couple new rave reviews on  Thanks to our guests for those as well!

Hard to believe it is December! Remember, a Log Cabin gift certificate makes a great gift!

Happy holiday season to all of you, Sue